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Chicago Blues
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Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Jun-20-2009 10:19

Thunder Bay, Ontario. May 1931

A getaway, ah, that's exactly what I needed.
Standing beside the crystal clear river, tugging at my fishing rod, I immersed myself in soothing sound of nature. I'd already caught four fishes, and it's only a little after sunrise. The crisp sky promised another beautiful, lazy day. Nothing can ruin the tranquility, when suddenly I heard the voice of Vulkie calling my name. I must have been hearing things. How could Vulkie be all in way up here?


Kevin Greene
Kevin Greene
Old Shoe

Jun-22-2009 16:10

"Hello, again, Mr. Jace." Ace greeted the old man. Ace took a turn off to speak with the man again while Vulkie and Joseph spied on the hideout.
"Hello, my friend! Did your girlfriend like the shoes?"
"Oh, yes she did! Thanks much for them!"
"No problem! I have a nice pair of socks right over here that I'm sure would look great with those shoes..."
"Thanks Mr. Jace, but I'm actually here for some more info."
"Well, what else can I tell ya?"
"I'm looking for a man by the name of Slim. Used to hang with this "Loopy Lou" man."
"Well, I don't know anyone named Slim... unless you mean Freddy. People call him slim, sometimes, cause he's so fat." Jace laughed, "People sure are unimaginative. I prefer to call him 'Freddy Fatty' myself."
Ace chuckled, "Know where I can find the fat man?"
"Round the clock at Maude's Ice Cream Parlor." Jace pointed left, "Two blocks in that direction. Seems like he never does anything but eat Maude's food."
"Anyone else I might talk to while your thinking about it?"
"Well, there was this woman used to come 'round and see Lucy a lot." Jace noted, "Long red hair, wire frame glasses, freckles... she was quite attractive though."
"Thanks, Jace, for the help. I'll take those socks."

Thought it might be a good idea to have a talk with ole' Freddy Fatty.

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Jun-22-2009 21:01

The dock by the river gave us nothing, so Ace went to find out more from his friend. Good thinking. We waited outside and spied on Lou's pad. His place seemed awfully quiet; Lou must be on the run from Capone by now.

"Maude's Ice Cream Parlor." Kevin came out of Jace's Laces and said. The three of us walked quietly down two blocks south. It was a lovely June day, not too hot, but from the outside we could already see that it was filled with people.

"It' her!" Ace quietly exclaimed. I turned in the direction where he was staring and noticed a tall red head passing by. She rounded a corner and disappeared.

"Who?" Vulkie asked. I could hear a pinch of jealousy in her tone.

"Wire frame glasses, freckles... Jace told me this girl had been visiting Lucy a lot before she died." Ace replied.

"Look!" I whispered to the two, "Over there. The fat guy sitting there with the hat, stuffing his face with Rocky Road... must be Slim." Vulkie stayed by the entrance to prevent Fredrick from escaping, while Ace and I approached the fatty. Freddy suddenly pushed his table up towards us and ran to the back of the parlor. The table flew and hit Ace, who hit some more chairs and tables. Everyone in the parlor started screaming. Vulkie ran over to help him. Freddy exited from the back, I gave chase. The guy was very agile for his size. I was about 10 yards away.

Suddenly the fatty stopped, and fell on the ground. I took out my gun and cautiously approached the guy. Ace and Vulkie joined me. "Everything okay back there?" I asked.

Ace nodded, "What happened?"

"The guy just suddenly tumbled down." I answered, "I didn't see anything."

Freddy fell face down. "Let's flip him over." Vulkie said. We did.

"This guy weights a ton!"

Freddy face was green and white. He had vomited. "Ewww!" Vulkie said, "Green Rocky Road!"

"Look at this!" I held up his hand, those fat finger tips were glowing purple.

"Poison." Ace stated. Freddy shook for the final time and stopped moving. Forever.


Jun-23-2009 14:43

He just fell down,poisoned. The girl must've put the poison on his ice cream and shut him up forever. That's what Joseph,Ace and I concluded. Freddy knew something that Capone didn't want to get in the wrong hands. So the girl is an assassin,probably working for Capone.

