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Chicago Blues
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Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Jun-20-2009 10:19

Thunder Bay, Ontario. May 1931

A getaway, ah, that's exactly what I needed.
Standing beside the crystal clear river, tugging at my fishing rod, I immersed myself in soothing sound of nature. I'd already caught four fishes, and it's only a little after sunrise. The crisp sky promised another beautiful, lazy day. Nothing can ruin the tranquility, when suddenly I heard the voice of Vulkie calling my name. I must have been hearing things. How could Vulkie be all in way up here?


Kevin Greene
Kevin Greene
Old Shoe

Jun-24-2009 12:28

"Well, who knows?" Ace piped up, "The cops could be wrong about Michelina. Maybe someone on the force has it in for her."
"Yes, there are too many bad apples in the Chicago police force." Vulkie mused.
"Well, one is too many, but there are more, I'm sure." Joseph replied.
"Maybe..." Anais trailed off. Starting again, she began, "Maybe someone on the force has it in for Vinni as well... maybe he framed both of them."
"But do Vinni and Michelina have anything in common?" Ace asked, "Vinni is associated with Vulkie, while Michelina is Anais' old friend."
"Unless maybe someone wants to get at our crew and is hitting each one of us?" Joseph thought aloud.
"Maybe... but I doubt it." Ace replied, "We have no idea how long Michelina has been suspected."
"Ace," Vulkie spoke up, "Do you think you can get your friend at city hall to give you the file on Michelina?"
"I'm sure Sheila could help me with that." Ace replied, "But I can't take it, I can only look."
"Anais?" Joseph asked. Anais turned away from the window. "Could your friend Ralph maybe help us infiltrate the police force? If nothing else, one of us on the inside would at least get us more places than we could go before."
"I think he could do that." Anais replied positively, "So should I work on that then?"
"Yes..." Joseph scratched his chin, "Ace, you go back to city hall and dig up what you can on Michelina and Danita Williams. And tell your friend you'll be a regular, so you can investigate everyone Anais suspects on the force."
"That's a big 10-4, good buddy." Ace smiled.
"I am going to take a trip to some of Lou's friends to find out more about our favorite assassins." Joseph continued.
"What about me?" Vulkie asked.
"You..." Joseph though for a moment, "You can go sleep with Al Capone."

At that, both women started a chorus of "what?" and Ace shot a dagger stare at Joseph.

"I'm just kidding!" Joseph chuckled, "Gimme a break! Vulk, why don't you just find out some more from Capone. Make friends."


Kevin Greene
Kevin Greene
Old Shoe

Jun-24-2009 12:30

"Okay..." Vulkie glared, "But that's as far as I go!"
"Perfect." Joseph was satisfied, "Sounds like a plan, Stan!" he smiled.

The group quickly departed and was on their way.


Jun-29-2009 16:06

I phoned Mr. Capone and met him in a nice restaurant for a bit of steak. On the way walking there,I thought about what Joseph and Ace discussed. "It's up to her to decide...",echoed in my head. "You can go sleep with Al Capone", also echoed in my head. This was getting too crazy. The boys getting in an argument about me. Ace really cared for me, but Joseph wanted to solve the case. And there I was,standing in the middle of an imaginary road. With on the left side,Ace and on the right side, Joseph.

But which one to chose? I placed it out of my mind and concentrated on getting clues.

As I entered the restaurant,I saw Mr. Capone already enjoying a steak. "Come here doll,I want you to meet a good friend of mine." And as I sat,a red haired lady came by. "This is Danita Williams. She's a good "friend" of mine,not like you on the other hand. She takes care of some stuff for me...". We shook hands and she sat between Capone and me. As he discussed some business,mostly of the FBI on his tail and the Treasury Department,he often glared at me.

