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The J.Harlequin Debacle: A RP Stage Short
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Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Nov-24-2009 20:42

(Everyone's a suspect!)

There was a quite noticeable scuff on the floor.

The creme de la creme of the world's crime-fighting society were at a formal dinner at her modest country residence that evening, and there was a scuff on the floor.

Molly Maltese sighed in tones of great irritation and wondered how she hadn't noticed the mark BEFORE all her guests had arrived. They were in the dining room now, chattering happily and dining on the delicious meal she had hired a cook specifically for. Many of her friends and associates were then, including some new faces. One new face in particular; a Mr. John Harlequin. He was a new politician in the area, determined to take on Joe Hollis for mayor. His past was basically unknown; his favorability extreme. Citizens either loved him or hated him.

Just as she had this thought, someone shrieked.

"He's choking!"

Raising a brow, she hurried from the parlor to look in. All the guests seated at the long table were either standing or sitting with shocked expressions; and John Harlequin was quite shockingly purple.

Even as she rushed into the room and neared him, Harlequin gave one final gasp and died. Silence descended as she grabbed his glass and sniffed at the rim delicately. She turned, and countless eyes bored into her.

"Alright, which one of you poisoned my guest?" she snarled.

Whispers and titters danced along the table, before a very familiar man stood. "We should call the police." he said.

Another raised a brow. "There's a room full of detectives here. I'm sure that's not necessary."

"It is when one of those detectives may be a murderer!"

"We can't send for the police anyway; can't you see its been snowing all this time? We can't go anywhere!" another shouted. Molly went to the window and looked out. Sure enough, snow blanketed everything in sight. The cars parked out front were completely obscured by white.

"Nobody is leaving! If you try, I'll shoot every last one of you!" Molly yelled, pulling out a pistol.


M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Nov-26-2009 19:52

As Molly and Zeo walked away for the night, everyone stood around discussing the murder. Marc decided to go into the kitchen and dinning area to look for anything that might give them a lead.

He slowly pushed open the door that lead into the kitchen and dinning area where he began looking. He'd worked on cases over the years in which people had been poisoned and killed. The only difference in this and those was that he was a suspect.

He scaned the floor under the table and chairs. He went into the kitchen and began looking for any type of vile or bottle that may have contained the rat poison. After searching for a mere fifteen minutes, he thought about giving up when something caught his eye.

Marc bent down and put on a glove, careful not to contaminate it, he picked up the small bottle that lay next the trash can.

"Where did you come from?" he thought to himself as he began to stand up holding the bottle.

Just as he began examining the bottle, which may have contained the poison, he was startled when someone walked in behind him.

Marc didn't turn around to see who it was. But the voice of the person told him who it was.

"What are you doing in here?" Asked the voice.

Elizabeth March
Elizabeth March
Sleuth About Town

Nov-26-2009 22:51

"Actually, no, I haven't.", she stated, shaking her head.

"I can think of a few good gentleman I can share a room with, but I must be sure. Being killed is not a good way to spend the night with a handsome man."

With these words, she wished Molly a good night and went upstairs, leaving her purse in the room with two beds. She removed her shoes and socks and went back downstairs, remembering she had left her gloves there.

As she was ready to go back up, she heard a sound in the kitchen and walked into it, seeing Marc examining something.

"What are you doing in here? I thought everyone was paired up and in their rooms." , she thought for a moment. "Would you like to share a bedroom?"

The woman blushed vividly.

"There are two single beds...", she explained, her gaze falling on Marc's hand.

"What have you found, Mr. Lacrimosa?", she asked, being more formal than she usually was with Marc.

Charlie Cain
Charlie Cain

Nov-27-2009 00:52

" A clue. I think I've just found a clue." Marc replied.

" And yes I accept your offer to share a room for the night." He said turning around to face Elizabeth.

" But first lets go talk to Molly and Zeo." Marc said heading to Molly's room.


" Charlie old boy whats say you and I share a room for the night?" Heim asked. " I mean after all we have both already become prime suspects. I doubt anyone else would have us as room mates." Heim asked with a bit of humor in his voice.

" Heim you read my mind." Charlie replied.

The two detectives chose the room closest to Molly's...for some reason they both felt that she needed protecting. They had just settled down and were conversating on the nights events.

" So tell me Heim which way your suspicions point?" Charlie asked removing his shoulder holster and placing his pistol on the night stand next to his cot.

Just then they heard knocking out in the hall...Heim cracked open the door. He saw Marc and Elizabeth knock on Molly's door then the door opened and the two headed inside.

" Charlie I just saw Marc and Elizabeth go in Molly's room. It seemed rather urgent." Heim said.

" What? Why are they out walking around everyone is supposed to be in their rooms now." replied Charlie.

" I think we need to find out whats going on." Charlie said as he stoop up and replaced his pistol and shoulder holster.

