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Travel between cities?

Steven Leuth
Steven Leuth

Nov-2-2010 09:27

Hi all, new player here. Just wondering when is a good time to start traveling between cities. I know it's up to me but I don't want to leave a city too early without doing all I can there if you guys know what I mean. Anyone have any tips?


Heimlich VonVictor
Heimlich VonVictor

Nov-2-2010 10:00

You can return to a city whenever you want. It may seem like a huge step at first, but travel between cities becomes much more fluid and much more frequent as you progress in the game.

I didn't leave New York until I joined an agency that was based out of London, and my biggest reservation at that point was that I didn't have all of my contacts for New York when I left. Fortunately treasure hunting brought me back to New York so often that I managed to get the contact on my next trip back.

Because I don't want to give too much away, I would say go and enjoy yourself. Explore the cities, find the one you like best. Maybe even pick one as your home and join up with a local agency. Check the recruitment board to see who's looking for detectives to join, and go see if the city the agency is based out of is a good fit for you.

Old Shoe

Nov-2-2010 18:51

I personally didnt leave NY until I got both my contacts AND the essential skills to make it on my own when I do the cases in new cities.
Essential skills to have: Research, Footprint analysis, hand writing analysis, lock picking, advanced hair analysis, and advanced thread analysis. Since you're Tough: Adv Interrogation and Adv Intimidation.
Yeah, I know it's alot but better safe than sorry, right? >.>

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