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Max Abshire
Max Abshire

Dec-29-2009 20:15

I'm sorry if this question is answered some place obvious but for some reason I just can't find it!

Can anyone tell me if there is a way to make Italics when you're writing a Featured Mystery? Also, if you can, could you please tell me if you need to add the "quotation marks" when you're asking a suspect a question or does the website do it for you?

Thanks in advance for your time!



Jan-1-2010 23:03

Every crime has a victim, even if it's a non-violent crime. Some guy broke into my house while I was out, and stole my brand-new art deco statue. I wasn't even there, but I'm still the victim. (And no, this didn't actually happen.)

If someone gets kidnapped, they are the victim. If someone is robbed, they are the victim. And yes, the victim CAN be a suspect, just make sure you add them to the suspect list. They can even be the client, and/or the perpetrator.

As far as your question regarding using quotation marks in the questions -- use them in the answers ONLY. Not only does the system add the quotation marks to the questions for you, but if you actually use them, they will cause a bug wherein the question will not show up in editing mode. Hence, if there is a typo, or if you wish to change it, it cannot be accessed and must be re-typed.

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Jan-2-2010 05:56

Wow, i didn't even know about the bug caused by putting quotation marks to the question, thanks Anikka for letting us know.

Max, once an effect is unlocked, it will not reappear if it is triggered again, so you don't have to worry about it.

I did come across a somewhat opposite problem once. I tried to make a "choose either A or B" situation. (Once the player pick one, he should not be able to pick the other option.) I was trying different ways to do it; thanks to the editors they helped me make it work. So, whatever you try to do, don't worry and ask. There's always a solution somehow.

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