" I d@mn sure hate being left in the dark." He said as he walked towards the door.

" Wait up. I'm coming too." Heim said falling in step behind Charlie.

***Molly's Room***

"What are you two doing?" Molly asked not even trying to hide her suspiciousness.

" We, well really Marc found something." Elizabeth replied.

" I went to the kitchen when everyone was headed up stairs. I found this by the trash bin." Marc said holding up a small bottle.

Zeo was in front of him at once. " Let me see that." Zeo commanded. (Cont.)

Charlie Cain
Charlie Cain

Nov-27-2009 01:08

He took the bottle from Marc touching only the edges with his bare fingers. He didnt want his fingerprints contaminating the evidence.

***3 minutes later***

The door came open. All four detectives in the room turned facing the door. Each one drawing a fire arm and leveling it at the door. Only to see Charlie and Heim standing there.

" What do you think your doing!" Molly yelled.

" Um sorry. I...We thought that something was going on and since we are both prime suspects. Well we figured we were intitled to any breaking news." Charlie said.

" Now if you would please lower your weapons." Heim said " I hate having those things pointed at me."

Everyone in the room re-holstered their pistol.

"Molly where did you draw that from? Your in a robe." Charlie asked with a smirk on his face.

" Your just lucky I dont shoot you anyways pal. And I've told you before I care weapons in places you dont want to know about." She replied. ( see Reformed Burglar RP)

After all the commotion settled down Zeo filled in Charlie and Heim on the latest development.

"Marc you dont have any witnesses that saw you discover that?" Charlie asked.

Before Marc could reply " Thats going not going to go well, who ever the killer is can use that and say they were framed that you planted that evidence."

" I know you wouldnt do that. But not everyone here knows you like those of us in this room know you." Charlie said.

Marc replied....

M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Nov-27-2009 08:38

"If the killer says they were framed, then why on earth would I be here trying to show Elizabeth what I've found. See, I'm using gloves, trying not to contaminate this for, it can have finger prints." Marc said, "Zeo is risking it by not using gloves."

"What were you doing in the kitchen alone?" Heimlich asked with cuiosity.

"Funny that you should ask, Heimlich," Marc replied, "I was in there looking for clues. Harlequin was killed with rat poison and this little bottle, may have been used to carry the poison."

A silence filled the room.

"Look, I want to get some sleep." Molly said, "And I'm sure that Mr. Zeo does too. So here's what's going to happen. We are all going to go to bed, and tomorrow morning, we'll discuss this."

"I agree," Joseph said. He handed Marc the bottle back, and Marc took it with his gloved hand.

The four detectives went to their rooms. Elizabeth fell asleep almost instantly but Marc lay awake. He couldn't help but wonder, who had the rat poison. And why rat poison?

He walked up to the desk in the room quietly and sat down. Careful not to wake up Elizabeth, he turned on the desk lamp and pulled out his finger print dusting kit. He began to look for finger prints.

After a minute or so, he got one. A full finger print on the middle of the bottle. Not just one finger print, but two which appeared to be an index finger and a thumb print. Marc pulled out some tape and carefully removed the finger prints from the bottle, preserving the prints on the tape.

He shut the light off and went to sleep.

**The next morning, everyone had breakfast. Marc had never seen so many paranoid looks among so many faces. Everyone afraid they were next to get killed with rat poison.

Even Marc himself, was slightly scared.

After everyone was showered and cleaned, they all met in the study room.

"Last night," Marc said, "A few of you know that I found this bottle in the kitchen by the trash bin. (Contin..)

M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Nov-27-2009 08:42

I found two prints. An index finger print, and a thumb print."

"How do we know they're not yours?" Vulkie asked.

"Good question. You see, unlike some detectives, I use gloves when handling evidence. I know not to contaminate it."

"How do we know you're not the killer?" Someone else asked.

"Because," Marc replied, "Not once, have I gone into the kitchen yesterday except to dine with my fellow detective friends. And, I was sitting five seats away. Count them. 1 2 3 4 5. Don't you think that's a little hard to poison someone's drink sitting that far away?"

Molly then opened her mouth to talk.

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Nov-27-2009 10:27

"There were so many of us moving about last night, and no one expected any poisoning to take place. How could we be sure that you didn't slip into the kitchen when we're not looking?" Molly challenged.

"I think the best way to answer that" Zeo interrupted, "is to let me try matching those prints." Marc gave Zeo the prints and again he stayed in a corner to work his magic while everyone were having breakfast and discussed quietly amongst themselves who the killer could be.

**30 minutes later**

"Good God!" Zeo exclaimed.

"What's the matter?"Molly asked, "Have you got a match?"

Zeo nodded nervously. "I didn't want to make any mistake here. We are talking about charging someone with murder..."

"Quit stalling, tell us, to whom does those prints on the rat poison bottle match to?" Someone exclaimed.

