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A Question on Factions
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Miss King
Miss King

Nov-20-2009 04:56

I haven't seen this specific question answered elsewhere and so I shall pose it here and now. In the opinion of my fellow investigators, private and 'not-so-private', is it worth it to quit a case to avoid faction penalty? I would feel just dreadful about leaving a puzzle unsolved just to curry favor with some clandestine organization, but we do what we must, don't we?


Gopher to the Sleuth Gods

Nov-20-2009 08:38

There are a few reasons where quitting cases to gain favor with a particular faction becomes important. This is what points give you.

1 point: You can now visit a faction, do Little Jobs for them and buy equipment from them.

5 points: You get a small discount when buying equipment from the faction.

10 points: If you are in an agency, you can now purchase information to start a treasure hunt. You also get an extra discount when buying equipment from the faction.

20 points: You receive a further discount when buying equipment from the faction.

25 points: If you have enough skill points, you can now learn the faction's special skill. This is important if you wish to have all the skills available.

30 points: You will now get the highest discount on items. Some of these items are really great.

Then if you continue raising your favor points each day by doing the Little Job questions you might become the leading agent for that faction for that day. This means you get a certain perk which I can't mention because it would be considered a spoiler.

So what it really boils down to is what exactly you wish to do :-)

Tireless Tiger

Nov-20-2009 09:55

One thing that I have always done when in the home city and a faction case came up, Instead of solving it, I would file in in our agency case files so that soeone else in the agency could benefit from it.

Battered Shoe

Nov-20-2009 23:04

Exactly...pass it or exchange it with one of yr teammates

Miss King
Miss King

Nov-21-2009 01:48

Thank you, your collective input has been most enlightening.

Encyclopedia Zero
Encyclopedia Zero

Nov-21-2009 02:57

And as usual everyone keeps forgetting that at 15 points you unlock the option of buying the particular theme of that faction. Also at 15 points you get an extra discount in the faction store.


Nov-21-2009 03:16

xD. Well observed Ency. Well observed ^^

Pinball Amateur

Nov-22-2009 17:37

There is one particular thing that noone's said here....

In favors, the factions also come up. (and unfortunately, you can't hand those off to a colleague. Believe me, I've tried. ;-)

If you solve the case, the positive faction stays where it is (+0). The negative faction goes down one point (-1).

If, for whatever reason, you QUIT the case:

The positive faction goes down one point (-1).
The NEGATIVE faction goes UP one point (+1).

That may be significant if you're chasing after a particular faction skill, or a faction title. Please keep it in mind.

And yes, that whole screwy thing has been in place for several years now. Sorry. ;-)


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