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CONTEST: write a Tutorial follow up
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Oct-10-2009 05:01

Hi :-)
As a newbie, one of the first screens you meet when you log in, is the case page, and there you may "play the tutorial" to learn about the game. I guess sevral of you have played it?

Now, when that tutorial is played through, there is still a lot more to the game, that one might not know. For myself, I can admit it took me a week or two until I found the message board... Lest understood how the PM system worked...

This contest is about writing a "tutorial 2", for a newbie to play when the first tutorial is played, and perhaps a few cases is tried, to learn more about the game, so that more of the fun will be opened up to the newbie. (oh, well, and the newbie perhaps will be inspired to stay?).

Prize: every contest needs a prize, and the main prize would of course be if Ben would put up the second tutorial on the case page.
Unfortunately, I am not able to force Ben to do so, so.... all I can give is gift subscriptions - unfortunately... What if the contest can run for a month, then we have a week of voting, where everyone may vote on what they think is the best suggestion, and the winner gets 3 months gift sub?
If your suggestion covers more than one post, please number them in a way that will make us understand they go together.


Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Oct-26-2009 12:09

you’ll blow your wig! And make a point to hoof it on over to the Message Boards located in the City Hall. Here you’ll find an opportunity to introduce yourself, find an agency (subscribers only!!!) and even role-play with the crème de la crème of Sleuthville society. It’s keen!

Wise Guy Tip#3: What Your Ma Never Told You About Solving Cases
So you got your beadies on those hot numbers all the dames and gents in the know are equipped with, eh? You’re thinking to yourself, “man I look dingy compared to these guys, but I sure don’t know where to find such handsome hats and fine fabrics!” Well here’s a tip for you: after three cases you have the opportunity to ask the Townies if they need a favor. One of them will; so hoof it on over, solve the case and you’ll be rewarded with either an item or a contact. Take New York for example, as a detective you are allowed two contacts per city. One Physical Evidence contact (Tailor, Barber, Banker, Shoe Maker) and one Witness contact (Fortune Teller, Bartender, Music Teacher, Priest, Waitress, Butcher). These contacts answer any questions you pose to them without clamming up; something you’ll depend on when cases get harder! The items you earn will also be worth more as your favors increase in difficulty. It’s swell!

Wise Guy Tip #4: Your Parents Always Wanted You To Go Into Politics…
Well Sleuthville has some politics for you! There are six organizations, known as political factions that you will find scattered all over the world of sleuth. In New York for example, you will find the headquarters of the Order of Socrates in the City Hall, the headquarters of the Dies Arcanum Brotherhood in the church, and the Headquarters of La Cosa Nostra in the real estate agency. You can perform a little job for a faction one time a day, and it will affect your standing with the others so choose your allegiance wisely! The more points you earn with a faction (displayed on your detective page) the more access you have to discounted items, learning the factions Secret Skill and having access to treasure hunt

Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Oct-26-2009 12:10


Wise Guy #5 Don’t Quit Your Day Job, Prince Charming
When you first created your detective, you chose whether he was tough, smart, charming, or some combination thereof. The trick to becoming a good detective is to stick with what you know: if your detective is smart and charming, focus on learning the Smart and Charming skills with the skill points you earn! Check each item you equip too. If you get an item that gives you 2 Tough Points and 0 Smart or Charming points, you probably don’t want it. The suspects you interview are very sensitive to this, so it’s imperative you equip items and skills your God-given talents can back up. Good luck!

So, you’ve been given 5 tips to help you gain renown in the world of Sleuth. Follow these tips to the T, and you’ll be a proper Wise Guy in no time! See you around Sleuthville!


Oct-30-2009 14:06

Thank you for giving it a try...

You currently do for sure have the position of a true winner. :-)

Heimlich VonVictor
Heimlich VonVictor

Nov-1-2009 13:13

Here's my idea:

A scripted mystery tutorial. One of the big issues that new subscribers face is that they do not understand how scripted mysteries work, and are confused by trying to apply the rules of conventional mysteries to them.

It could start off with an abbreviated scripted mystery introduction which points out several key points:

Until We Meat Again-
The smell of fish hung heavily in the air. If you were to ask me about the morning that I was called to the Meatpacking District, that would be the first thing I would tell you.

I walked up to the door of Mickey's Meats and knocked. After a few seconds I heard a fumbling inside as the lock was undone, and a muscular young man stepped out. "Hello, my name is [DetectiveName] and I understand there's been a crime committed here?" I inquired.

The young man nodded, "Yes detective, please come in. My name is Dean Davis, and my boss has been murdered."

I followed him in and took note of the surroundings. All of the windows were locked from the inside and the shop looked absolutely pristine. "Dean," I inquired, "have you touched anything since you've gotten here?"

"No sir," he responded, "I simply opened the door this morning, found Mr. Miles, locked the door back up, and called you right away!"

I nodded, "Alright, which way is he?" I inquired as Mickey pointed towards the meat freezer.

Some things you should note here, all of the doors and windows were locked when the witness arrived, and there were no signs of forced entry. Now click on Crime Scene to take a look in the meat freezer.

