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Skill help
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Jan-4-2010 09:05

Hello :) Not too sure where to ask this, but I guess newbie questions fit. I used to play sleuth a long time ago, then left, and I'm back :)

I'm wondering what skills to get next? I'm very smart.

I have:

Advanced Interrogation
Hand Writing Analysis
Footprint Analysis
Advanced Intimidation
Advanced Thread Analysis
Advanced Hair Analysis

Order o Socrates: Fair(9)
Arcanum Brthrhd: Poor(-1)
Cosa Nostra: Poor(-3)
Trying to increase the back 2, but I haven't had a faction twist in a while now.... do factions return to 0 after some time?

Deciding what to get next?

What does lock picking do? I know it lets me get into locked houses during cases.

How about stress detection?

(My equipment gives me very negative charming stats, so I'm ignoring charming skills.)




Jan-5-2010 06:38

Thank you both very much for the advice.

I cannot travel because I'm a nonsub (no credit card), so I guess I'll just wait.

Yay fewer skill points away from lock picking today.

Old Shoe

Jan-5-2010 11:45

Anikka is right with one exception... Negative faction score will "drop" until it comes to -3, then you will have to do the remaining with faction slanting cases.
I am sorry to correct you Anikka, but the reason why you did not know/remember, are probably because you have never been as bad as I have been ;-)


Jan-6-2010 09:44

Thank you!

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