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The Missing
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M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Jan-23-2011 13:38

The heavy rain made the visibility much harder to see the man that Marc was chasing through the city streets. The sidewalks were slick with water pouring into the street. The chase started after a failed attempt on killing Marc, who had no clue why this man wanted to kill him. But then again, he could think of several reasons. They ran twisting and turning through alleys and then back into the streets on different parts of town. “STOP!” Marc yelled at the man. The man kept running.
The man kept his distance from the detective. Marc was only able to catch a glimpse of the mans feet as they turned around corners. Marc was out of breath as they stopped in front of an old abandoned apartment complex. “You have no where left to run, buddy,” Marc said to the dark figure. “Come on and get me, Marc. You’re right where I want you!” The man turned and ran into the building and slammed the door shut.
Marc swore to himself as he ran up the stairs leading to the closed door. Marc reached down and turned the handle. The door was unlocked. The man he was chasing was toying with him. The building was dark. There was no light except for what little the street lights outside gave out in the rain, which wasn’t nearly enough to depend on. Directly in front of Marc was a long hallway with six doors. Three on each side. Marc moved to the first door and kicked it open.
“ You can run,” Marc said, “but you can’t hide. I will find you.” He walked out of the first room and moved to the second door. Just like the first, that room was empty. He kicked in the third door. And walked in quietly with his revolver drawn out. “Where are you?” Marc whispered to himself. He turned to leave. As he turned around he found himself face to face with a masked stranger. “Here,” he said. The blow on Marc’s head knocked him unconscious.


M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

May-26-2011 20:43

June 21, 1940

1:34 a.m.

Marc's vision was blurry. He hadn't slept in who knows how long and Sal, an old friend, now former friend, held him at gun point. It was clear this was an act of revenge. Marc remembered how a ship blast not too long ago, separated them. Marc assumed Sal was dead and left him. Fortunately for Sal, he survived the blast, only be badly scarred on one half of his face.

"What happened when you cam back to the states, Marc?" Sal asked.

"Wouldn't you like to know," Marc said sarcastically.

"Marc, I'm losing my patients with you!"

"We got back and had no leads on where to find them. Someone tipped us off with an anonymous phone call that they knew where we could find the stones. All five of them."

"Where did you go?"

Marc sat in silence. He really didnt' want to tell him. Sal was soon going to find out that he'd never be able to get the stones. One was in Boston Bay, one was in a river, and the others were dropped in separate blocks of concrete and dropped into the mighty Atlantic ocean.

"As any detective, we followed the leads. One lead to another, and then that other would lead to another. We ran in circles, chasing one dead lead after another. But one day we got the break of a life time," Marc said. "Two stones had been found and identified as part of the Heart of Anubis. It had been found in Cairo, and after making very difficult transatlantic phone calls, we were able to have them shipped to the office," Marc continued.

"It took almost two weeks for the package to arrive and when we opened the envelope containing the two rocks Sully and I were both stunned in amazement at just how beautiful they really were. Each stone was a dark purple color, with a very bright shine. We had two stones found, and three more left to find."

M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

May-26-2011 20:54

June 20, 1925.

Two of the stones that Sully and I had been looking for had been found. We were now missing three, and they could be anywhere in the world. I lit up a cigar and reclined in my desk chair. Sully sat across from me, and did the same thing and we spent the better part of the rest of the afternoon, reviewing the case notes.

"Marc," Sully spoke up.


"I think Mrs. Von Schmidt has been holding out on us. I think she knows where at least one stone is."

"What makes you say that?" I asked.

"She's already kept stuff from us once, and she was the one who told us about the Heart to begin with."

It was a good thought. "Let's go check her out," I said.

We pulled up into the driveway and parked just behind her car and she met us in the driveway.

"Detectives," she said sounding surprised. "How can I help you?"

As quick as lightning, Sully grabbed her and drug her into her house, and I followed with out a word.

"Mam, we have reason to believe you know where we could find one of the five stones, that complete the Heart of Anubis."


Interrupted,. "Mam, the sooner you tell us the faster we'll be out of here."

"I don't-"


Sully fired his pistol and the bullet whizzed by her head. It was intentional move, to scare her.

"Sully!" I yelled, "Are you crazy?!"

"No. She knows, and she's going to tell us where it is. I know its in here," he said. " I can feel it."

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