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A riddle
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John Hale
John Hale
Yarn Weaver

Dec-8-2004 01:45

Hello all.
I'm fairly new to Sleuth and I thought I might share a little hobby of mine with you all. Here's something for that sad moment when the mysteries of the day are all done.

Thousands lay up gold within this house,
but no man made it.
Spears past counting guard this house,
but no man wards it.
What is it?



Nov-3-2005 03:00

ignore my last post...... i dindt know there was more then one page lol.... darn it! ANYWAY

Here on earth it is true, yesterday is always before today; but there is a place where yesterday always follows today. Where is that?

Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Nov-3-2005 04:49

In a dictionary.

Reginald mountjoy
Reginald mountjoy

Nov-6-2005 14:41

Everybody in the house of love?

(although if no man made love we'd all be rather tetchy).

Got it - a bee hive. the first answer's more poetic though.

here's one

A man comes to a fork in the road, in the middle of which stands a huge pillar on which is written the following.

The one road leads to hellfire
The other ends in eternal joy
your a prisoner to luck my friend
or fate's newest shiny toy

For there's no telling which to take.
which rolling path goes where?
You might as well turn back my friend
In quiet sad despair.

For you have not the wisdom
nor the sprightly mind and wit
to solve the problem now beheld
Nor discover its quirky trick

Each of these paths are guarded
By A brother of the lord
one always tells disgusting lies
One always keeps his word.

you have but a single question
you can ask it only once
you can ask only one of them
It is your only chance.

What is the question? (that is the question)

Can you find the door to freedom?
Will your choice lead you to Hell?
only your capacity for thought
and only time will tell.

Reginald mountjoy
Reginald mountjoy

Nov-6-2005 14:54

you must think I'm mad.

I too did not know there was more than one page and answered the first ridle. Humph.


Nov-6-2005 23:32

I already knew the answer, so I won't post it, but I have never heard that long version of it before; nice one!


Nov-7-2005 16:17

I'm not sure if i will be able to explain it, but you have to ask one of them what his brother would answer if you would ask him which way is good one... And they will both point the way to hellfire...So you have to choose another one

You have to travel by a river using a very small boat. There's a place for you and one animal. You have a dog,cat and a mice. But if you leave them without control the cat will eat mice, and the dog will eat cat. What should you do to get on the other side of the river with all of your animals??

Secret Shadow
Secret Shadow

Nov-7-2005 17:18

well, the slightly vile answer would be that if there is only space for one on your boat then the cat has to eat the mouse and the dog eat the cat, then you take the dog across and, well, er... strictly speaking...

otherwise, you bring the cat with you because the mouse eats nothing and the dog doesn't eat the mouse.

Secret Shadow
Secret Shadow

Nov-7-2005 18:05

ahhh...stupido, that doesn't work...thinks again...

Secret Shadow
Secret Shadow

Nov-7-2005 18:10

got it. The man takes the cat across the river, returns for the mouse, takes the mouse across the river, returns with the mouse. Leaves the mouse ashore and takes the dog across. Leaves the dog, comes back with the cat. Leaves the cat, comes back with the mouse. Drops off the mouse, goes back for the cat empty handed. Returns with the cat.

Secret Shadow
Secret Shadow

Nov-7-2005 18:13

i got confused writing that, now I look at it.

take cat across. Bring mouse across, take cat back. Take dog across, come back for cat. take cat across.

The first man dies in a haze of confused weariness.

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