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Dr. Watson
Dr. Watson

May-17-2004 12:56


I received several messages today, from one MikeBitch. (nice name for an even nicer person)

Here is an example of his literary skills.


From: MikeBitch
Sent: May 17 2004

f*ck you

Delete '

I have replaced a letter for decency, but you get the idea.

I wouldn't mind, but I never even spoken to the person.


Ellie Etnes
Ellie Etnes

May-18-2004 10:54

I was the first one MikeBitch spoke to on my 2nd day of playing this game. I feel special. He didn't say anything mean to me, in fact we had a back and forth conversation for 10 minutes with me asking him who he was and him asking me why I was messaging him. I think I eventually thoroughly confused him and he went away. :p

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