... "haven't heard anything of my boys yet about Loopy,you Williams?" Capone asked to Williams. I almost spread my eyes open,knowing that this could be a nice sweet lead. "Nothing yet sir,it looks like he vanished into thin air. But we'll get him. Even if we have to threaten his old mother..." she replied. I gave a little shock,which Williams noticed. "You know something about this or not?" she asked,with a questioning face. I could almost fell the sweat on my head. "No,last I heard from Loopy was when he took me towards the restaurant" I replied.

"Excuse me,I need to go the bathroom,to powder my nose" I said and crawled out of the booth. I quickly tippled towards the toilet. I locked the door behind me,and as I saw the toilet,I barfed right in it. I got the vision of my brother, his body all covered in blood and Loopy when I shot him through the head,splattering his brains all over my dress...



Jun-29-2009 16:13

As I went back,I saw that Williams and Capone already left the building. A quick note was left on the table. "Thanks doll for being around. It's better that we don't see each other in public anymore. With the Treasury department on my tail,I have to be discreet. You can always call me."

"Yours Truly,"

"Al Capone"

I crumbled the paper and pushed it in my pocket.

As I left the building,the police came by and took me in. They saw me talking with Capone and wanted to know what happened.

As I was taken to the police building,a nice gentleman waited outside. And he introduced himself as Elliot Ness.... (Yes,the one who caught Capone)

"Evening Miss,can I help you?" he asked. "Yes,let them take their hands off me." I replied. He ordered them so and we went to his office.

"Let's see. Miss Vulkie3. Excellent state of work in New York,London, Shanghai and Delhi. Solving cases often goes good,sometimes has to quit when stuck. You got a nice dress from the Prince of Shangri-La I see."

"Now,what I wanted to ask you,how are you connected to Capone.". He saw my face,all sweaty. I almost fainted. He got me a glass of water. As he got me a glass of water,I saw some papers lying on his desk. I took a quick look. 'Financial book of Capone" was on the front scribbled,on a note.

I took it in my bag,which I kept with me and as Mr. Ness came back with some water,I still acted if I could faint.

"If you don't mind Mr. Ness,I want to go home. I'll drop in tomorrow to give you some information"

And so I left. Little did I know that a policeman was following me,who belonged to Capone....

As I reached the safehouse ( the motel), I saw everyone was still in one piece...

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Jun-30-2009 21:36

"Why the hell did you take the Financial Books of Al Cap0ne from the police?" I was exasperated.
"Hey, I figure it was not safe in the hands of the police. Capone own half if not the entire department you know." Vulkie replied.
"True, not even sure if we can trust this Ellie who guy?" I asked.
"Elliot Ness. Well, he was nice enough and gentle with me..." Vulkie said. Ace shot her a jealous glance. I had never seen a guy so hung on a lady before, especially with his pretty face.

"Well anyhow, I found where our redhead is hiding at the moment." I announced. Everyone came closer. "Right in the home of dead ol' Lou's mother. I followed Danita Williams from the chemist and saw her going into the old woman's home."
"Williams must be interrogating the poor lady to find out where Lou is!" Ace induced.
"And Joseph, YOU left the old lady there, with that killer?" Anais accused.
"Hey, I can't just barge in alone and --"

Suddenly the door of our motel was kicked open. "Stop! You're all under arrest!" A lone policeman entered. He greedily eyed the financial notes Vulkie took from the station. I guess Vulkie had just won herself a stalker.

The dumb guy didn't have any backup from what I could see, and there were four of us. He couldn't decide where to point his gun. Ace knock him out with a quick punch within seconds. "To answer you question Anais, that's exactly why I couldn't save good ol' granny Lou." I said.

"Did Williams had some minions with her?" I nodded. Anais thought for a while. "Well, this place isn't safe anymore. We should go."
"This cop doesn't look to belong to Ness." Vulkie said, looking at the unconscious guy on the floor.
"No. Capone owns him."Anais said. "That much I know from being in the Chicago PD for so long. These financial papers must be important. Good that you took them before he did." Vulkie beamed.
"Where to now?" I asked.

