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Is it possible to solve all cases?
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Nov-29-2009 23:25

Hi All,

Don't get confuse with my question, as all I want to know is that "Is it possible for a single player not in an agency and not subscribe to the game to be able to solve all cases?"

I'm really wondering about this matter for the last 2 weeks and noticed that in order to solve all the cases, I need to:

1) Subscribe
2) Join an agency where the agency members have all PE contacts and all WE contacts (in regardless to AVH)

So, my concern is, why is it so that a single player couldn't excel in this game? Hope I didn't confuse anyone with my question, I just want to know the answer before considering about resub.

Thanks in advance.


Bert Brown
Bert Brown

Feb-2-2010 10:32


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