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Would you visit me and help me?
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Nov-26-2009 13:54

Some time ago, a thread was posted: what can I do for Sleuth? - and I was thinking about it. At that time, when I told about what I thought I could do, I was told that my "developer team" dream was completely dead. And, perhaps it was, in the format that was availiable at that time?

As some of you might know, I am a programmer of heart. People have been frustrated with me because of this earlier, but I do hope we may put this behind us? I have never forced anything onto any of you. My offer have always been completely free, for those who actually want it.

Same is true this time. I have noticed that other web pages that support Sleuth go inactive, and want to do something about it. I am working on putting up a web site with what I hope will be inspirational to some of you. ( If you visit and find that you don't like it, then, please don't return. The site is only intended for those of you who actually do like it and would want to help me extend it. Not everyone.

It's MUCH undone at the moment, but I AM working to get something up. The site is intended to be a place for the part of the community that always wanted to help add and give back to this great game. I hope you will understand that it's no competitor to the original - rather the oposite. It's meant to be supportive. This is "my" development team idea put into action, and I do hope you will see it as my contribution to what I can do for Sleuth.

There is a LOT I CANNOT do for Sleuth, and that's why I would like to connect with people who want to help. Especially writing and collecting...

Those of you who want to help me, send me a PM.
Those of you who don't want to, please don't mind what I am doing.
Want to know what it's about? - read the idea page.
Not everything is nailed down yet, and I would be happy to get suggestions.

This is intended as a one-time-post. Want to get rid of it? - bring other threads into focus. ;-


Gopher to the Sleuth Gods

Dec-1-2009 07:30

Thanks Ben for clearing this up. Irene's ideas are excellent and is sure to be an asset to Noir.

And thanks Irene for all these new ideas which sound quite promising. I really look foreward to visiting your site and trying it out.


Dec-28-2009 06:01

This is a test post - to see if it's working to make posts from the extended site.

Current updates:
* A plan agreed with Ben, to allow login without giving your password
* The ability to create new items, as well as looking at those not yet approved.
* The ability to start registering missions (even though this needs more work)
* A small message board for site specific issues. (Other things, like Role Playing, please use the original, as we don't want to drain traffic from it).
* A prospect of a new location to travel to.
* A prospect for a dog shop in Shanghai

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