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Chicago Blues
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Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Jun-20-2009 10:19

Thunder Bay, Ontario. May 1931

A getaway, ah, that's exactly what I needed.
Standing beside the crystal clear river, tugging at my fishing rod, I immersed myself in soothing sound of nature. I'd already caught four fishes, and it's only a little after sunrise. The crisp sky promised another beautiful, lazy day. Nothing can ruin the tranquility, when suddenly I heard the voice of Vulkie calling my name. I must have been hearing things. How could Vulkie be all in way up here?


Kevin Greene
Kevin Greene
Old Shoe

Jul-4-2009 10:31

*Meanwhile, back in boring old Chicago*

"WOW!" Ace exclaimed, as he pulled up at the house. Danita Willaims boom-chicka-boomed down her walk, in a sexy red gown and stilettos, her gorgeous orange hair flowing down in curls.
"Hello, dah-ling!" She giggled with delight as Ace chivalrously opened her car door. She stepped in, and they were off.
"Wow, Danita..." Ace smiled, "You look gooooooooood..."
She laughed, "Oh Ace..."
Ace was looking rather sporting, himself, in a tuxedo. They were headed to a fancy ball. You know the kind, where guests 'mingle' and don't double-dip.

They stepped inside the ballroom. Well, Ace stepped. Danita was quite happy looking gorgeous, and she decided to flaunt it. As ladies watched her in jealousy, and Ace smiled while sipping alcoholic beverages, Danita pranced around the large room, having a good old time.

When she was finished, she sat down with Ace, and they talked.

"So, Ace, what do you do?" She inquired.
"Well... actually... I'm a private investigator."
"A private investigator?" Ace noticed that she looked worried.
"Yeah, you know... the 'my husband is cheating on me, go take a few pictures and bring them back to me so when I find out I'll confront him and we'll argue and soon I'll pick up something heavy and kill him in a fit of rage' type investigator." Ace smiled.
Danita looked much more at ease, and laughed heartily.
"So, what do you do?" Ace playfully put his hand on his chin.
"Oh, hun..." Danita smiled, "Let's not mix business... with pleasure."

No, Vulkie would not like this. Vulkie would definitely not like this!

Kevin Greene
Kevin Greene
Old Shoe

Jul-4-2009 10:46

As the evening came to a close, Ace escorted his date back to their car.

"Ace, I had a wonderful time tonight!" Danita squealed.
"So did I." Ace smiled as he let her in the car.
"So," Danita started as Ace got in the car, "Do you have any interesting cases as a private eye?"
"Danita, really?" Ace chuckled, "You can only watch so many sleazy husbands."
Danita laughed, "Ever been caught?"
"Only once." Ace began, "I was trailing a cheating wife that time. I set myself up in the bathroom of their hotel room. Just when they started to get into it, I began crawling towards the bed. I jumped up, yelled surprise, snapped a few quick shots, and raced out the door."
"That's it?" Danita asked, disappointed.
"Well," Ace continued, ignoring her remark, "Usually they don't give chase in that situation. It's always dark, so I need the flash on, and it usually burns their eyes. So even if they wanted to chase me, they would have a hard time. But, the man jumped up out of bed and gave chase in the nude. I didn't think I had to keep running, so I stopped around the corner in the hotel lobby... where he tackled me. The clerk subdued him while I ran the hell out of there, but not before he demolished my camera."
"And you said there were no stories!" Danita giggled.
"Yeah, well..."

Suddenly, the car jolted forward. They had been stopped at an intersection, but another car rear-ended them. Their car rolled out into the busy intersection, where it was slammed from two directions by other cars. The car containing Ace and Danita flipped over and skidded down onto the sidewalk, finally coming to a grinding halt.

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Jul-5-2009 05:54

"How's it's going Anais, uh, i mean, Andrew..." I said sheepishly.

"That's alright Joseph, nobody can hear you over the phone." Anais replied quietly from the receiver, in her low-toned 'male' voice, "I've burrowed myself into Vinni's case. There are officers belonging to Capone on it as well, but i made sure the red hair remains in the evidence bag."

"Good! Does that mean if we get a sample of Danita William's hair, she'll be on the suspect's list as well?" I asked.