But something still bothered me. Why was Lucy killed? Why does Capone kill all his associates? And why don't we still have the autopsy report for the murder of Lucy?.

I asked Anais to contact Ralph, as we really needed the autopsy to examine some evidence. Anais went out and met Ralph. She returned to the motel with the autopsy report and said it was a lot of trouble to get from Ralphie. We owed her some money then (because Ralphie needed to bribe some people,it would be too obvious else).

As I observed the report,I saw Joseph and Anais looking at each other. God,I thought,why don't you just admit you love each other? Just confess it.

"... what you think Vulkie?" Ace asked. "Huh?" I replied. "Sorry Ace,I dozed a bit off. Bit sinked in my mind.."

"I asked you if there was anything particular to know?"

"Yes" I replied, "there were 2 hairs found. One red hair,unidentified and one brown hair,belonging to Vinni."

"So it looks like the cops "forgot" to match the red hair,since they didn't have a red haired suspect and Vinni was the only one who was seen fleeing the scene." Joseph said.

"It looks like that" Anais said. "We must get a hold of this red haired girl. She seems to be the missing key. I'll ask Ralphie to look for her,while we concentrate on Capone and Loopy Lou."

Just as we were about to leave,we heard three knocks on the door. Everybody froze. Joseph pulled his revolver out,Ace his tommy, I pulled my old Colt. 38 out and Anais was at the door.

And as she opened it quickly,we saw Loopy Lou at the door....


Jun-23-2009 14:50

"Loopy,how the hell did you find us?" Joseph asked. "Followed yer" he replied. "Capone want's me dead,since he thinks I set you up." He looked around the room and saw me. "So... you are the one who set me up? You'll pay for this,all of you! Capone will get me back if I tell him about you.."

And so the chase began. Loopy ran, going towards the staircase. We all gave chase and got into our car. Loopy was already in his car and drove towards the city limits. We also drove towards the city limits. Ace pulled his tommy out and fired some rounds. We heard some people scream and the police sirens were behind us.

"Damn" I replied, steering the wheel towards right,going towards a bridge.

As Loopy drove towards the bridge, he suddenly turned and blocked the way. The police blocked the other way. Joseph pulled his gun out,shot Loopy in the arm and Anais fetched him. Ace kept the police from a distance,by shooting some rounds at them. As soon as Loopy was in the trunk, we drove into an alley. The motor roared as we sped through the alley and we just made it before another police car could block our way.

We headed towards city hall,but at the city hall, the police had put a barricade there. They shot rounds at our car and I quickly turned the car,going back towards the motel.

As we sped towards the motel, we were chased by the cops, still wanting to catch us. Ace pulled his tommy out of the window, but lost it, because it was shot out of his hands. "Damn,those guys are good shots. Better then NYPD". Joseph gave a "sigh" look, since he once belonged to that team. Joseph took his gun out,shot a lantern pole and it fell down,right on the police car.

I drove with 100 miles per hour out of the city and placed everyone outside the motel. Then,I dumped the car in a nearby river and walked back.

As I entered the room,I saw Loopy all tied up...


Jun-23-2009 14:58

"So Loopy,you gonna tell us who killed your lady. Since Freddy is dead and Lucy is dead,we are sure you know who wants to kill them." Joseph said. "You'll hear nothing from me." he replied.

I became a bit annoyed and gave him a choice. Either he told us who killed them, or we shoot him. He wasn't bothered by that. So Ace gave him a nice beating. I sure wished I wasn't Loopy at this time.. When Ace was done,he almost cried and said : "Alright,alright. I give up. It's a red haired girl. It's.... It's Capone's assassin. I don't know her name,but I sure do he meets her frequently."

"Thanks for the info Loopy" I replied. And so I shot him in the head.

"What's that good for Vulkie. He's our information source of Capone. Now we can forget getting you cousin out." Anais yelled almost.

"He knows my face and he was going to rat me out to Capone. We must make sure to tie up all the "loose" ends". I replied

"I'll make another appointment with Capone,when he meets this.... assassin. Then,I will ask him who that is. If he tells me,we're in. If not,we need to ask Ralphie to find some information."

