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Skills table etc.
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Jan-2-2010 06:00

Hi guys,

After about 3 years I haven't played Sleuth I came back (Mafia Wars bores me, apparently).

I have 2 questions:
1. Where can I see a true skills table? The table published in Help is apparently wrong - it says that stress detection should cost 7 SP although in reality it costs 5 SP.

2. I'm a tough and charming detective.
Toughness: 3
Smarts: 4
Charm: 7

Pick Pocketing
Judge of Character
Sweet Talking
Lock Picking
Rule Bending
Thread Analysis


What should I take next? I'm thinking about intimidation.
How much effect does intermediate sweet talking/interrogation have?




Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Jan-3-2010 10:20

Looks like you've already made up your mind on what you want to do with your character..


Jan-4-2010 05:15

What do you know, I've actually decided to go with advanced rule bending, and I think it really pays off.
It increases the chances to get an answer by rule bending by 20% !


Jan-4-2010 06:32

I somehow believe that you have not seen what need the basic hair skill covers. The basic hair skill makes you able to FIND the hairs at the crime scene. Just that a case does not seem to have any hairs, if you don't have basic hair skill, does not mean that it does not HAVE them, it just means that you have not found them. Unfortunately that hair, had you found it, might even happen to be the one crucial evidence that would make you pin the killer.
Depending on what difficulty level you play, and what strategy you use, the need might not be so big yet, but, believe me, on the harder levels you cannot afford to not know if you have found all your evidences. ;-)


Jan-4-2010 12:21

For now I'm playing at the Really Hard level. It's enough for now, although once in a while I need to take a smart guess who's the murderer.

With the advanced rule bending skill, I have a much higher chance to convince the townies to answer my questions.
However, I think the next one will be indeed hair analysis.


Jan-4-2010 16:34

There will come a point where you will not be able to get much more than an alibi, a list of motives, and one or two additional question out of your suspects. If you are depending on the witness evidence instead of physical evidence to help catch your killer, you are probably going to run into a lot of problems.

When you are able to find all the pieces of evidence, and further, able to tell if a hair is straight or curly, if a footprint belongs to a heavy or slim suspect, if a letter was written by someone left- or right-handed... all those things will help you to cut down your suspect list.

As far as physical evidence skills, you should probably make advanced thread analysis your very last skill taken, since you actually don't need it, having the tailor contact. But the other basic and advanced physical evidence skills will become, if they aren't already, extremely important to have.


Jan-5-2010 00:59


You're totally right !

For now I'm hesitating between the hair analysis Irene recommended, and the foot analysis. I think my rank for now is:
1. Hair analysis (New skill)
2. Foot analysis (The shoemaker is a man)
3,4: Advanced hair analysis, Handwriting analysis (The barber and the banker are women, easier to presuade).

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