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Invasion of the Friends
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Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Jul-7-2010 10:23

We've decided to move Noir into 2008 and take our first tentative steps towards the social web.

You may or may not have noticed the "Recent Activity" box on the homepage. For now, that's just going to be a space for displaying Scripted Mysteries that people "Like". A loose rating mechanism that people have been asking for for awhile. Also, it's a way to give those mysteries a little more exposure to the outside world.

If this goes well, we'll add ways for people to like message board posts and agency pages as well.

Users are now given the option of liking an SM when they start it and when they end it. If you want to Like an SM that you've already completed, clicking on that mystery in the Case page now takes you to a detail page with more information about the mystery before actually starting it. Give it a try.

-Your friendly neighborhood Admins

(If you all had Like buttons on your foreheads, we'd totally click on each and every one of them.)


Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Jul-21-2010 20:46

So taken from my FB profile page..

"Thumbs up icon-Shannon likes Wheel of Misfortune on"

*NOTE: The above is TWO links...Wheel of Misfortune, which will take you to the Featured Mystery Page where you can read the synopis AND will of course take you to the front page where you can click on Noir or Shades as usual.

Hope that helps Breit!


Aug-1-2010 09:45

well done!!

I play both Noir and Shades and for some reason, I like Noir better!!!

Thanks for the great updates

James Rynolds
James Rynolds

Sep-25-2010 13:29

I play both too but personally i think shades is a lot better.
I think noir is a little too old fashioned for my taste. But hey! I still like to play it .

Coooll updates guys!!!!!

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