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Shoul I go on?


Feb-12-2010 17:08

I have Footprint Analysis, Research (which I LOVE!), Sweet Talking, Advanced Rule Bending, Advanced Thread Analysis, Advanced Hair Analysis and Flirting. I`m a Smart and Charming with Toughness 2, Smarts 3 and Charm 5.

I also have only one contact, the waitress. ( which is good, but not as good as having the tailor, shoe maker, barber or banker)

Now, I`m playing for 18 days, and the past week I only play really hard and mostly really really hard cases. I can play incredibly hard, but I haven`t tired. Am I stuck? What are the chances to solve an incredibly hard mystery at this level?

P.S. I`m not subscribed


Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Feb-12-2010 17:52

PM sent!

Ms Helen
Ms Helen
Con Artist

Feb-12-2010 18:30

In my opinion you shouldn't give up. You have a good set of skills so far which is a bi help when it comes to cases.

A you've concentrated on getting your charm skills (sweet talking etc) don't worry about getting tough skills just yet.

I see you have 2 toughness on your adjustments. You don't need to worry about having 'toughness' adjustments because you don't have any tough interview skills, essentially it's two wasted points. Try and concentrate on getting charm and smarts gear if you can. I know this can be hard when you're getting gear via favours, as long as you remember to take charm or smart gear over tough gear.

As to whether you can solve an incredibly hard mystery, well you won't know until you try :)

There is not set point when you will definatly be ready to solve a certain level of case. A lot of it can be down to luck and not just skills/gear. Heck even now there is the rare occasion when I struggle to solve an incredibly hard.

Try a couple of Incredibly Hard cases and see how you get on. If you can't complete them, you can always quit the case and go back to playing lower level cases until you have better gear and skills.

If you haven't thought about subscribing yet then you should definately consider it. If you were to do so you would be able to join an agency and get help with cases, one of the many benefits of subscribing.

Hope this helps a little.
Good luck.


Feb-13-2010 09:53

Thanks. I did try, but my suspect went missing, and when I asked my contact she said she didn`t think she is the murderer. So I gave up the case. And of course, it turns out she WAS the murderer. Didn`t know they could be wrong like that... :)


Feb-13-2010 10:03

And I did it! And I got Hand Writing Analysis :) Feeling good...

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