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Did I mess up?

Roland Moonstar
Roland Moonstar

Feb-21-2010 19:23

Hi everyone! This is my first time here. I just finished the newbie tutorial and one easy mission. I was going along great, until I discovered the newbie FAQ on these boards and now I'm worried I messed up.

I am an interrogator in real life, so I just picked that twice for my starting skills, along with stress detection. And this works well for me in real life, since I deal with fraud, sitting in an office all day interviewing people. My boss is a retired police detective, so he's the one who does the leg work, along with four other guys. My job is just telephone skip tracing, credit report checking, looking at TECS, and face-to-face interviewing, so I don't personally need to know about hair and fibers and DNA and whatever.

But I'm wondering if I messed up and gimped my online avatar here, as he's now rather lacking in most abilities and is about as good as Remington Steele was in his first few cases.

So, what are everyone's thoughts and opinions?


Cordelia Falco
Cordelia Falco
Battered Shoe

Feb-22-2010 02:02

Well, first off, I wouldn't try too hard to link real-life investigation to Sleuth! :)

Sleuth detectives need to be jack-of-all-trades. You can't delegate evidence analysis to someone else. Yes, if you're in an agency, you can get your colleagues to help out now and then, but you need to amass a full set of skills for yourself.

Having said that, I wouldn't say you've messed up, exactly. All skills are useful! I think most people wouldn't have put stress detection as a priority at this stage, but it's not the end of the world. You just need to plod away doing cases and accumulating skill points so you can acquire those other skills you need. I'd suggest evidence skills and research are what you need to concentrate on first.

And if you decide that it was a mistake to choose those starting skills, there's nothing to stop you trying again with another detective.

Edgar Darrow
Edgar Darrow

Feb-23-2010 16:13

Yeah, if you're really anxious you can always start a new account. The only hitch is that you can never use the name "Roland Moonstar" again.

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Feb-23-2010 18:41

Yes don't worry about it Moonstar, eventually you'll need (and want) every skill available :)
I got stress detection since i started my character off as a disillusioned detective and it was a skill given to me from the start. Although i never find much use for it (some do, i just never bother with it), in the long run i think all the fine. Again, try to balance your smart and tough skills, and if all else fails, start anew :)

Pinball Amateur

Feb-26-2010 21:15

For what it's worth, I'll put my two cents in also....

Did you screw up??

No. (Repeat this a thousand times to yourself. ;-)

It's extremely difficult for people who are completely new to Sleuth to TRULY screw up. About 90% start out with a given profile of skills (including all of the people posting here, even yours truly, though it doesn't show it on my profile ;-), and for people who choose to go the Tough route, Stress Detection gets thrown into their skills pot for the helluvit. Nothin' in the world anybody can do about it. For the few newbies who choose NOT to go with a standard profile, they have the option of choosing skills up to 40 skill points worth (I think ;-). Again, it's incredibly hard to screw up this process. The system will only let you buy Beginner level stuff (you need the beginners' before you can go on to the Intermediate and Advanced stuff); it WILL NOT let you buy Faction skills (again, considered a luxury by most); and several skills ([beginner] Footprint and Handwriting Analyses chiefly amonst them ;-).

Having said that....


By some truly inconceivably enigma a newbie decides to choose stuff like Stress Detection (basically a luxury/unneeded skill, esp. for newbies), Pickpocketing (a faction skill, but many tough newbies get googly eyed at the idea of being able to fleece people for some mysterious reason), and Flirting (a Charming skill that ONLY works with other Charming skills), all is not lost. Skill points fall like rain in Seattle for the first couple of weeks for most newbies. (And yes, there's a reason for this. ;-) It takes very little time to rack up an astounding amount of S.P. and go back to the proverbial drawing board.

Pinball Amateur

Feb-26-2010 21:19

And, prob'ly sooner rather than later, those skills you thought were worthless will actually start coming in rather USEFUL. Eventually, you'll need ALL the skills offered, regardless of when you get them.

Finally, if you swear on a stack that all is lost, and you absolutely can't go on, newbies are not at a stage where they have enough of ANYTHING that cannot be reacquired incredibly quickly (unlike some of us who're a bit longer in the tooth, so to speak ;-). Falsely accuse three people on three different cases, and Ben's yer Uncle, you're off to the races with a new detective and a new outlook on life. ;-)

So. Take comfort. You're not that bad off (Really, YOU'RE NOT!!! ;-). You're doin' fine. Keep up the good work!! ;-D


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