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Lawrence Wargrave
Lawrence Wargrave
Tale Spinner

Aug-5-2009 14:32

I was thinking and perhaps we could make shifts in order to cover the barchat all the time. We will get a good response from newbies and stop receiving annoying Pms like "how old are u","do u have some money", etc.

Also these shifts would be covered by two detectives so never the chat will have only player and the newbies wouldn't think that is part of the game.

Just thinking out loud


Encyclopedia Zero
Encyclopedia Zero

Aug-7-2009 09:17

Yes, I understood that. And I wasn't saying she was saying that. I was merely providing a solution to the problem. If everyone logs in and opens the barchat in a separate tab and checks on it now and then while logged in there will be people in the chat more often than now, even if not all of the time. "It's not that hard" meant it's not that hard to solve the problem. ;)

Anyway, it's just a suggestion.

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