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At the Tricky Mister - Open RP

Valentina D'Angeli
Valentina D'Angeli

Jul-8-2009 10:24

"What a night...", murmured the young, dark-haired woman, while she entered the bar. Her trench coat was terribly wet from the rain outside, and she took it off quickly. Some of the water had gotten to her black dress, but there was nothing she could do about it. It's not like she's gonna take it off as well, right?

Anyway, it didn't matter. She wasn't there for a date, she was there for pure business. Even though she didn't know for sure exactly what type of business. She had found a note pinned to her door as she was leaving her house in the morning, and since she had nothing to do - she had just finished and important case and given herself some time to rest - she decided to follow the instructions on the note.

The note said she was supposed to go to the Tricky Mister at 11 p.m., all alone, and take some cash with her, since the author claimed he had something she wanted. She knew it was a 'he' because of the handwriting pattern, and of the words he had used. Her knowledge only went so far, though.

The woman found a table near the door and waited. She had about twenty minutes before 11, and she could use this time to observe the people around the bar and to think. Who was the man? She had the distinct impression that she knew that handwriting. And, most important, what did he want?


Lucky Stiff

Jul-9-2009 01:49

On nights like this, topkebab preferred to stay in the bar. (Well actually she preferred to stay in the bar on any night, but especially on nights like this.) She liked to think that she was honing her detective skills, perfecting the art of reading people. Cyrus, who as a bartender had perfected the art of reading people years ago, knew better.

Like the woman who had just walked through the door. She was new in town, nobody dressed like that to come to a place like this. Her entrance hadn't caused much of a stir, but then again, considering the clientele perhaps it wasn't so surprising.

Topkebab had noticed though. She noticed everything that happened here (she thought). Young woman, demure, dark hair, dark dress, dark trenchcoat. Piercing eyes darting around keenly. Careful choice of table - close enough to the bar to appear to be mingling, but close enough to the exit for a swift getaway. No drink? She was waiting for someone then.

Topkebab took a sip and glanced around at the other patrons. There was Cyrus behind the bar, polishing a glass. The only glass he ever polished, as far as she could tell. A young couple in the corner booth, engrossed in each other and totally oblvious to everything else. A man reading the paper by the window, derby hat next to an empty glass. He was a regular, she thought. And a hunched figure sitting stiffly at the end of the bar, face in shadow. He certainly wasn't a regular.

She took another sip, and continued watching.


Jul-9-2009 07:07

A nice old drink with my good old friend Cyrus the bartender. It was a small glass of whiskey. I enjoyed it with a small cigarette,taking a large hale of nicotine and blowing the smoke in the air.

There was also a young lady in a black trenchcoat with everything keeping dark. When Cyrus came around for asking if she wanted anything,she waved him away and took a watch out. She carefully watched how the minute went by.

Just as I was finishing my whiskey,I saw a man enter the bar. All nice in suit,the business type. Maybe I should ask him if he has a case left. He must probably be rich,because his suit came from the Silk Merchant in Shanghai (I noticed a small label hanging out his suit).

Just as he was entering the dark clothed woman's booth,another man entered...

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Jul-10-2009 13:32


Zeo entered into the bar and folded his umbrella behind him. The rain outside was nasty to say the least.

The 'business' man whom he followed into the bar immediately approached his potential client - a young, dark-haired woman in a black dress. The 'business' man was in too much of a hurry. First he failed to remove the label from the suit he just bought from some Shanghai traders just an hour ago, then he didn't even noticed that someone was on his trail - not that he would notice Zeo even if he was to be more careful.

Keeping both the dark-haired lady and the 'businessman' with his peripheral vision, Zeo walked towards Cyrus, who was still polishing the same glass as always. Vulkie, whom Zeo had know for years, was drinking with the bartender. Zeo was glad he found his excuse for being in the bar. "Hey Vulkie, how's the night treating you?" Zeo said, keeping his focus on his target.

Vulkie talked about her work and later asked Zeo if he knew who the man with the nice suit was. Zeo shook his head. Client's confidentiality. Zeo knew how to compartmentalize business from friendships. This job was too important to him.

The 'businessman' finally made his move. He slid a small photo underneath the table towards the lady. Zeo knew the man kept all the negatives and information in a safe place. The lady with the black dress took the photo from under the table and took one glance. Her face immediately turned white.

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