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Is Sleuth Community Active?
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May-30-2010 19:34

Hello all

I have been playing Sleuth and Shades of Mystery on and off. Although I like Shades, I think Sleuth has more features and more interesting goals.
Anyway, I was wondering if the community in Sleuth is still active/growing.
I am also thinking of starting a agency. How is recruitment?



Old Shoe

Jun-6-2010 06:11

I have question and I would think it's related to this thread. When will Sleuth do some online advertising again? I mean, it was the only way I even found this site in the first place and I think there's always room for growth. After all, more ppl, more subscriptions, more profit, right?
Is online advertising so costly now?


Jun-6-2010 09:05

well, I think part of the problem is that Hypothetical has turned its attention to Shades.
Not sure why since Noir is also very good.
But, some online advertising would help bring in new players and such

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