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Reformed burglars never rest
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Elizabeth March
Elizabeth March
Sleuth About Town

Nov-7-2009 22:10

"Brr... I'm cold."

Those were the first words that came out of Elizabeth March's mouth as she entered the hall of the well located house in London. Luckily, the place was warm and cozy.

Empty, too. She wondered were all the servants were.

Well, they'd show up, eventually. She could bet they were in the kitchen, talking and playing cards. She didn't mind. They deserved their rest and some fun.

With that in mind, she moved to the living room, dragged a chair near the fireplace and sat there, just staring at the roaring fire.

Much was in her mind. Her past life as a burglar still haunted her. All the wrong things she had done still lived in her nightmares. The woman let out a tired sigh. All that was in the past now.

She had a new life. An agency. Friends. A new name.

Yes. A new life.

It could be a better one, if she didn't have to carefully hide her past from everyone. She had to mind every word that came out of her mind. Every letter she received. Every phone call...


Damn phone.

She sighed and got up, reluctantly.


"Miss Elizabeth March?"

"Yes. Who's there?"

"Just a friend who wants you to know that dreams may shatter like glass..."

"What, what do you..."

He had hung up, and so did she.

She was still standing by the phone, trembling, when she heard the footsteps. She didn't turn around. It was probably just one of the servants. Yes, it was Gerald, her butler.

He had asked something whose meaning she couldn't reach. Maybe how she was.

"Sorry, Gerald. I'm fine. I was talking on the phone, and felt slightly light-headed."

She forced a smile to the man. He smiled back.

"Maybe you should take a bath and rest, ma'am.", the man suggested, carefully.

"Not now. I've got a phone call to make. After that, I'll do what you say."

She watched as the man left the room and picked the phone back up. She dialed a number, hoping the person on the other side was home. (...)


M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Nov-24-2009 19:48

Marc went to the funeral the next morning after getting paid from Elizabeth. Not only did he go, everyone else went too. When Molly saw them her eyes lit up a little bit. Pierce Evans Malone. He was a good man. Although Marc never knew him but only for a short time, he felt as though Pierce's death was his fault.

A tear came to his eye and he wiped it away. "How could I have let them go out alone like that?" He thought to himself. But, everything happened for a reason. Jack Billings had killed Pierce for reasons unknown to Marc.

Elizabeth approached Molly and took her hand. Marc didn't hear what was said but he knew that it was comforting.

He grieved for Pierce and Molly. God only knew what she was going through. After the funeral service he approached Molly.

"Molly, I-" He paused for a moment. He tried to search for the right words to say. "I'm sorry for what happened to Pierce. He was a good man. I know he was. If you need ANYTHING, you know how to reach me."

And with that, he turned and headed for the exit of the cemetary. As he walked toward the gate, another tear came to his eye. The death of a detective. It just tore him up on the inside. He couldn't help but blame himself. Molly had told him not to concern himself with this. He let them go after Jack alone. He wiped the tear from his eye. He reached the end of the gate and turned back around and saw the others comforting Molly for her loss.

Marc reached into his pocket and pulled out a cigar and lit it. He walked out onto the sidewalk and sat down where he slowly smoked his cigar.

Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Nov-24-2009 20:04

Molly squeezed Elizabeth's hand back and the modest service began. She was genuinely happy to see everyone there. It touched her heart to know that even if they hadn't known him personally, they respected the sacrifice he had made and come to support her.

Afterwards, Marc came up to her and said, "Molly, I-I'm sorry for what happened to Pierce. He was a good man. I know he was. If you need ANYTHING, you know how to reach me."

He then strode off, and Molly cocked her head slightly, for she had seen the evidence of fresh tears in the poor mans eyes. Everyone offered her a few more words of comfort, but she smiled and said, "I'll be back in just a moment."

Marc had taken a seat on the sidewalk, and she followed him, delicately kneeling beside him. She straightened her skirt meticulously with her good hand as she spoke.

"Marc, I can't help thinking that you feel a measure of...responsibility in Pierce's death. I just wanted you to know that you aren't to blame. Pierce was a friend, but he was my bodyguard, and he swore an oath. He died protecting me and my daughter, fully aware of the danger of what he was up against. I am sad to have lost him, but he went in the best way possible, standing up for something he believed in." Molly's words were soft, but her eye shone with peace. "He wouldn't have it any other way."

She stood, and squeezed his shoulder. "I just thought you should know that."

She then walked off, leaving Marc with his thoughts. She saw the others grouped in a loose semi-circle around the grave, but at the last moment changed directions and took a seat on a bench a little ways off. She sat there, thinking about Pierce and where she should go from here, when after a moment a shadow fell over her...

M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Nov-24-2009 20:36

Marc put out his cigar and thought about what Molly had told him. Pierce did die protecting her, yes. But it just didn't feel right to him. He got back up and followed her back into the cemetary. To his surprise she sat down on a bench. He went up behind her and his shadow fell over her.

He sat down next to her. He didn't look at her for a moment.
"Molly...Pierce died protecting you. That makes him a good man. You were right when you said that you couldn't help feel a measure of responsibility in his death. I do feel responsible. I shoudn't have let you two go after Jack alone."

They sat for a moment quietly. "Marc," Molly said," It wasn't your fault. Don't blame yourself. Things like this happen and there's nothing we can do to stop them. Pierce died protecting me. I told you before, Marc. Pierce swore an oath. He died doing what he swore to do. So don't blame your self."

