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Smoke Screen
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Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Apr-22-2010 21:04

"Cut!" The director screamed. He ran onto the movie set and stared at the lost man in a tacky detective costume. The director was a head shorter than most actors, but his stare was fierce. "I told you for God knows how many times, read your script as it is WRITTEN!"

"But real detectives don't say things like 'What were you doing at the time of the murder.' It's a straight give away to the suspect that a murder had taken place!" The poor man defended.

"God damn it, who cares what you say as long as it's a talkie film. A MOVIE!" The director slapped his script on the prop table. He turned to his crew, "Who hired this genius?"

The crew was stone silent. The cameramen wiped their bulky equipment fervently like their life depended on it. The lighting crew looked at their silver lamps as if they saw it for the first time. The soundman listened to his playback looking for noises that didn’t exist.

A young man in a plaid sweater put up his shaking hand, "but sir, you said you wanted an authentic guy to play the part, so I got you a real detective."

"I said I wanted an authentic LOOKING guy, Martin! Not the real deal. This is show biz, use your brain, if you're not SITTING on it!!" The stumpy director bellowed.


A voice light as chimes cut through the quarrel. "Boys, if you don't mind, I'll just go powder my nose." The lead actress with white blonde hair and the figure of an hourglass floated back into her dressing room.

"Yes of course, certainly my darling." The director cooed. He then turned coldly to Martin and the detective. "We'll take a 15 minutes break for you two to sort this out."

"Break! 15 minutes!" Martin announced, he then turned apologetically to his friend, "I'm so sorry, detective Zeo. I know most of this doesn't make sense, but can you please stick to your lines?"

Joseph Zeo looked at his shiny detective costume and gave a weak smile, "I dig what you mean," he sighed, "and you know I wouldn't have taken the job if I wasn't low on dough.


M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Apr-27-2010 21:21

"Only part of all the photos?"

"Yes," Sleven said that they have been divided up. One person who has some is a cousin of yours with the last name of Rodgers." Marc said.

"But for now, we are going to a safe house that I have." Marc said.

They drove in silence to the safe house.

--At the Safe house: Location is somewhere deep in the heart of the city--

Marc had just killed someone in cold blood. This would not be the first nor the last. He didn't have to tell Simone that Sleven was dead. In fact, he didn't even show signs that he had just killed someone. Whether or not she knew was beyond him.

Marc sat the box down on the small table and Simone sat down. Marc turned on the light switch. Inside the box was a pile of photos of women. More pictures of them being nuffed by a group of men.

"Your picture isn't in here, Simone" Marc said after a minute. They dug through the box several times. Someone else had that photo.

Marc pulled out his pocket watch and looked at the time. It was late. Very late. Which meant that the others had found that Marc and Simone were gone. He was now sure that they knew something was up.

Riza Hawkeye
Riza Hawkeye
First Nomad

Apr-28-2010 08:58

Vulkie ran out of her house and jumped into the waiting car, her jacket bulky with concealed weapons. ‘Hey, do you really need all those?” Joseph queried, looking Vulkie up and down.

“Of course! Always better to be prepared,” Vulkie replied. “And stop staring at my lady bits.” Joseph turned back around in his seat, blushing slightly.

“Ok, let’s go,” Riza said, and hit the gas. The car lurched forward. Ten minutes later they found themselves across the street from a rather run-down looking apartment building; not the type of place you’d expect a Genovese to live in.

The three slowly and quietly got out of the car and snuck across the street, which wasn’t all too hard considering the amount of noise the two-directional traffic made. “There’s no Tony Genovese listed here,” Joseph said, confused.

“Let me see,” Riza said, pushing to the front. “Evans, Phillips, Smith…” Riza read as she ran her finger down the list of tenants on the wall. “Here!” she exclaimed, pointing to an “I. Gerard” near the bottom.

“Riza, that’s an I, not a T. and Gerard is not Genovese,” Vulkie said, giving Riza an odd look.

“No, wait, she might be onto something,” Joseph said, leaning closer. “See right here? The white lettering on the sides of the T has been rubbed out. And what a better way to hide the fact that you’re a Genovese than by changing your last name to another G!”

Riza smirked. “Shall we then?” The three proceeded in the open front door and crept up to the third floor until they reached a hidden side door down a long corridor marked 3F.

