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New Scripted Mystery: Falcon's Sacrifice
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Safety Officer

Jun-25-2010 00:35

Hi folks,

I've just put up a new Intermediate Scripted Mystery, set in Shanghai, from Shadowchii.

"A reputed cultist was found dead this morning and beside him, Ji Tse-Hue, the only son of the Governor of Shanghai. Who killed these two men and why was the governor's son involved with an Ancient Egyptian cult? Tread carefully or the remaining cult members might just send you to the afterlife a little early!"

Thanks to Shadowchii the author, Anikka the Editor and Ben for giving it the once over.



Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Jun-27-2010 22:16

Thanks again Shadowchii (and editors).


Jun-28-2010 20:47

Wonderful Mystery. An exciting story, with a well developed plot. I must say, it's one of the mysteries I really enjoyed playing, hell, I enjoyed every one of them xD. The "jail" part is the best part that has been ever written inside a story and which had me think for a few seconds ^=^.

A recommand to not miss this Mystery, not for all the gold in the world!

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