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Phrases from non-PE contact
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Jan-20-2010 08:47

(I've read this from the FAQ on the sticky, but I don't quite understand. Sorry for the repeated question.)

Occasionally my non-PE contact says something like:

1) X thinks X knows who the murderer is.
2) X hasn't heard or seen anything suspicious.

Does 1 mean X has WE, and 2 mean X has no WE?

Or discard both and just take it as my contact giving me the name of an additional suspect?


Elizabeth Christie
Elizabeth Christie
Tireless Tiger

Jan-21-2010 07:38

Riza, I have no hard proof but I have tended to see the same thing as you. If a the person who runs away has a fake alibi, they're very often guilty. It also seems that if one of the fake alibis is mentioned by a townie (either as knows something or knows nothing), they're very often guilty as well. But all this may be wishful thinking and just a way to pick who to focus on.

My favorite way to guess who to check against PE is the suspect that I notice the least, because I have the worst luck and it's always the person I check last! Sadly, this technique usually works for me.

Safety Officer

Jan-21-2010 15:27

I can assure you people who run away are not always guilty (having actually played cases recently for the first time in ages), and there can be a lot of WE spring up in an AI.

lol if you want a conspiracy theory, my personal one is that if I have remaining suspects to ask WE about, I always ask about the suspect who is the highest on the list, especially if it's the person on top of the list, then the next highest UNLESS the person on the very bottom of the list is available as a suspect, the I chose them.

lol. I also like to stroke my troll doll's hair backwards 43 times before I hit accuse.

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