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Ready for an agency :)
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Assistant Librarian

Nov-12-2010 14:34

I have gotten a lot offers lately to join an agency, and now I feel I am ready to join one. The only problem is, I'm not sure who I want to join. I would love to have my options laid out for me, all in one place. Below are my stats at a quick glance. Thank you, and I appreciate all offers and posts! :)

Waitress (New York)
Shoe Maker (New York)
Concierge (London)
Podiatrist (London)
Stage Manager (Shanghai)
Calligraphist (Shanghai)
Podiatrist (Delhi)
Bartender (Delhi)

Advanced Interrogation
Hand Writing Analysis
Footprint Analysis
Lock Picking
Advanced Intimidation
Advanced Thread Analysis
Advanced Hair Analysis

40 days
Very Tough



Old Shoe

Nov-12-2010 23:25

Issues that you have to clarify before joining an Agency
1. What will be your starting rank? If you enter like a simple rookie…you will have no access to the equipment locker of the agency and with not such access you are almost like having no Agency at all!
2. Do they require an amount of money to be placed in the safe as contribution or not? New detectives have limited amount of cash and that may proved very important as an issue.
3. What is their policy concerning passwords? Do they require your password to give you access to their equipment or not?
4. How open is the Director in your probable financial needs in case of having problems with shady or you need a support to start your Villain Hunt (1st may proved to be very expensive!)
5. How much free are you not to participate in agency’s activities like treasure hunts?
etc etc

Assistant Librarian

Nov-13-2010 04:47

1. I don't mind starting out as a simple rookie, if that's what it takes to climb the ranks.
2. Any kind of contribution to the safe or the director is fine by me. I have plenty of money. ;)
3. I do not wish to have to give my password, if somebody needs equipment from me, they can just ask me.
4. Right now I have zero false accusations, as well as money to pay to start TH's.
5. I really want to try a TH, as that is one of the resons I really want to join an agency.
Thanks everybody!

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