Riza and Vulkie looked at Joseph. He nodded. The women positioned themselves on either side of the door. “Landlord! Open up!” Joseph said in a gruff voice, pounding on the door with his fist.

Riza Hawkeye
Riza Hawkeye
First Nomad

Apr-28-2010 08:59

“What the hell? I already paid this month’s rent!” a deep voice called from inside as the door was wrenched open. Tony Genovese stood there in black dress pants and a dirty stained undershirt, a scowl on his face. His expression slowly changed to surprise as he saw who was standing there. “What the-oomph!” he cried as Riza and Vulkie simultaneously tackled him to the ground.

“On your feet, and don’t try anything!” Riza yelled, pulling out her pistol and aiming at his heart. Vulkie had two huge black guns aimed at him as well, staring him down, not showing any fear.

Tony slowly got onto his feet, and put his hands up in the air. “So, I hear Salazar hired you to do some work for him?” Joseph asked.

Tony didn’t answer. He only stared down the barrels of the guns pointed at him. “Answer the man!” Vulkie screamed, firing off a shot. He flinched as the shot went right past his left shoulder and blew a huge chunk out of the cheap wall. Tony still didn’t answer.

“How do we crack a mafia man? He’s probably been through tougher situations that this,” Vulkie muttered into Joseph’s ear. Joseph smiled. “Riza? Go ahead and do whatever you need to do.”

“My pleasure,” she said, handing Joseph her pistol. “Hello there Tony. Not talking, huh?” She grabbed a bunch of his oily hair and yanked it downwards, forcing the big man to his knees. She pulled back, ripping strands out of his head one by one.”

“You’re one sexy lady, you know that?” he finally said, grimacing while smiling up at her. Riza forcefully smacked him across the face, her long nails leaving bloody gashes across his cheek. “Pig!” Tony started to laugh. His eyes darted to the open door, but he didn’t dare make a move since three guns were still trained on him.

Riza Hawkeye
Riza Hawkeye
First Nomad

Apr-28-2010 09:01

Riza raised her right stilettoed foot and brought it down hard on his shoulder. A loud crack could be heard, and then Tony started screaming. His arm had detached from his shoulder, and his neck was bent sideways towards the other shoulder at an unnatural angle. The heel of the boot had cut through his flesh, and there was now a two inch deep gash left, which was gushing blood. “ANSWER the man, dammit! Don’t make me torture you to near death like Salazar!” Riza grinned madly.

“Alright! Alright! Salazar asked me to beat up some guy for him. God knows he couldn’t do it. The guy’s a puny little shrimp! I owed Salazar some money, and he said I could pay him back that way.”

“And what did you do, exactly?” Riza asked, bending down close to his face. Suddenly, Tony lunged at Riza and tried to tackle her down. BAM! A shot was fired, and Joseph stood there holding the smoking gun. “Gah! You people are insane!” Tony yelled, now crying and staring at his now other bloody, useless hand.

Riza got up off the floor and stared daggers at Tony. “You shouldn’t have done that. You’re gonna pay now.” She removed her knife from her jacket pocket and plunged it deep into his shoulder wound. Tony roared in agony.

“What did you do?” Riza repeated.

“I jumped Johnny from behind as he was coming out of his place, and took him to a deserted part of the neighborhood. Then I dragged him to the roof and beat the shit out of him!” Tony spat.

“Keep going,” Vulkie said.

“I didn’t kill him or nothin’. Salazar just told me to rough him up a little. And I did. But not a little, a lot,” he admitted.

“And what happened after that?” Joseph demanded.

“Then I left to get some food. Man’s gotta eat, and that Johnny guy had some dough in his pocket.”

“So you left him half-dead on the roof, huh?”

“Pretty much. Though if I knew he was gonna fall over the side become a sidewalk pancake, I would’ve just shot him then and there. Less messy.”

Riza Hawkeye
Riza Hawkeye
First Nomad

Apr-28-2010 09:02

“Hold on, by the time you got outside he was already dead on the ground?”

“Yeah, pretty much, head barely attached and the limbs all bent out in awkward positions. Probably fell trying to get up.”