Marc nodded and smiled. He knew that Molly was right. Pierce died standing up for justice. In Marc's eyes, Pierce Malone was a true hero and he deserved to have hero's burial.

"Molly," Marc said. "It was great working with you again. Like I said a minute ago, If you need ANYTHING, you know where to reach me."

He stood up and shook her hand. He was skeptical about giving her a hug because of her shoulder. He knew that if Molly needed anything from him, she would call him or reach him somehow. Marc pulled out a cigarette and lit it, inhaling deeply. He exited the cemetary and made his way back to his appartment.

Elizabeth March
Elizabeth March
Sleuth About Town

Nov-24-2009 20:57

Elizabeth waited for Molly to return to the small group by Pierce's grave. As she didn't, the reformed burglar bowed and placed the rose there, before bidding her farewell to the detectives.

"Thank you for everyting. If you should ever need me...", she handed each of them a card.

"I'm no longer a burglar, but the skills are here."

She showed a faint smile and headed for the exit, waving goodbye to Marc and Molly as she walked past them.

She could feel this wasn't the last time they met...
(And that was my final post)

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Nov-24-2009 22:15

Holding Elizabeth's card and seeing that many have left, Zeo finally approached the lady with the firey copper hair.

"My condolences." The thin directive simply said. Molly thanked him. Zeo was a man with few words when it came to personal matters. He quickly moved onto the subject he intended to discuss. A little tactless but nevertheless genuine. "I believe your real name is Amelia de Maltesse?"

If Molly was surprised, her face did not show it at all. "We haven't been properly introduced. You can call me Molly Maltese, please." Molly held out a hand and Zeo shook it with gentle firmness.

"I am not sure how much you know about what I do, but I shall make it quick. I'm Joseph Zeo, an agent of the Bureau of Investigation. Beside Tim O'Leary whom I was assigned to investigate, there's quite a few underground society leaders we are currently monitoring."

Molly seemed to understand what Zeo was getting at, but the man continued to spell it out for her. "Ms... Maltese, I am sure you know about Hellfire club, and the man running the show. With the profuse injection of capital Billings had acquired from the 'death' of his ex-wife Amelia, the secret society was grown by leaps. He had lobbied quite a few politicians and even the bureau fears that their power will soon be beyond containment. "

"And you are telling me this because..." Molly probed.

"Information. Both of us may have it. I simply hope that we can keep one another posted. Please take this." Zeo handed Molly an empty match box. Molly flipped it over to find several phone numbers written on it, one in each prominent city. "You can find me via any of the phone numbers written here. I must transfer O'Leary back to New York soon, but if you do have any news on Billings, or need any, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me."

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Nov-24-2009 22:30

Molly was about to open her mouth to object, when Zeo added, "I understand you want to take down Billings yourself, but please understand that the monster have evolved, and his reach maybe too great for a lone detective to take down." Zeo eyed the solemn grave of Pierce's. Molly pressed her lips tightly together and nodded.

Zeo bid Molly farewell after another quick exchange of words. As he stepped away from the cemetery, he could not help but wonder the extent of the bitterness and sorrow the lady had experienced to give herself the name with the same meaning in Hebrew. Bitter she might be, but Zeo was in a way relieved to find more detectives fighting for justice. He took out the pack of Chesterfield from his breast pocket and pulled a cigarette out with his teeth. Lighting it, Zeo inhaled the nicotine deeply and wondered what kind of a world he would leave for his daughter.

((And that wa my final post as well. Great RPing guys. Thank you Elizabeth for starting this one up. See y'all in the next RP !

Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Nov-24-2009 22:50

Molly looked after Joseph and raised a brow.

One might accuse you of tactlessness, Mr. Zeo." she murmured aloud. "And I'm afraid I'd be loathe to send someone I hardly know information about the movements of someone attempting to kill me. I understand you're with the Bureau but in this line of work we can both agree that simply because one has a lofty title does not mean they can be trusted. I imagine we've caught plenty of compromised cops and politicians in our day. As you see before you, the involvement with me and my ex-husband has already cost a dear friend of mine his life. At whatever inconvenience it may be to you, I'm afraid I simply cannot place all my trust in you and whatever badges you may carry. I'm only trying to protect those I care about, something I've failed to do thus far."

She cast her eyes at the grave being filled in before her, and then pocketed the matchbook. Drawing her coat close around her, she exited the cemetery, nodding at the others as she past. Pierce's funeral was their unconventional parting. They would not meet until fate or more crime threw them together once more.

(And fin! Loved it guys, look forward to many more!)

Elizabeth March
Elizabeth March
Sleuth About Town

Nov-24-2009 23:08

(So do I. Whoever wishes for a "a certain time later", please pm me to discuss it.)
(Thank you all for playing along.)

Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Nov-24-2009 23:10

(not to advertise callously or anything, but the J. Harlequin short is something Marc and I were talking about, sort of like a hyped-up game of Clue. Feel free to join if you guys like, you're all obviously great rpers so it would be good fun. :D)

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Nov-25-2009 04:21

((already there LOL, and we were thinking about doing that too {a suggestion from our Survivor challenge #5 proposal} great that you guys are doing it. i am sure every one will enjoy it. Elizabeth, i'll sure PM you when i 'm freer. at the moment i'm moving...))

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