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Thoughts on Community
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Heimlich VonVictor
Heimlich VonVictor

Dec-29-2010 15:19

To some of you, this may sound a bit harsh, but I think it really needs to be said. What does it mean to be a community? To me, a community is a group of people with common interests who support each other and is generally a good thing.

I joined Sleuth a little over three years ago on July 25, 2007. Within a day of my subscribing, I was taken into a top ranked agency, and helped to build my character up. The members of the agency I joined even spoke of how excited they were for the next Sleuthcon. For those of you that don't know, yes there was actually a time when the community was close enough to hold a real life 3-day event!

In the 3+ years that I've been here, I've seen much of that spirit disappear. The "To all my friends" thread became such a blatant slap in the face of the code of conduct by people who I honestly expect better out of, that I stopped looking into the thread.

At the beginning of 2009, when the announcement that Kas had passed away came, we saw a little bit of that community coming back. People wanted to make donations in her name and genuinely showed their support for her friends and those who were close to her.

Lately, there has been a tone of bitterness among the community. People who are supposed to be setting the example. Top ranked players who are well known throughout the community are constantly getting into pissing matches and arguments with each other over the stupidest things. Yes I said it, the stupidest stuff. At the end of the day, it's a game. It's a good game, it's a fun game, but that's what it boils down to, a game. It's meant to be fun, and we shouldn't have the level of drama that I've seen on this site.

I get it, you're bored. I'm bored too. I love this site, but playing cases has become boring for me. I hesitate to say that much of my reason for staying here is for social reasons.


Thomas Veil
Thomas Veil

Jan-3-2011 09:48

That is a good idea Cordelia.Let’s pretend they don't exist.

Cordelia Falco
Cordelia Falco
Battered Shoe

Jan-5-2011 20:44

Ta both for the support!

I've realised I didn't really express myself very well. It's not just about ignoring trolls, although I still think Don't Feed the Trolls is a good motto for life (recently I've confused both my mother and my husband by saying this, but hey). It's about what you do instead of posting that troll-induced reply. The plain fact is, trolls will always get people in the mood to post. What I'd really like to see is all that posting energy that the trolls stir up being redirected into other contributions. If every time someone got wound up by the latest 'why I think this game and its admins are crap' post they took a deep breath, counted to five hundred or however long it took, and then went and contributed something somewhere else on the message boards, then that would be the best way I can think of to a) help keep this community going and b) put the trolls in the small dark solitary corner where they should be.

Night Queen
Night Queen
Old Shoe

Jan-6-2011 23:54

Let me be the first to congratulate Heimlich on his brave post. I am with you all the way in promoting a sense of community and comraderie. Yes, I enjoy the inter-agency competition to be the highest rated agency. But I also respect others in the competing agencies.

Let us all give praise to those who do well. Catching arch-villains and racing to track down stolen artifacts.

I for one would like to express my appreciation for my very own and quite energetic agency, Vampiric Crypt. The reason is that everyone in this agency looks out for each other. Hoorah for teamwork and a spirit of praise for hard work.

I also want to thank all agencies that reach out and bring in newbie detectives. These newbies are unproven and it takes time to help them develop their characters into thriving sleuths.

I would like to express appreciation for the moderators and those who make things run. Without them there would be no Sleuth Noir. I am sure the many tasks become tedious.

I would also like to express thanks to the agencies that have developed outside websites with a wide range of useful information. Sure I could could complain that some of the information may be obsolete, but that is the nature of evolving things. Things become obsolete, but I am sure that some of that information will get updated by someone dedicated enough to do it. Praise to those who are that dedicated.

Finally, I would like to extend myself to anyone interested in needing any of the following:
1) needing to just chat
2) needing help in solving cases
3) needing encouragement
4) need help finding an agency to join
Just Sleuth Mail me any time.

Thank you again, Heimlich!

_Mamma Mia
_Mamma Mia

Jan-11-2011 07:01

not sure why this person continues to post in such an angry and confrontive way :( And name-calling/cursing is never good. )

Just an "outsider's" point of view - but it doesn't sound like you care about this game at all, that you only want to make disruptive posts. I hope you can find a game/forum/pasttime that brings you some real enjoyment, truly I do.

Pinball Amateur

Jan-20-2011 14:58

Now that we no longer have to deal with a certain Troll....

I have a suggestion.

Some time ago, (and I'm not sure if I merely thought of this, or have actually mentioned this somewhere on the Boards), but we have an incredibly creative, powerful, and talented community, and I've maintained for years now that the community can and SHOULD BE ABLE to do more to keep Noir alive. Well, here goes.

We have a body of suggestions, ideas, and thoughts about new possibilities for Sleuth Noir that stretches back all the way to 2004. I would very much like to assemble a team of 5-6 people max., gather in an online group someplace, and go back through the Boards as much as possible, and see which ideas are viable, which could be implemented quickly, and which could be developed for 'long-term' projects, like the Boardwalk.


Jan-20-2011 16:49

Even though I may not be in the suggested team of editors/information collectors, as that is not my strength, I have the plan of bringing up a site (again), that might be helpful for implementing some of the easier tasks you come up with.
As it's not the original, the possibilities are limited, but if there is something I can offer, I will for sure try to look into it, and put work into the hope of getting something availiable.

shell marple
shell marple
Con Artist

Jan-21-2011 11:42

There might be some things we can do right now that don't require programming by Ben. We can hold more writing competitions like the ones in the past. Remember beauty contests, the pub quizzes and all those other things that got great community participation, why not bring some of that back.

The AVH League was an idea to use already existing game components and make something new out of villain hunting. What other existing game elements could we use to make a new community mini game? When Shaded Legends got bored of the same old stuff we would hold a scavenger hunt for favor items while we where treasure hunting. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. Maybe someone can create an idea to use favors in a new way. Of course these new games would need a human to give instruction and keep track of scores, just like the AV competitions we do from time to time.

Old Shoe

Jan-21-2011 15:58

EXCELLENT suggestions Shell!

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