“And you’re SURE you didn’t kill him,” Riza asked, plunging the knife deeper in. By now the entire blade had gone inside of him. Tony ground his teeth as a surge of pain rushed through him.

“I swear I didn’t! I swear!”

“Did you see anyone suspicious around the area during that time? Vulkie demanded.

Tony looked very pale, probably from the excessive amount of blood loss. “No, I don’t think so. No wait, as I was coming down the stairs of the building afterwards, I saw a woman. She was a brunette with ugly bushy hair and sunglasses. Though the sky was pretty damn dark outside,” he grunted, his voice fading.

“Where are the photos?” Vulkie asked, moving closer.

“Photos? I don’t know anything about any photos…” Tony trailed off as he lost consciousness and collapsed with a loud thump onto the floor. His blood had formed a 3 foot radius pool around him. Joseph, Vulkie, and Riza looked at each other. Each was thinking the same thing.


Apr-28-2010 10:33

"If we don't get him patched up, we'll have the whole Cosa Nostra at our backs. And if we patch him up, we'll also get the whole Cosa Nostra at our backs... Unless.... Hmm..." Vulkie said out loud.

"I got it! I know a doctor, not far from here. He helped me out some times, and he's trustworthy!" Vulkie said. "After he's patched up, we can tie him up and put him somewhere.... safe. Then, when there's trouble, we could always use him as a bargain. But be sure, that Vito Genovese is going to search for his nephew, that's for sure..." Vulkie said.

Joseph nodded silently and pointed to him. "Riza, carry him away. Vulkie torch the place. I don't care how you do it, but we need to make sure no evidence has been found. I'll call the fire department right away!" Joseph said and he began to dial.

"Gasoline, I need gasoline..." Vulkie thought. "Or, I could turn the gas open, but that would erupt a huge explosion in the whole building...."

Vulkie walked outside and looked around and got an idea. She got a can from nearby, a piece of garden hose and went to the nearest car in the street.

She opened the gas tank of the car, placed the first end of the pipe in the gas tank, the other one she held at her mouth and began to suck the gasoline out of the tank. Eventually, the gasoline poured a bit in her mouh and she spit it out and placed the other end of the hose in the can.

"That should do it..." Vulkie said and removed the hose of the can and went back to the apartment.

"Firedepartment should be here in 4 minutes. Go for it!" Joseph said and he ran out of the apartment to the car, going towards Riza and Tony Genovese who where already waiting in the car.

"Here we go.." Vulkie murmered and she poured the gasoline everywhere in the apartment. As she left the building, she lit a match and threw it in the apartment, quickly closing the door and ran towards the car.

"Alright, we're good, let's go to the doctor" Vulkie said and she started the car... (cont)


Apr-28-2010 10:44

Sirens could be heard, everywhere, and as the detectives left the street, the fire department came in the street and saw the fire in the apartment and immediately began the protocol to put a fire out...

***Doctor Hoo's house*** (See other stories for info about Doctor Hoo)

"Vulkie, what are you doing here? Why, how can I help you?" Doctor Hoo asked.

"No time to explain doc. We got a guy here and he needs to be patched up. He's lost a lot of blood..." Vulkie answered, as Riza guided Tony Genovese in Doctor Hoo's house and laid him on a stretcher

"Good lord, what has he been through?" Doctor asked in surprise. Both Vulkie and Joseph pointed towards Riza.

"Ah, I see... Miss Hawkeye I presume? Yes, I've heard of your "persuasive" manners" Doctor Hoo said. Riza only gave a shy smile.

"He wouldn't coorperate, so I made him coorperate.." Riza said. Doctor Hoo nodded.

"That is of no concern to me. But, which bloodtype does the "victim" have? Anyone of you knows?" Doctor Hoo asked, as he began rumbling in a cooling box filled with all kinds of blood bags.

Vulkie immediately began to search through Tony Genovese's clothes, to find a card saying : "Donor of Blood. Blood type A+"

"Blood type A+ Doc..." Vulkie replied.

"Good, I have a bag here. Now, I'm going to give him a transfusion and stitch him up. Why don't you make coffee for yourselves?" Doctor Hoo replied

***3 hours later***

"Well, he's all yours. He'll be awake in no time.." Doctor Hoo said.