"Most probably. I'm sure Ace can get a sample off her for us. I heard that they're heading to a ball tonight, is that-- hold on a second," Anais was off the phone talking to an officer with urgency in his voice, she came back to the phone quickly, "Joseph! Bad news! Ace and Danita got into a car accident. Their car flipped over and both of them were found unconscious. They're now in the Cook County Hospital."

We hung up quickly and rushed to the hospital.

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Jul-5-2009 07:30

"According to an eye-witness," The young officer in charge of Ace's car accident read from his file in front of the hospital bed where Ace laid unconscious, "a non-descript vechicle rear-ended their car, then u-turned and sped away."

"A hit and run?" I queried.

"Sounds more suspicous then that." Anais/Andrew objected. "Sounds like 'soneone' is trying to get rid of Ace, or Danita, or both."

"But Ace doesn't have any enermy in Chicago." I protested.

"From what I heard, Ness is biting onto Capone quite tightly. The old mob boss is trying to wipe away all 'evidence' of his hard crime, and that includes everyone who helped washed his dirty laundry and can finger him out." Anais said.

"So our pretty face friend is a casualty?" I asked. Just then, the hall outside was fluttered with activities. Our young officer went out and asked a nurse what was happening.

"The red hair lady... her hear just stopped." She replied in a hurry. Anais and I rushed to see the badly injured assissin, but we were too late. Within a minute the doctor had declared Danita Williams dead.

We could obtain all the hair sample we want, but she was in no way fit to testify, ever. Vulkie did mentioned that Ness could get Vinnie out. We just hoped that his words were good enough.

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Jul-5-2009 07:33

((Second last paragraph above, first line -- 'hear' should read 'heart'. Many apologies for my frequent typos))


Jul-26-2009 06:04

The moment Ness,I and Stone arrived at the station,it was 5 minutes to midnight. We set everything up and after 5 minutes,the bookie and his guard came walking in. "Hold,you're under..." I shouted and the guard shot at me. I quickly dodged the bullet,and looked for cover behind a wall.

"Nobody tries anything stupid,or the bookie dies." the guard shouted.

"Got him under fire?" Ness asked Stone. "Yes" Stone replied.

The guard began to sweat and Ness counted off. "One..... Two..... Take the shot" Ness said and Stone shot the guard in the head.

I escorted the bookie to a safe location and so we got Capone to court.... The bookie had enough info,but it wasn't sufficient.

And there,in the most possible way entering the courtroom,stood my cousin...


Jul-26-2009 06:10

"Vinni..." I murmered. Capone noticed my astonished look and he also began to sweat. He knew he was caught with Vinni's accusation of everything Capone framed on him. And Ness kept his promise,it seemed. All was well,I thought,when Capone was trialed for 30 years of tax evasion and "order a murder on someone".

As we all left the courtroom,I saw Joseph and Ralphie talking a little bit about how we got Capone tight and nice in jail. Anais quickly tippled towards Ralphie and Joseph,holding Joseph's arm tightly wrapped around hers.

We went outside and Ace waited outside for us. He went to the graveyard,visiting "the red haired lady". She was burried the day before Capone was convicted.

Ace walked towards me. All seemed well....

Suddenly,behind Ace,a gangster pulled up and shot. I quickly ducked on Ace and so the shots missed him.

As I stood up,I noticed blood running down the white marble stairs.....

And there he was,laying on the floor,my cousin Vinni,shot to pieces...

Emotion ran in my body,screaming and tears flowing from my face,I rushed to Vinni. "No,no,noooooo!" I screamed....

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Jul-26-2009 06:29

After everything we've done, Vinni still ended up dead. At least his name was cleared.

Vulkie cried for the next three days, Ace always at her side. After we buried Vinni, and received our thanks from the Chicago PD, our troop decided to return to New York. Ralph offered Anais her old position in the department, but she told him that New York was her new home now. Our drive back to the big apple was uneventful and quiet. Chicago did not leave us good memories.

Capone was moved to Al Cratz a year later, and the prohibition of alcohol ended the year after that. His power slowly diminished. We continue to put scum bags like him behind bars for years to come, but that'd be in other stories.

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Jul-26-2009 06:31

((That's all folks. Feel free to comment and PM any of us. Thanks!))
((Look forward to you joining in further stories. ))

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