Zeo looked upset with the interruption, but he continued, "After I think I got a match, I double checked it with that third set of prints from the Bourbon bottle. There is no mistake, the fingerprint from both the rat poison and Bourbon bottle belongs to the same person. It's Molly's maid, Elsie." Zeo concluded.

Everyone gasped. Someone yelled that he knew it was her all along. Molly began to call for the cook to find out where Elsie was, and then they all realized she had not showed up all morning. The lady of the house then quickly headed for the maid's quarter, followed by several eager detectives.

Molly didn't bother to knock. She simply pushed open the door and entered Elsie's room. The curtains were drawn and it was very dark inside, but the detectives could sense that something was wrong. A dark shadow was hanging in the middle of the room. Someone turned the light on.

It was Elsie. With her eyes bulged out from her socket, and her lifeless body already turning blue, the maid was hung by a rope from the ceiling beam and a chair had fallen sideways on the ground. It appeared that she had committed suicide... or had she?


Nov-27-2009 11:31

"This smells like a set-up" Vulkie said and Joseph nodded. "This ain't usual. Let me see her finger nails,to see if she "scratched" at something,like the rope. Victims of suicide usually do that" Joseph said and he pulled a magnifying glass out.

"Hmm,interesting.." Joseph murmered and Heim began to sweat. "What's wrong old boy? Isn't this a suicide?" Heimlich asked.

"It's not a suicide. You see,there are no "marks" of rope thread at her fingernails. The only conclusion I can make,is that Elsie was "strangled" before she was "hung" up." Joseph said and everyone gasped.

"That's sick!" Charlie said and Heim nodded. "But it needed to look like a suicide,my boy. But we're detectives,not fools!" Heim said and everyone nodded.

"Let me look for some clues..." Joseph said and he began to search the room. "From what I found,this is the most important. A threatening note. "I know what you're up to. Coorperate or be killed!" it says" Joseph said.

"People,everyone,write something down. Joseph'll analyze it and make a match..." Molly said and everyone scribbled something on the note,even the cook.

"Give me 30 minutes to make sure" Joseph said and everyone left for their room. Vulkie grudgedly went in her room,with a special guest of Molly's.

"Don't even think you can touch me.." Vulkie murmered and the guest grunted. "As if I wanted to.." he murmered and Vulkie ignored him.

***30 minutes later***

Three knocks on the door,Molly standing at the other side. "Meet us in the dining room. Joseph has analyzed the note.." Molly said and she shook her head. "I can't believe it who did this..." Molly said and she went away,to the other people.

****The dining room***

"Please calm down everyone!" Joseph said and everyone went silent. "Right,the person who wrote this note is no other than..." Joseph began...

Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Nov-27-2009 11:57

(someone wants to wrap this rp up right quick. -.-)

Molly stood off to the side, at least seven shades of angry, worried, thoroughly irritated and quite saddened. Something just seemed so wrong about Elsie having any involvement at all, and now the poor girl was dead! And she had this suspicion she could not quite rid herself of. After everyone had burst into her room last night, guns drawn, with her wearing nothing but a robe and a very shocked expression, she had been too wired to go to sleep. And she had wanted to speak to Joseph, but after the bottle was found the opportunity never presented itself. Morning had come too quickly!

But she had slept lightly, opening her eyes at even the slightest of noises. And last night, she had definitely heard a noise, one that sounded like the door opening. At first she had lost all her detectives iron nerve and froze, afraid the killer would be hovering over her in a moment, but when she finally dared a peek, the door was closed, but Zeo was gone.

"Just a moment." Molly said quietly, and she took Zeo by the arm. "I want to ask him just one question, everyone. I know you're dying for results but it will only take a minute."

She led him by the arm to the study and closed the door behind her. Whirling, she crossed her arms and faced him.

"Where did you go last night?" she asked. "After everyone had returned to their rooms. You left, I heard you. Where did you go?"

Something like unease prickled over the back of her neck. Was she just being unnecessarily suspicious?

M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Nov-27-2009 13:24

"I'm going to look in the spot where Elsie was killed for more clues," Marc said, "I know there has to be more than just a note. Who's going to go with me?"

"I will," Elizabeth said. And the two of them left the room leaving Vulkie, Charlie, and Heimlich behind. Whether or not they were going to go was up to them.

Marc and Elizabeth entered the room where she was found. The began searching with concentration, neither one of them talking. On the flool about two feet away where the body was found was a thin strand of hair.

"Elizabeth, I've found something," Marc called out. Elizabeth rushed over to him. "What is it?" she asked.

"A hair," Marc said, "From someone with......curly hair. Long, curly hair." He said slowly.

"Let's go find Molly and tell her what was found." Elizabeth replied.

The two detectives left the room to find Molly and Joseph to show them what was found.

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