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Wait for Contact or Travel?

Elizabeth Christie
Elizabeth Christie
Tireless Tiger

Sep-11-2009 06:42

First of all, Hi! I'm new to the game so I thought greetings would be appropriate before I start picking your brains for help! :)

Second, when starting out is it best to stay in a city until you get both contacts before moving on to the next city? For some reason I got my first contact really quickly but my second one seems to be taking awhile, although I think I read somewhere about not getting your first contact until 150k. I'm just trying to decide if I should stay in New York until I get my PE contact or move on and explore other cities. Thoughts?


Gopher to the Sleuth Gods

Sep-11-2009 07:05

Contacts are not all the same. Some want to be your friend quickly while others really want you to sweat before they give in ;-) It doesn't really matter if you get all your contacts in one city before you move on or if you travel to another city and try there. You will need them all eventually so the order in which you do them isn't important.

Then again if you decide to join an agency, say in New York, it would be preferable to have both your New York contacts because then you can help with the agency case files, however your contacts become important only when you reach 100k experience points and can do Almost Impossible cases.

Btw it's nice to see some new faces around Sleuthland and subbed too :-) So welcome and good luck on getting your contacts quickly:-D

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Sep-11-2009 07:56

Yes, it's great to see new faces. Turtledove have covered what you need to know, so i'll say hi and welcome you to Sleuth Noir!

Elizabeth Christie
Elizabeth Christie
Tireless Tiger

Sep-11-2009 08:56

Thanks for the info and the welcome, turtledove and Joseph! Since I don't seem to be getting many PE favor offers in NY, I think I'll try my luck elsewhere. I have a bit of the travel bug anyway and want to see what else is out there! :)

Pinball Amateur

Sep-11-2009 19:13

Hi there!! Nice to meet you!

Basically, his advice is dead on, so to speak. ;-)

It's generally recommended that you focus on the contacts you want for your home city first, wherever that may be. So. If you intend for NY to be where you lay your hat at night, then that's where I'd concentrate for now. If you want to be based out of another city, then head there, and work on that one.

Yes, the very first contact you get tends to come quite quickly. The rest, well, they're not as timely, usually. 150K is where you can expect things to start picking up IF you haven't seen the second one (for that particular city) darken your door yet. But there's no guarantee that the second you hit 150,000 exp., BOOM, there's Mr. Shoemaker to make yer life easier. (I've had colleagues who've needed upwards of half a million exp. to get their second contact. Yeah, you read that right. 500,000 exp.)

So. Where d'you go from here? As always, the strategy is up to each person ultimately. We can only give you our experience and advice.

Mine is prob'ly that if you've spent a few weeks in NY, you've built up some experience there, you know what you're doing, and you're not intending to ultimately be BASED in NY, move on to another city for a couple weeks. (You'll prob'ly find that there are some cities that you like, and some you don't like as much anyway.)

Do NOT expect to move on to one city, spend two days there, grab a contact, and move onto the next city. Rinse, repeat, etc. Contact hunting takes TIME. (It's prob'ly the most important and vital skill you'll do to build up. Make the most of your time, and do it right.)

And, as always, if you go for specific contacts (something I tend to advise anyway), the process is gonna take longer to begin with. No way around that. Sorry.

Hope all that helps a bit!! Good luck here at Sleuth!! And happy contact hunting!!! ;-D


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