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The J.Harlequin Debacle: A RP Stage Short
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Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Nov-24-2009 20:42

(Everyone's a suspect!)

There was a quite noticeable scuff on the floor.

The creme de la creme of the world's crime-fighting society were at a formal dinner at her modest country residence that evening, and there was a scuff on the floor.

Molly Maltese sighed in tones of great irritation and wondered how she hadn't noticed the mark BEFORE all her guests had arrived. They were in the dining room now, chattering happily and dining on the delicious meal she had hired a cook specifically for. Many of her friends and associates were then, including some new faces. One new face in particular; a Mr. John Harlequin. He was a new politician in the area, determined to take on Joe Hollis for mayor. His past was basically unknown; his favorability extreme. Citizens either loved him or hated him.

Just as she had this thought, someone shrieked.

"He's choking!"

Raising a brow, she hurried from the parlor to look in. All the guests seated at the long table were either standing or sitting with shocked expressions; and John Harlequin was quite shockingly purple.

Even as she rushed into the room and neared him, Harlequin gave one final gasp and died. Silence descended as she grabbed his glass and sniffed at the rim delicately. She turned, and countless eyes bored into her.

"Alright, which one of you poisoned my guest?" she snarled.

Whispers and titters danced along the table, before a very familiar man stood. "We should call the police." he said.

Another raised a brow. "There's a room full of detectives here. I'm sure that's not necessary."

"It is when one of those detectives may be a murderer!"

"We can't send for the police anyway; can't you see its been snowing all this time? We can't go anywhere!" another shouted. Molly went to the window and looked out. Sure enough, snow blanketed everything in sight. The cars parked out front were completely obscured by white.

"Nobody is leaving! If you try, I'll shoot every last one of you!" Molly yelled, pulling out a pistol.


M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Nov-30-2009 21:04

"Okay fine," Marc said. "Dont' worry about any staff." He turned to face everyone else. "Go get any jacket or coat you have brought with you her to Molly's house."

Everyone complied and they brought in thier coats. To show that he wasn't the killer, Marc went and even got his jacket. One by one he took a small peice of thread from each jacket. After a while of looking at the threads and studying them. Marc found a match.

He walked up Charlie Cain. "Charlie? Is there any reason why this thread matches the same type of thread found from your coat?" He asked.

Charlie opened his mouth to speak but Marc interrupted him, "Better yet, did you kill Vulkie?" Marc asked.

Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Nov-30-2009 22:30

Molly's eyes bulged in rage as Marc seemingly deliberately defied her orders and ordered everyone to run around the house. Why, they could destroy or hide evidence easily!

"You may have detecting skills, Marc, but I'm starting to wonder if your sense of logic isn't long gone." Molly ground out through gritted teeth, furious that he had dismissed her instructions as if she were some common senseless oaf. By the by, she followed just behind Joseph, watching him out of the corner of her eye to get her coat. It was the only one she had, an expensive emerald-green wool.

Charlie Cain
Charlie Cain

Dec-1-2009 00:46

" Actually Marc there is a great reason why that thread matches my coat. See if you would have paid attention you would have noticed Vulkie had barrowed my coat this morning because she was alittle cold." Charlie replied.

"I've been with you all the whole time how could I have gotten away to kill Vulkie...and why would I want too? Vulkie has always been a friend of mine. You on the other hand have a motive for killing her and maybe you are trying to frame me." Charlie accused getting angry at the mear notion that he could kill anyone in cold blood.

"Well Marc what do you have to say?" Charlie asked balling his fists....

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Dec-1-2009 10:07

Hearing Molly conclude that the murderer could possibly be one of the six ((Oceanic 6 ! :P )), Zeo induced, "Vulkie was killed during the time we returned to each our room while I was analyzing the handwriting. I for one was alone, but it would take me the entire 30 minutes to do the analysis, so it couldn't be me." Zeo shifted nervously, "Can we find out what each of us did during the 30 minutes break? That might help us determine who the killer is."

After a little thought, Zeo continued, "And Elizabeth is right. We need to know each person's possible motive for killing Harlequin. Earlier last night I was thinking about doing more research, but given that we're all stuck in here, I guess we just have to be honest with each other. Harlequin was against the development of the crime fighting units. I'm sure he's in it with certain fractions to prevent the cops to become too strong In a way, he is a big pain in the neck for those of us working in law enforcement. Also, I think you'd like to know that he once dated my sister, but that was long ago."

Zeo can see that Marc was onto Charlie and vice versa, Elizabeth seemed quite suspicious with her gloves and all (yes, he spotted Elizabeth with the gloves), Heimlich was keeping himself in the background but was leaving evidences here and there (fingerprint etc), while himself find logically Molly to be the most likely suspect. "Now, shall we have each of our alibi and motive?" Zeo inquired.

Charlie Cain
Charlie Cain

Dec-1-2009 12:42

" Well I went to my room and thoughtout this situation. Trying to see if I could find the missing link in this case." Charlie said. " Heim was there."

" And a motive?" Zeo asked.

" Well my motive would have been revenge." Charlie stated to the thin detective.

" See I always believed Harlequin was in on the set up that cost me everything. Only I could never find a link to him."

" Did I want him better believe I did. But would I kill him? No, I want those responsible to rot in jail." Charlie said running his hand over his face.

