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New Scripted Mystery - Wheel of Misfortune

Safety Officer

Jul-20-2010 03:57

"An unwilling courier is found dead just an hour after handing you the most unusual letter you've ever received. So begins a deadly game of cat-and-mouse, where a wrong answer could cost someone their life..."

Hi there, folks in New York will notice a new Scripted Mystery by Adam Carter. It's set to Incredibly Hard, and if you're thinking 'sure, sure', then think again!! Well, there isn't a 'quite difficult' setting, so incredibly hard is close enough, eh!!

Good luck to you all!!

Happy Sleuthing.


Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Jul-20-2010 15:17

w00t. Thanks Adam Carter (and SS) for something new! Now, where did I put that magnifying glass...

Tireless Tiger

Jul-25-2010 08:41

Just finished it after several tries. Very evil Adam! And well done I might add! ;-)

Yarn Weaver

Jul-25-2010 17:26

It took me multiple tries too. Thanks for the challenge, Adam!


Jul-30-2010 11:34

Brilliant mystery. I took one misstep and after that, I solved the mystery. Very, very clever and it once showed that you need to pay attention to a story and not just blindly click it away ^=^.

Looking forward to the next one Adam!

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