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Skill help


Jan-4-2010 09:05

Hello :) Not too sure where to ask this, but I guess newbie questions fit. I used to play sleuth a long time ago, then left, and I'm back :)

I'm wondering what skills to get next? I'm very smart.

I have:

Advanced Interrogation
Hand Writing Analysis
Footprint Analysis
Advanced Intimidation
Advanced Thread Analysis
Advanced Hair Analysis

Order o Socrates: Fair(9)
Arcanum Brthrhd: Poor(-1)
Cosa Nostra: Poor(-3)
Trying to increase the back 2, but I haven't had a faction twist in a while now.... do factions return to 0 after some time?

Deciding what to get next?

What does lock picking do? I know it lets me get into locked houses during cases.

How about stress detection?

(My equipment gives me very negative charming stats, so I'm ignoring charming skills.)



Xenon Light
Xenon Light

Jan-4-2010 10:48

Lock picking might be a wise choice. It will give you randomly the alibi or the motive list of 2 or 3 suspects in a case without having to "use" a question.

Stress detection let you know when a suspect is close to not wanting to answer any more questions, but with experience you will have a feeling of that anyway, and paying extra care to what question to ask who when is something one should do all the time ;-)


Jan-4-2010 16:24

Regarding the faction scores:

Faction scores do not return to zero after a time. If you raise one of them above 10 (or below -10), and then not do anything to raise or lower the score for a few days, the score will start to drop until it reaches 10 (or -10).

So, if you do nothing, the standings you listed above will not change.

It can be difficult to get all three of those particular scores to a positive if you cannot travel. It is also difficult if you have no choice but to quit a case in order to prevent taking a hit to the wrong faction.

Regarding your equipment, realise that it will change over time, as you have access to better pieces. However, you still have control over what stats you raise and lower because you can choose to sell an item that doesn't give the stats you want. The best thing you can do right now is what you are doing - ignoring charm skills and sticking with tough (the opposite way would have been fine, too... the point is to pick one and stick with it while you learn and grow).


Jan-5-2010 06:38

Thank you both very much for the advice.

I cannot travel because I'm a nonsub (no credit card), so I guess I'll just wait.

Yay fewer skill points away from lock picking today.

Old Shoe

Jan-5-2010 11:45

Anikka is right with one exception... Negative faction score will "drop" until it comes to -3, then you will have to do the remaining with faction slanting cases.
I am sorry to correct you Anikka, but the reason why you did not know/remember, are probably because you have never been as bad as I have been ;-)


Jan-6-2010 09:44

Thank you!

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