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CONTEST: Holiday Corrupt-A-Wish Contest
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luc pfeiffer
luc pfeiffer

Dec-12-2009 22:56

Happy Holidays!!

The people of Wish On a Star would like to present the second of two contests we're sponsoring this year. We hope everyone has some fun with this one.

One of our favorite of the games among the Wish zoo is Corrupt A Wish (pun sorta deliberately intended ;-). We'd like to see what you all can create for wishes, and decide how you'd go about solving them, holiday style.

The Premise

You need to imagine a wish, then come up with a way to corrupt it (unlike the regular game, YOU will be doing both roles for this contest). All entries MUST include a holiday theme of some kind, based on any holiday taking place between December 1 and January 31 (you must specify which holiday you're choosing, but we're not picky which one you use).

The Rules

The rules are very simple. All entries *MUST be no more than 2000 characters (ie--One post).* The more detailed and creative you make your wish and corruption, the better it will be received by the judges (ie--a three-line entry is going to hit the dustbin fairly fast. This is for honor, glory, and PRIZES, people.) Spelling, punctuation, and grammar, as always, are part of the judging criteria, so make sure that spell-check is your new bestest-best-friend (might wanna include a stocking stuffer for it too; it's had a hard year. ;-). No, it doesn't have to be set in the Noir-era necessarily (though that will probably earn you bonus points with the judges). And no, it doesn't have to be mystery- or Noir-themed for a plot (though again, if you do manage to work some element of that into your creation, all the better ;-). All entries *MUST be submitted by December 31, 2009 at 11:59PM (ie--server turnover).*

The judges and prizes will be announced once we've received all the entries (we don't wanna reveal Santa's secrets too early, now do we?? ;-)

An example of a holiday Corrupt-A-Wish follows.

Good luck, happy imagining, and...

Happy Holidays from all of us at Wish!!



Jan-30-2010 21:21

I'd like to thank you both, Sunniva and Irene, for your incredible patience. Unfortunately, due to Real Life issues, Wish was unable to close out these contests in a timely fashion, for which we apologise.

The first place winner for the Holiday Corrupt A Wish is Sunniva, who will receive $100,000 SleuthDollars.

Therefore, Irene is our runner-up, and the recipient of $50,000 SleuthDollars.

Congratulations to you both!!

Now, everyone please go enter Violet Parr's contest!!

Safety Officer

Jan-31-2010 14:46

Congrat's to you both.

Story Teller

Feb-2-2010 00:56

just so Violet Parr's comp doesn't get lost, I'm untricking this, but I'm sure it'll be on page 1 for a while.


Feb-4-2010 19:01

Wow! Thanks! I am very honored to have won this contest, thank you everyone!

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