But first,we all needed to rest and stay down for some time.

And so the days passed....

"One week later".

As I returned with some breakfast for everyone,I saw Joseph making some moves towards Anais. Anais giggled and loved Joseph's humor. I still didn't get it, why he didn't confess. Hopefully,this trip was going to be the one and only time they could confess their love for each other.

"Thank you Vulkie,for getting some breakfast" Joseph replied and he started on his toast with butter. Ace sat silently in a quiet corner,observing everyone. I comforted him and he gave me a little smile. He liked it when I was around. And I liked it when he was around. It just looked like we were made for each other.

"So,what's the plan" Ace asked towards Joseph.

And Joseph told us his plan.....

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Jun-23-2009 20:19

I downed my black coffee and turned my attention to the group. "Well Ace, Vulkie's earlier guess was correct. Capone IS behind all these. The good thing is, the police does have evidence on redhead, just that they don't know it yet."

"True, if we turn the red haired girl in, they'd probably be able to match her hair to the crime scene." Anais added.

"Still, that'll only give them two suspects," I said while rereading the autopsy report. "Apparently, redhead's choice of murder weapon is poison. Look at these photos. Lucy's finger nails were glowing purple just like Freddy's."

For some reason, Anais shivered when I mentioned that name. She never did that when we called the fatso 'Slim'. I wondered why.

"... long term arsenic poisoning, that's why she was with Lucy a lot. Probably wanted to frame Freddy Fatty in the first place, that's why they put her body in his flat. They planned to make Freddy 'disappear' all along and take the fall for it... well, before Vinnie's untimely visit, that is... You think my deduction is correct Joseph?" Ace asked.

Joseph Zeo
Joseph Zeo
Tale Spinner

Jun-23-2009 20:32

"Um, yeah. Can you go through that again?" I snapped out of my thoughts.

"Never mind. You people have lots in your heads lately, don't cha?" Ace was exasperated.

I looked at Anais, who seemed to be full of secrets. "Some of us do, Ace. Some of us do."

Vulkie broke the tension. "So, should I call up Mr. Capone?"

"And ask to see the red haired girl? That wouldn't work. I don't think Capone will mix work with pleasure..."

Ace gave me a crossed look when I mentioned the word 'pleasure'. I pretended not to see it and continued, "You can try just meeting him a lot and see if the redhead would show up one day. You can then casually ask him who that was, pretend to be jealous and all. That might work.

"Easy for you to say, meeting Capone a lot. It's not YOUR girl we're talking about. Why don't we send Anais back to Ralphie and see if he has anything on our assassin?

"IT'S UP TO HER TO DECIDE, ISN'T IT !!?" I yelled. Everyone was staring at me.

I exhaled and lit another cigarette. "I'm sorry, cooping up all week does that to me. Do whatever each of you see fit, but just be careful." I eyed Anais for a while but she pretended not to see it. "In the mean time, I'll go check out the chemists. Redhead must get her poison from somewhere." I got up and headed for the door. Before I exit, I added "Just remember, Capone is not to be toyed with. Be extra extra careful!"

Kevin Greene
Kevin Greene
Old Shoe

Jun-23-2009 21:20

"Well, ladies and gents, I believe that I will take another trip to city hall."
"Ace, I said they wouldn't let me in before." Anais sighed.
"I'll get in." Ace said sternly.
"How?" Vulkie asked.
Ace smiled slyly and replied, "I'll get in."

With that, Ace left the gang alone to determine what to do next as he headed to city hall as well.

"You can't come in here." The guard said sternly. He had his arms crossed over his chest, blocking the door to the archives.
"I'm here to see Sheila."
At the mention of her name, a young brown-haired woman looked up from inside the room. She recognized the man in front of the guard and immediately called him in. "Why, Ace! Glad to see you! Guard, you can let him in."

