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CONTEST: write a Tutorial follow up
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Oct-10-2009 05:01

Hi :-)
As a newbie, one of the first screens you meet when you log in, is the case page, and there you may "play the tutorial" to learn about the game. I guess sevral of you have played it?

Now, when that tutorial is played through, there is still a lot more to the game, that one might not know. For myself, I can admit it took me a week or two until I found the message board... Lest understood how the PM system worked...

This contest is about writing a "tutorial 2", for a newbie to play when the first tutorial is played, and perhaps a few cases is tried, to learn more about the game, so that more of the fun will be opened up to the newbie. (oh, well, and the newbie perhaps will be inspired to stay?).

Prize: every contest needs a prize, and the main prize would of course be if Ben would put up the second tutorial on the case page.
Unfortunately, I am not able to force Ben to do so, so.... all I can give is gift subscriptions - unfortunately... What if the contest can run for a month, then we have a week of voting, where everyone may vote on what they think is the best suggestion, and the winner gets 3 months gift sub?
If your suggestion covers more than one post, please number them in a way that will make us understand they go together.


Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Nov-2-2009 18:06

Haha, sorry about that Irene, I just couldn't understand what you meant! Glad that's all worked out and such. :3

Heimlich VonVictor
Heimlich VonVictor

Nov-2-2009 18:21

Molly your entry was great! It had a lot of important things to know, and you shouldn't sell yourself short :)

Yours would be much more valuable to newbies who are learning the ropes than mine would, as mine is more focused in a specific area.


Nov-2-2009 23:33

What I meant with my offer to write it into the same format as the original tutorial, was that I have gathered enough skills in the technical part of this game, to understand how to produce the files that needs to be uploaded to make the tutorial live. It's still Ben's domain and will in the end that will decide if the tutorial will be put on Sleuth Noir's pages.
I am at the moment working on a Sleuth Noir supportive web site, and when it is brought somewhat more to life, I will put the tutorial up there, so that we might edit it together, making it the way you wanted it to be.

When it comes to the contest, I have been asked to clarify somewhat what I was after. Heimlich's entry showed sevral of the key points. A tutorial will consist of steps that the user will "walk" through and learn certain things during the way. It will also, most probably, contain guiding of the user what to do next.

What I hope will be in one of the entries are something helping the user to find and understand the message board (the testimonial thread?), try out the PM system, posting on the newbie message board, perhaps try out bar chat... - all theese things that will help tie the newbie to the community so that they won't feel lost here, and start building friends more quickly, bonding to the game.
Other things that might be tempting in a tutorial would be something more about agencies and all they miss by not subscribing, as well as guides to wisdom as Molly put in.

I hope you all are aware of the contest still running, and that there is (at least) one more winner to find. ;-) Good luck.


Nov-3-2009 09:49

If you feel stuck, one idea might be to create a new detective, and play through the tutorial, and perhaps do a couple of cases... trying to put yourself into the situation of a newbie. This is a potential future subscriber, but there must be some hooks that make him or her find it interesting.
Ask yourself some questions, and those questions might reveal what a tutorial follow up could contain.
* what do I do if I need help with something?
* is there more to the game than doing cases at the beginner level?
* are there other people around here?
* is there any community here, and how would they treat a newbie?
* what if someone thinks I am stupid?
* is there a way to more easily find those who will be positive to me?
* what do I do when people clam up?
* what happens if I quit a case?
* is there a catch if I answer no on the question of accusing someone?
* is there something I can do if I accuse the wrong one?
* what effect does the items in the detective shop have?


Nov-11-2009 12:12

It seems like the month have passed.
The amount of contestants make it very easy to find the winner, so it's no use of doing some judging. ;-)

Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest!

I'll send a 3 month gift sub to Molly Maltese, and then the contest is closed.

Hope you will enjoy the reward.

Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Nov-11-2009 12:31

Thanks, Irene, thats very generous of you! :)

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