"Thanks Doc. Riza, tie him up. And Doctor, have some money, for all you've done today.." Vulkie said, taking her wallet out, but Doctor Hoo shoved it back to her chest.

"I don't need it. We're friends, and we'll always do. But you owe me Vulkie" Doctor Hoo said.

Vulkie winked and as the detectives got Genovese tied up and back in the car, they left for a "safe" place...

Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Apr-28-2010 13:02

"I do declare." Molly said decisively, casting a perfectly lined eye around the interior of Simone Summers house. "Is Simone redecorating?"

She had stopped by to see her old friend and invite her to lunch, but had noticed something was amiss. The door was wide open, and as she gingerly pushed it open and stepped inside, she saw signs of disarray every which way she looked.

"How suspicious." she said to herself, adjusting one long black glove as she moved forward. Her nostrils twitched as she caught the scent of something on the air. "Has she taken up smoking?"

She tiptoed through the house, calling her friends name softly, but no answering call sounded. Several bookcases and tables were cluttered, drawers pulled open and books knocked over.

"Someone was looking for something." she said, the hairs standing up on the back of her neck. She did hope her friend was alright. Suddenly she heard a creak from the entryway and spun around, raising a delicate eyebrow and adjusting her diamond bracelet even as she drew her revolver.

"Lord, this place is dusty." she said to herself, noting a spray of dust down the front of her smart black suit and brushing it off her shoulder in irritation. With a sigh, she pursed her red lips and aimed her revolver at the doorway.

"Someone there?" she chirped, her voice pleasant, even as one eye sighted down the small barrel with her signature excellent aim.

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Apr-28-2010 16:54

Zeo's Bruick twisted in the narrow roads as the dim street lights began to lit up.

"So, where are we going again?" Riza questioned.

"A safe place," Zeo simply said. Riza sighed. Zeo continued, "okay, from how I see it, Salazar does not have the tightest of lips. He'll talk. Whoever is looking for Tony will eventually find out from Salazar that you have been asking about him, and everyone knows that the three of us are friends, and are in this together."

"So none of our flats are safe." Vulkie said.

"Exactly, and Vulkie, from what i remember, your safe house by the water was blown to pieces from one of the jobs as well. So, our best bet is to find a place of someone whom I cannot exactly call a good friend," Zeo parked and cut his engine, "and here we are."

"Molly's flat?" Riza eyed the place and narrowed her eyes.

"The safest place around here I can think of." Zeo said as he got out of the car and took the unconscious Tony on his back.

"I don't think Molly is even home." Vulkie remarked as she examine the windows.

"All the better, she cannot say no in that case." Zeo replied. To seem polite, he knocked on her door nevertheless, and when no one responded, they started looking for her keys.

"I think she usually put it in the planter, I'm just not sure which one..." Vulkie said as she searched the pots, "there!" The middle aged women found the key and opened the door.

"I am not sure if this is really a good idea..." Riza said as she prepared a room where Tony will be spending for the next few days.

"You got a better one?" Zeo replied flatly. He was quite exhausted from the day.

"Actually..." Vulkie began.

"Shut it Vulkie." Zeo said, and she did.

By the time they settled by the kitchen table with Molly's coffee and biscuits, the sky outside was totally dark. It reminded Zeo of Marc and he gave his office a call. "No one is answering," he finally said and put down the receiver.

"Something's up." Riza said as she sipped her coffee. (con'td)

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Apr-28-2010 17:06

"We better go check them out, and besides, we need more information." Zeo said.

"So far we only have a brunette with brushy hair who may or maybe to linked to Johnny's death, and apparently the Genovese family, at least on Tony's side, does not have the photos." Riza summarized.

"I wonder who got the photos at Johnny's..." Zeo thought aloud, "Simone said that she had searched her brother's place already, so obviously this person, whoever he is, knew more than Johnny's sister." Zeo extinguished his cigarette and gave Riza a look, "I think we need to visit my old friend again, to find out more about Johnny and who he used to hang with."

Riza nodded. She got up as well and turned to her friend, "we'll have to leave Tony in your good hands for a while, Vulkie."

"Don't worry about him, I'll make sure he feel right at home." Vulkie winked.

Riza and Zeo left Molly's place in Zeo's Buick and headed off in the dark.

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