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Larry the Toe

Encyclopedia Zero
Encyclopedia Zero

Aug-9-2009 06:19

From the text describing the meeting with Larry during a case:

"Larry was an annoyance.."

Oh yeah!? He's bothered me for the last three cases in a row! Sure, some of the fence's goods change from time to time and that can warrant a look, but I'm not made out of dollars dammit! >;/


Lawrence Wargrave
Lawrence Wargrave
Tale Spinner

Aug-9-2009 06:21

Yeah sometimes he gets really annoying, but unless you are hunting treasures it's not worth paying him to get access to Lucy's cabaret

Tireless Tiger

Aug-9-2009 09:55

That's not competely true, When you go to try and visit Lucy, you can overhear some relatively new things

Vampiric Smile
Vampiric Smile
Safety Officer

Aug-12-2009 13:50

Larry is good only if Lucy has a treasure tip otherwise...
Move to another city my friend!

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