Crime Scene:

I felt a chill sweep over me as we entered the meat freezer. Dean motioned toward the floor and I gasped as I took in the sight of a man crushed underneath a side of beef. There was no doubt about it, he was dead.

I ran forward and reached into his pockets. I found a set of keys, a note, and a roll of money. I unfolded the note and read it aloud:

Heimlich VonVictor
Heimlich VonVictor

Nov-1-2009 13:14

“You piece of garbage! You had better have my money when I get out or it’s curtains for you!”

Dean’s eyes widened in shock, “No!” he exclaimed, “You don’t think someone killed Mr. Miles over money? He had plenty of it! Just look at what you have there!”

I shook my head, “It looks that way Dean. Do these keys go to the store?” I asked.

Dean examined the keys for a minute before nodding, “Yes detective, these are the same keys that open the front door.”

“Any idea who might have done this?” I asked.

Dean thought for a minute, “Well there’s Spencer Sharp, he’s the night clerk and he’s always been a bit off. Then there’s Mr. Miles’ wife, Millie. She’s been wanting him to get out of this business for a while.”
At this point you should note that you have three new pieces of evidence: Money, keys, and a note. Notes function as they normally do, and we’ve already established why the keys were there, so that just leaves the money. Let’s talk to Spencer Sharp to see if he has any idea what’s going on.

Spencer Sharp:
Two options-
1. Where were you last night?
2. Did Mickey Miles have any money troubles?

Let’s ask him where he was last night-
Response- I was at work until about nine, then I went over to the bar to relax for a couple of hours.

Alright, seems to add up, but all we know right now is that Mickey Miles was killed between last night and this morning. Let’s check something else with him.

When was your last big order last night?
Response- Right before closing, the guy from Sami’s picked up a side of beef straight out of the freezer. I left straight after helping him load it into his truck.

Okay good! Now we have a full timeline of his night! Now let’s check what he knows about Mr. Miles.

Did Mickey Miles have any money troubles?
Response- Are you kidding me? That guy was rolling in it! He had more money than God!

Hmmm, something doesn’t seem right here. Let’s go check out Mr. Sharp’s alibis.

Heimlich VonVictor
Heimlich VonVictor

Nov-1-2009 13:15

Did you get a side of beef from Mickey’s Meat’s last night?
Response- Yes we did! We have a big party today and we had to have it picked up around 9:00 pm last night.

Looks like that checks out, let’s go to the bar.


Was Spencer Sharp here last night?
Response- Sure was! He came in about 9:15 and was here until closing time. Poor guy was so drunk he couldn’t even drive home. I wound up dropping him off at his house at about 4:00 this morning.

So we’ve established there there’s no way Spencer could have killed Mickey. The man from Sami’s would have noticed a body in the freezer and after that, Spencer was too inebriated to do anything. While we’re checking alibis, let’s go see Dean again.

Dean Davis:
Where were you last night?
Response- I was with my sister. We were listening to the latest radio mysteries, and oh it was great fun! I went home about midnight and then arrived at the shop promptly at 5.

Everything seems to add up there, let’s go see Mickey’s wife.
Millie Miles:
Two options-
1. Where were you last night?
2. Did your husband have any money troubles?
Let’s find out where she was last night.
Where were you last night?
Response- I was at church, I always go to Saturday night mass.
Okay let’s find out what she knows about Mickey.

Did your husband have any money troubles?
Response- Well, truthfully the business wasn’t doing so well. I don’t know the specifics, but I think he may have been in debt and not told me. I know he thought one of the employees might have been stealing.
Well that seems to fit! Take note, that he had a suspicion of one of the employees. Let’s see if we can fit one more piece.

Do you have a set of keys to the butcher shop?
Response- Not anymore, I lost them about a week ago and I didn’t tell Mickey because I knew he’d be furious.

So it looks like four people had keys, Mickey, Millie, Spencer, and Dean. Why don’t we talk to someone who might know a little bit more about the method of murder?

Heimlich VonVictor
Heimlich VonVictor

Nov-1-2009 13:16

The Meaty Treat-
Sylvia, how much does a side of beef weigh?
Response- It can weigh between 250 to 300 lbs.

So that tells us it would take a very strong person, or more than one person to lift it up.

Could it be used to kill somebody?
Response- Yes, but it have to be dropped on the person while he or she was immobile. It’s not the most maneuverable “weapon”.

Now you know there must have been some sort of scuffle beforehand and the side of beef was merely the killing blow! We’re also able to remove Millie from our suspects as she is far too small to have lifted the side of beef.

Analyze Handwriting-
Dean Davis- No
Spencer Sharp- No

Let’s think back to the contents of the note. “When I get out” why don’t we go do some research and see if anyone has gotten out recently?


I checked the police records and came across something interesting. Sylvester Stanford, a small time criminal, was released three days before. Other than that, he was the only criminal released in the area. The crime he was locked up for? Extortion.

Well that certainly sounds convincing. Go back to the banker and check the handwriting again!


Analyze Handwriting-
Sylvester Stanford- Yes

Alright, let’s go see Mr. Stanford!