At her command, the guard stepped aside. Ace entered the large room and smiled at Sheila. "How you been, gal?" He smiled.
"Oh, fine. This job isn't too great, but I can live with it. You need something?"
"Yeah, I need to look a few things up about my current case."
"Oh, you wanna cheat?" She smiled as she adjusted her glasses. "No problem. Who do you need to know about?"
"Al Capone." Ace told her flatly.
"Al Capone? Boy this must be one doozy of a case." Sheila sneered.
"It is, it is." Ace nodded, "Could I see the police records of his associates?"
"Sure, I guess so." Sheila pulled out a huge folder, stuffed full of papers, and placed it on the desk. She then reached back in the cabinet and pulled out another. Ace stood wide eyed as she told him that these were all about people Capone was associated with.
"I'll be glad to help you. What exactly are you looking for?" She asked.
"I need all of Capone's assassins and top executives." Ace told her, "In particular, one red headed woman."

Sheila dug through the folder and found a much less lengthy one, frankly entitled "Known Assassins".

Ace was surprised at all the people the cops knew about, but couldn't arrest because of their gang connections. Ace read down a short list and noted all the women.


Kevin Greene
Kevin Greene
Old Shoe

Jun-23-2009 21:34

"Okay, there are three women here. Danita Williams, Velma Foxx, and Michelina Banderhalt." Ace told Sheila.
"Michelina? Heh..." Sheila gave a half chuckle, "Anyway, let's check for those names in the records."

Ace and Sheila spent an hour looking through murders that these women were suspected of. Finally, Shiela found it. "Ace, look at this." She read aloud, "Lester Michael Johns, of 317 Lyndon Street, was found poisoned in his home at 2:47 PM last Tuesday by his sister. He was face down in his living room, a vicim of arsenic. A witness across the street says she saw a young red-headed woman leaving his house at approximately 2:30 PM, which was when the coroner believes as the time of death. The woman has been positively identified as Danita Williams, who is believed to be connected with mobster Al Capone."
Ace smiled. "Danita Williams. Thanks a bunch, Sheila."
"No problem! Anything else I can do for you?"
"If you have the time..."
"Whatcha need?" She asked in a perky manner.
"I need people in connection with a gangster names Loopy Lou something or other, and Lucielle Demidova."
"Oh, well that file is much easier." She pulled out another after replacing Al Capone's file. "Here you go."

Ace took down the names of a few people who appeared to be closely connected with Loopy Lou. He also found the address of Loopy Lucy's mother.

Armed with this new information, he thanked Sheila profoundly and headed back to the motel.

Anais Nin
Anais Nin

Jun-23-2009 22:57

It had been a week, and I was still too chicken to tell my friends about the past ten years of my life. Especially Joseph, but I still couldn't figure out why. I mean, I still loved Freddie. I always would. He saved me after all. He was the one who helped me disguise myself as a man for the police academy, and convinced the chief to let me still work as an officer after he found out that I wasn't a man. But it had been a week, and while I knew I could hold the guys off for awhile longer, Vulkie was getting impatient. And pestered me every chance she got. It was driving me insane.

Ace got back from City Hall, announcing he had gotten in, brandishing papers that presumably held the information he had gleaned.

"Guys? Sit down. I think I'm ready to tell you all now about the past ten years of my life. The ten I was in hiding from the LCN in New York? Well, I was here." I started in a shaky voice as I turned to face them. Vulkie wore a self-satisfied smirk on her face, as if she knew her pestering was responsible for my tongue loosening. Ace looked intrigued, and Joseph... Joseph had a shuttered expression over his face. I shivered.

"Ten years ago, I left NYC, not knowing where I was going, what name I would use, or anything. I hopped on the first train that left the station, not caring where I went. I ended up at Union Station at 11:00pm. Not the best time of night for a single woman. ((Which is still true, by the way...NOT fun to be there when you miss your train by two minutes, even if you are with another woman...Union is scary looking at night!)) I had decided on the train that I would go by Lisette's nickname for me, Ana, since no one other than her ever called me that, and only Poppa knew that she did. And I didn't want to change my first name too much, otherwise I knew I would forget and no one would believe me when I said my name was Stella or Mary or something. So, I went with Ana. For my surname, I chose Mame's maiden name. (cont)

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