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Skills table etc.
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Jan-2-2010 06:00

Hi guys,

After about 3 years I haven't played Sleuth I came back (Mafia Wars bores me, apparently).

I have 2 questions:
1. Where can I see a true skills table? The table published in Help is apparently wrong - it says that stress detection should cost 7 SP although in reality it costs 5 SP.

2. I'm a tough and charming detective.
Toughness: 3
Smarts: 4
Charm: 7

Pick Pocketing
Judge of Character
Sweet Talking
Lock Picking
Rule Bending
Thread Analysis


What should I take next? I'm thinking about intimidation.
How much effect does intermediate sweet talking/interrogation have?





Jan-2-2010 10:50

The cost of skills depends on your detective type. Since you are tough/charming, skills in the tough and charming categories are yours for a discounted price. However, you will pay more skill points to buy smart skills.

I'd actually advise you make sure you have all the evidence analysis skills before you go on, including the Advanced ones. If you do not have all the basic evidence analysis skills, you will miss out on finding evidence. If you do not have the Advanced analysis skills, you miss out on the detail that will make it easier to solve a case.

For example, if you have Thread Analysis, you will be able to find generic threads. But if you have Advanced Thread Analysis, you can tell if that thread belonged to a male or a female. That certainly helps narrow down who it belonged to.

Max Abshire
Max Abshire

Jan-2-2010 12:00

I think I read somewhere that every crime scene has at least a thread or a hair. If you can fill those out, it's easier to narrow it down since some of the harer mysteries have really recalcitrant witnesses.

luc pfeiffer
luc pfeiffer

Jan-2-2010 13:08

Not sure that's true. But i have been told that the only analysis skill that all detectives start out with is basic footprint analysis. Adding the thread or hair does help because until you do, you may end up with only two pieces of evidence showing when there are actually three (and one when it's two), etc.


Jan-2-2010 13:59

Thanks for your replies. As you can see, I've already got a thread analysis, which I've chosen because I made a contact with the tailor.

As far as I know, the basic analysis skills are footprint and threatening note.

As for the other evidence analysis skills, for now I think it's a little bit useless. They cost a lot and not help very much. Usually I got 2-3 suspects, and the evidence doesn't always point to the right suspect. Although I do agree that footprint or handwriting analysis could be very nice to have.

Anyone can say how much does intermediate sweet talk/interrogation improves the chances the suspect will answer my questions?


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Sleuth Sindy
Sleuth Sindy
Pinball Wizard

Jan-2-2010 17:01


Lots of questions! :)

Actually, other detectives looking at your profile cannot see what skills you have already learned. But I'm rather confused as to why you would invest skill points in thread analysis when you have the Tailor as your contact and therefore don't need it?

Sweeting talking/interrogation doesn't improve your chance of getting an answer, it gives you a greater chance of getting more questions out of a supsect once that suspect clams up. How tough or charming your gear needs to be depends on what level of cases you are playing. At the easy to hard level, my experience was that you didn't need a lot to make it effective. However, as the cases get harder, you will need gear with more tough or charm points associated with them for them to be effective.

As for whether you get your analysis skills or interrogation/charming skills first depends on your game strategy. I tend to use witness evidence more on the easier cases making the advanced analysis skills not as crucial, but if you depend more on physical evidence to solve your cases, then the advanced analysis skillw would be more beneficial to you.

Welcome back to Sleuth!

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Jan-2-2010 19:57

As long as you are staying in New York (unsubbed and not going to another city), then Sleuth Sindy has a point. It's better to use your skill points elsewhere instead of thread analysis with your New York tailor contact. However, if you decide to sub one day and go to another city, in which tailor may not necessarily become your contact, then yes, the thread analysis skills become as important as other PE analyzing skills.

Most players here gear themselves towards either tough OR charm, with smarts as their second strength. In comparison you balance them out more or less equally, with a bit of emphasis on charm. Personally i would recommend that after you have all the charm skills, go for all the analysis skills first before cracking the tough skills, but then again as Sindy said, it's all about game strategy and how you play it. Anyhow, find a way that works and you're comfortable with, and enjoy the game!


Jan-3-2010 03:05

To be honest, there is at least one skill I think it's crucial that you get, and that is basic hair analysis (if your list is right). Becasue since hairs are so difficult to find, you need the basic hair skill just to find the hairs. This goes for basic thread as well, but that's a skill you have.
Footprints and threatening notes you will find regardless of what skills you have.


Jan-3-2010 06:21

Thank you for your comments.
As I stated - I picked the basic thread analysis, so I could use my contact with the tailor more efficiently. If I had a contact with the barber I would've bought the hair analysis skill...

I think that for now I will go with intimidation...


Jan-3-2010 06:36

I don't want to disappoint you... - but you cannot have both the Tailor and the Barber as contacts, but you will still have a great advantage of buying the basic hair skill ;-)

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