M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Dec-1-2009 15:07

"An alibi...I was in the dining room. Heim, Elizabeth, and Charlie went up stairs. I stayed behind. They all went upstairs. Everyone down stairs heard Vulkie's muffled scream and I suggested that they were all just playing around." Marc stated, "I can give a motive for the death of Vulkie and Harlequin. Both would be for revenge. I lost all my liking for Vulkie when she turned her back on me and sold me out to the Mafia. I almost died because of what she did (See Disillusioned Detectives)! As for Harlequin, I never liked him. He was corrupt. I'd seen him woking with the mafia. That's why he hated the crime fighters. Officers were arresting mobsters left and right and Harlequin was losing money. That's why he hated police officers. You see, I didn't kill either one of them. Poisoning someone is just cruel enough. But if it was me, I would have shot him in the face."

Everyone looked at Marc as though he was crazy.

Marc opend his mouth to speak but froze for a slight second, "Look...this case is getting to me just as much as it is to anyone else. Two people are dead in just a matter of 24 hours. Charlie, I apologize for pointing my finger at you and Molly I apologize for defying your order for pairing up."

Charlie unclenched his fist.

Some spoke up.

Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Dec-1-2009 15:52

Molly nodded, and her eyes sought Joseph once more. She had seen the way his eyes had automatically flickered to her. He must genuinely think she had murdered the unfortunate two.

"The truth is I don't have a credible alibi." she said, getting right to the point. "I was wandering about the downstairs. Its something I do when I have to think."

"As to Harlequin, you know from the picture that at one point in our lives we were quite friendly. He broke things off with me, to skip up to some dolled-up mobster moll. I suppose that's more than enough reason to poison him."

She sighed. "Let's hear everyone's alibis and then go take some time to cool off. Like Marc said, its all getting to us. We're losing perspective.We all know to be on the alert now."

She stayed to hear what the others had to say, and then headed down to her library. It was one of the biggest rooms in the house, and filled with old antique books.

She lit a cigarette and cast a glance at the door. She had neglected to close it all the way, but she didn't think anyone would make their way to this part of the house unless they were looking for her specifically.

M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Dec-2-2009 20:26

Marc walked outside to get some fresh air. It was cold. The snow had stopped falling, leaving a blanket that covered the ground and everyone's cars. He pulled out his pipe, filled it with tobacco and lit it. He began puffing on his pipe thinking about this case. He began to go over the case files in his mind. Everyone seemed to have a valid alibi.

Molly's staff didn't have anything to do with the murder's of Harlequin or Vulkie. The same person who killed Harlequin killed Vulkie. Vulkie had to have known who did it. That's why she was killed. Charlie's alibi was that he was in his room. That was very plausible. Elizabeth didn't do it. And neither did Molly. Marc had doubts about Joseph. He also doubted Heimlich doing such a thing. Charlie said that Heimlich was with him in the room. But what if Heimlich had snuck out when Charlie's back was turned.

That was possible, wasn't it? "No," Marc thought to himself, "It can't be. He would never do something like that."

Marc put out his pipe, dumping the tobacco out. It fluttered away in the wind scattering bits all over the snow in every direction. As he stood up, something sharp hit him in the back of the head. It wasn't a knife stabbing him. No. It was a club hitting him in the back of the head.

Without knowing what hit him, Marc fell to the ground unconscious.

Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Dec-2-2009 21:29

Molly paced restlessly, jumping at every slight sound. She was afraid, no use in denying it.

With a gusty sigh, she crossed to the window and opened it, letting some cold air in to air out the stuffy room. She stood there for a moment, breathing in deeply, her thoughts turning to Vulkie. She had died, probably because she had known too much. Had she confronted the killer? No doubt about it, she was murdered because the killer had decided she knew too much.

Suddenly she noticed a dark shape in the parking lot. It was too far away to make out anything clearly, but as the form lifted a pipe to his mouth, she figured it was probably Marc. He was always smoking that pipe.

She was about to turn away when she noticed another dark shape stealthily sneaking over the snow, an object raised. Was it the killer?

"Marc!" she shrieked, intending to warn him before it was too late, but he had already fallen under a blow. She hung half out of the window for a moment, and a feeling of dread prickled her skin and made her hair stand on end.

Slowly, the dark form turned to look towards the library in the distance, and the small but easily recognizable woman leaning out of its window. The flame-red hair gave it away.

Molly gasped, and ducked inside, heart pounding. No doubt about it, she had seen the killer.

And the killer had seen her.

Charlie Cain
Charlie Cain

Dec-3-2009 03:16

Charlie sat next to the liquor cabinat drinking from a glass full of scotch and smoking a cigarette. Alot had transpired in the last few hours. And Charlie had lost a friend.

" Who could be the killer." He asked himself.

It was very apparent to Charlie that he hadnt been very helpful since this whole mess started. Shaking his head disappointed in himself he stood up and headed up to Vulkie's room. It was time to start looking around.

***Vulkie's Room***

Everything had been left undisturbed since everyone's last visit. Charlie started searching the room in his customary to bottom. As he finished his search...which came up empty, he sat on the bed in the room.

Then like a freight train it hit him..."Vulkie was comfortable around her killer. She trusted who ever it was and that meant she knew them quite well. Marc wasnt a suspect...he and Vulkie werent good friends. Molly and Vulkie didnt get along to begin with...Vulkie didnt know Elizabeth well enough to let her guard down around her. That only left three people." Charlie thought.

" Myself, Heim, and Joseph Zeo." Charlie hissed. " And I know I didnt do it." he said walking out the door.

Just then he heard what sounded like a yell coming from somewhere in the house...but where. " Oh if only I'd have let Molly give me that tour." Charlie thought.

He headed downstairs then turned in the direction he thought it came from. He followed a hallway towards two giant oak doors. Charlie turned the knob and the door slowly opened...

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