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Down the Rabbit Hole

Kyle XY Rocks
Kyle XY Rocks
Pinball Amateur

Mar-1-2010 18:09

Hi guys this is my first RP. And it is Kinda based on Alice in wonderland. You can alter it to what ever you like. I hope You guys like it. :)

Location: Unknown, Time: None

I find myself running. I don't why, and I don't know what I am running from. As i keep at a steady quick pace, a hole appears. I am running to fast to stop..... I fall in the Hole. Darkness comes over me.

I awaken to find myself alone. No one's around. Or so i thought.
"I am late!" Screamed a voice.
Groggily I lean on my am and sit up.
"For what?" I asked the voice. I turn to see where the voice has come from. And i see........


Wolf Girl 22
Wolf Girl 22

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Sean Dart
Sean Dart

Apr-3-2010 15:26

A man in a pinstriped suit and tophat, lying on a tree branch and smoking a cigarette. "Sean Dart at your service." the man said, " I do believe I am late for an engagement."

"What type of engagement would that be?" Kyle asked the mysterious Sean Dart.

"I don't know," he laughed, "this is your fantasy my friend. I am simply here to act as a guide through it."

"Where am I?" Kyle asked, "Where are you supposed to guide me?"

Sean let out a hearty laugh and took a drag from his cigarette. "My dear child, you are here. If you wish to go there, then you must decided where there is." he said with a fiendish smile.

"How do I do that!?" Kyle demanded in frustration, slowly losing patience with the strange man.

"Well my child," Sean said taking off his hat and pulling a map out of it, "you must figure out why you are here. What brought you here? What happenstance in your life brought this place upon you? Then you will know where to go!"

He showed the map to Kyle. "Shall we go North to the Castle of the Black Dragon, West to the Stormy Seas of Pomotina, East to the Firey Fields of Eniarrol, or South to the Forests of the Wood Sprites?"

Kyle XY Rocks
Kyle XY Rocks
Pinball Amateur

Apr-3-2010 21:38

" I believe I will Find my own way out of here, Thank you." Kyle Says Jokingly.

"Fine. Go, But know this nothing is as it seems." Sean whispers before disappearing.

"Damn. That's all I need is My only hope of getting back to London disappearing." Kyle Says to himself.

*hears singing of in the distance*

"Shot in the dark, I will go that way." Kyle Murmurs to himself.

*starts out towards to singing*

*stumbles upon a small clearing, In which a odd make-shift table is set. Upon which there are odd cups and end saucers. At the head of the table sits Sean. Beside him a trembling Rabbit, and a derangged Rat.*

"Gah!!!!!!!!!!!!!"March hare yells * throws teacup at kyle*

*Kyle ducks in time to miss* "Hey what's your problem???" Kyle Screams at the March Hare.

"Kyle, He is mad. We are all mad here" Sean Smiles Creepily.

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Apr-5-2010 01:19

Suddenly a wind blew from the North and a man with a black eye-patch descended upon them, riding on a mighty dragon. "I am Jack Zeo from the Red Queen. You are a trespasser here Mr. Rocks. I shall escort you to her majesty, and SHE will know what to do with you!" The haunting man said, pointing at Kyle.

Kyle XY Rocks
Kyle XY Rocks
Pinball Amateur

Apr-8-2010 13:29

"Well Jack, I have found myself quite content here. In the company of Sean, And his strange friends." Kyle says While sipping from a cup.

"You heard the man! Down With the Bloody Red Queen!!!!!" March Hare Screams.

"I'm not going anywhere without Kyle!" Yells Jack Dismounting from his dragon.

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Apr-9-2010 09:11

Jack raised his dark sword and immediately hundreds of cockroach looking soldiers surrounded the group.

"I do want no trouble with you, Sean. Just stay out of it and your pinstriped suit will stay as one piece. Same to the rest of you." Jack Zeo warned. "I will pretend i didn't hear what you just utter, March Hare, simply for old times sake."

Immediately all hell broke loose.

Leola Luiza
Leola Luiza
Battered Shoe

Apr-11-2010 17:05

“Ahem. AHEM! EXCUSE ME!!!” Leola Luiza shouted as she stood back and watched the ruckus that was going on in front of her.

Everyone suddenly halted and looked in her direction.

“Joseph, our guest just got here and you called the soldiers already? Sean, stop telling everyone that we are all mad. You are giving our little community such a bad reputation!” Leola said.

She walked through the parted crowd and sat down at the table next to Kyle. Pouring herself a cup of tea she looked over the newcomer with curious eyes.

“Now, Kyle is it? Yes. It is not rare that we get visitors here. You see, everyone that comes here comes for a reason, as Sean has told you. The problem is, not many know what that reason is. It’s a game the Queen likes to play. If you don’t know, you don’t get to leave. I, myself, am one of those people! Been down here for years. Don’t know why. I can say that I have learned to love this place though!” Leola rambled on.

“Down with the bloody Red Queen!” shouted March Hare, interrupting Leola’s train of thought.

“Ugh. Pay no attention to him. That is one of the few things he likes to say. Ain’t that right ya old hare?”

March Hare turned his eyes to the ground then quickly in Joseph Zeo's direction.

“Anyway, Kyle, what do you think the reason you are here is?” Leola asked as she slowly raised her eyebrows.

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Apr-14-2010 03:56

"Well Mr. Rocks can find out in the presence of the Red Queen." Zeo quickly interrupted, "I have one order and one order only -- to take Kyle back to see her majesty. Leola, feel free to continue to get stuck here, but DO NOT get mangled in my affairs."

Jack Zeo whistled, and a dilapidated carriage drawn by skeletal horses rushed onto the scene. Zeo shackled Kyle onto the carriage in one swift motion before anyone could protest. The horses darted for the Red Queen's palace immediately. The rest of the army followed.

"Come with us if you want, it makes no difference to me." Zeo said to the rest of the group as Kyle was dragged along with the carriage. "Even if you're armed, you know you cannot defeat the Queen's legions."

The disfigured dark knight in his leather armor remounted his dragon and took off. Everyone's attire flapped wildly in the wind. "By the way, I love your dress, Leola." Zeo smirked and shouted as he took his position in the sky to oversee the carriage with its sole passenger.

Kyle XY Rocks
Kyle XY Rocks
Pinball Amateur

Apr-20-2010 14:09

"Now what Sean?" Doormouse saying as she exited her teapot of protection.

"Well I suppose we should go after him. Or We can have another round of tea"

"SEAN!" *Doormouse flings a hatpin at Sean*

"Fine. But I am not going near the bandersnatch. Gave me quite a fright last time."

"It's only because you were in the bathroom!" Yells The March Hare.

*offended Sean snatches his hat and starts toward the Red Castle*

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