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Lyra Cornwallis
Lyra Cornwallis
Lucky Stiff

Mar-12-2010 10:38

The game's very simple. You just have to post a riddle, and the person who posts next should try answering it, and should post their own riddle.

Why do birds fly South in winter?


Solve A Lot2
Solve A Lot2
Assistant Librarian

Jun-17-2016 21:03

Sorry Ebony, I overlooked your riddle. Could the answer be the letter "m"?

Ebony Villanueva
Ebony Villanueva

Jun-17-2016 21:41

True, Autumn, I didn't think of a starling. Stringier would work as well.

Solve A Lot2 yes, it is m! :)
As to your riddle, is it a doughnut?

I know what my job is, The point has been made. You say I have a big head, And you're right, I'm afraid. Put me in my place, And then leave me alone. What I need most, Is someone to drive me home.
What am I?

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