Realizing I was about to face down a man who had recently been released from prison and was possibly armed and dangerous, I called for backup. Unfortunately, they took the liberty of raiding his house and arresting him before I even arrived. In their search they managed to find a spare set of keys to Mickey’s Meats on his table. They brought him in for questioning, and offered me first crack at him.

Sylvester Stanford (I walked into the interrogation room to find a handcuffed man with long greasy black hair and one arm in a sling. His eyes bled hate and he snarled as I sat opposite him):
Three Options-
1. Where were you last night?
2. Why did you kill Mickey Miles?
3. How did you hurt your arm?

Heimlich VonVictor
Heimlich VonVictor

Nov-1-2009 13:17

Find out where he was first.

Where were you last night?
Response- It’s none of your business, but I was home alone, and no! Nobody can verify that!

So he has no alibi. In a regular mystery this would be enough to close the case, but this is a scripted mystery with special rules, and not all of the parts have played out yet. Find out his connection to Mickey.

Why did you kill Mickey Miles?
Response- I have no idea who you’re talking about! Who is Mickey Miles? I’ve been in jail for the past five years! You think I’m gonna get out and start killing people?

He makes an interesting point. If you’re a good detective, you’ve probably noticed something by now that would make it impossible for Sylvester Stanford to have committed this murder.

How did you hurt your arm?
Response- I was attacked in the yard! Last month during exercise some jerk comes up and takes a swing at me. We got into it and when the guards broke us up, I had a broken arm. I’ll be in this sling for another two months!

Sylvester couldn’t have lifted a 250 lb side of beef on top of Mickey with a broken arm! So who did?

How did the keys to the butcher shop end up in your apartment?
Response- I don’t know! I ain’t gone outta my apartment much and I sure as heck ain’t gotten no keys! They ain’t mine!

Well, it would make sense that they wouldn’t be his, perhaps they’re Millie’s missing keys. Who could have put them there though?

Who has been in your apartment?
Response- Just me and this nurse that comes over to help me out since my arm’s broken. She’s the only other person that’s been there.

Looks like this might be worth checking.

What’s her name?
Response- Diane Devon, she’s been there twice, but she didn’t come today! I don’t know why.

Why wouldn’t a nurse visit her patient unless she knew he wasn’t going to be there? Why not have a chat with Ms. Devon?

Diane Devon-
Two options:
1. Where were you last night?
2. Why did you plant the keys in Sylvester Stanford’s apartment?

Heimlich VonVictor
Heimlich VonVictor

Nov-1-2009 13:18

Let’s start with pleasantries first.

Where were you last night?
Response- I was here! The entire night, and I have family who can verify it.

Alright, a little jumpy, let’s move in.

Why did you plant the keys in Sylvester Stanford’s apartment?
Response- I have no idea what you’re talking about!

Your detective senses should be tingling right now. Why would she plant the keys? Who has access to the keys? Whose alibi sounds very close to hers?

How did your brother rope you into this?
Response- I did it all for him. I did it to protect him. I’m so sorry.

We have our evidence, we have our suspect. Go get him!

Dean Davis-
Accuse- Yes

I walked into Mickey’s Meats as Dean Davis stood behind the counter with a huge smile on his face, “Detective!” he exclaimed, “Welcome back to the grand opening of Dean’s meats!”

“Doesn’t have the same ring,” I said as I grabbed him and flipped him around, slapping handcuffs on him, “Dean Davis you’re under arrest for the murder of Mickey Miles.”

“That is absurd detective,” he shouted, “I was the one who called you! How could I be the murderer?”

I smiled, “You had me fooled at first Dean, but then the pieces came together. You were the one in debt to Sylvester Stanford. You had stolen Millie Miles’ keys the week before to make it look like a set of keys was floating out there. You knew what time Spencer got off, so you waited for him to leave and then you came in here with the intention of robbing the place, but you didn’t count on one thing.”

“Oh really?” Dean said smugly, “And what would that be detective?”

“Mickey Miles came back!” I shouted, “He came here to count the money at the end of the night to make sure nothing was missing. When he came in, he caught you red handed, and a scuffle ensued. In the end, you prevailed, knocked him to the ground, shoved the evidence into his pocket, and dropped the side of beef on him, ending his life!”

Heimlich VonVictor
Heimlich VonVictor

Nov-1-2009 13:18

“What about the keys in Sylvester Stanford’s apartment?” Dean demanded.

I smiled, “Well first, there was no way you would have known about that. Secondly, your sister gave you away. You had her get assigned to Stanford so she could keep an eye on him in case he decided to come after you. After you killed Mickey, you saw an out. You realized that if Stanford went away for murder, he would never be able to get you again, so your sister went over there early this morning and planted the keys in his apartment!”

Dean’s face hung, “I want an attorney.” He said solemnly.

I chuckled, “Whatever you say pal, whatever you say.”

Hopefully this explained a little more about the wide world of scripted mysteries! Remember there is much more story driven evidence, and things may be quite different from traditional random mysteries.

Don’t know if that’s what you’re looking for, but I think it could alleviate some of the questions that newbies have.

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