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Jun-30-2009 21:41

"Dumb as this cop may be, more of Capone's men could be coming. There're now 4 of us. We can either go catch Danita Williams ourselves, or go to Ralph or Elliot for backup." Anais said as Ace and I tried up the dumb cop and put him in the closet."

"Someone will find him, eventually." I said, smiling, while closing the closet door. "Okay, let's get outta here."

Anais Nin
Anais Nin

Jun-30-2009 22:33

"Ralph? I'll do it. I'll come as Andrew. I'll hate every minute, but I need to."

"Woah, slow down there Anais. Why?" Ralph narrowed his gaze on me. "You hadn't wanted to go back as Andrew. You hadn't wanted to go back at all. Why the sudden change? Unless it would be to help your friends…"

"Well... Yeah. Vulkie's cousin Vinni didn't murder Lucy. We need to prove it. And the only way will be for me to go in and nose around the department with you to help. Will you?"

Ralph looked at me for a long moment. "You really feel this is the only way?"

I nodded my head yes.

"Fine. Let's go to my place. I still have 'Andrew's' costume," Ralph let out a sigh.

I jumped up and kissed him on the cheek. "You're a doll, you know that Ralph?"

Kevin Greene
Kevin Greene
Old Shoe

Jul-1-2009 18:20

"I'll go after Danita." Ace said boldly to Joseph as they walked down the sidewalk towards Mama Lou's suburban home.
"Ace... it's a dangerous job." Joseph replied warily.
"No," Ace told him, "I"m going to go after her in the way Vulkie would disapprove of."
Catching on, Joseph smiled slowly.
"After all," Ace continued, "What girl can resist this face?"
"Ha ha ha, Ace, ha ha ha." Joseph laughed sarcastically.

The pair reached Mama Lou's doorstep, expecting to find her body cold and stiff. To their surprise, she hollered for them to come in.

Ace stood back on her stoop as Joseph slowly opened the door. A kind looking old woman sat in a rocking chair facing the door. "May I help you?" She asked.
Stepping inside, Joseph nodded to his partner that all was well. Ace would wait for a minute before he left, to make sure Joseph needed no backup. When all appeared safe, Ace prepared for his first encounter with Danita Williams.

He headed straight to where the group discovered she'd be: drinking with her best battle buddy, Velma Foxx. They'd get a hair short of stoned and would then leave to go home. Ace went to the route where she'd be walking, and waited there for he to emerge from the bar.

Quarter til 7, she finally came out. He started casually walking towards her and, looking the other way, he bumped into her.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, little lady." He smiled.
She looked up at him and smiled. "It's no problem."
"I didn't hurt you, did I?" He chuckled.
"I don't get hurt." She smiled slyly.
"Oh, a fiesty gal. What's your name?"
"Danita." They chatted up, "And yours?"
"You'll have to call me sometime..." She paused, "Ace. My card."
"Well, thank you... I will." He turned and walked away.

Anais Nin
Anais Nin

Jul-1-2009 23:10

((What girl could resist that face? I don't know of one off the top of my head, that's for sure!))


Jul-2-2009 17:37

The next day came up for me. I had a nice breakfast,one of Joseph's famous omelets (boy,can that guy cook great ^-^. I wish Ace could cook as great as Joseph could do). I also had a nice glass of orange juice with it. I hugged Ace and Joseph and went out. Anais stayed at Ralph's place,so I didn't had to say goodbye to her.

As I walked on the street,I noticed someone following me. I ducked in the nearest alley and waited. I pulled my gun out and as soon as the person turned in the alley,I pulled the hammer towards me. "Don't move" I said. "It's me Miss,Elliot Ness." the man replied.

"Sorry Mr. Ness. Yesterday,I was followed. So I don't want to get kidnapped you know. Let's go to the police station,shall we?" Mr. Ness asked me. I nodded,placed my gun back where I took it from and followed him.

"Well Miss Vulkie,as I already asked you,how are you related to Mr. Capone?"

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