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Looking for Ideas
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Heigh Leigh Irregulars
Heigh Leigh Irregulars

Jun-14-2009 13:30

Everyone has suggestions for new things they would like to see in Sleuth. Well, this is a thread for those ideas. Just post a one or two line synopsis of your concept(s), with a small additional informational blurb if two lines is not enough to capture it. Discussions regarding specific ideas will take place in a separate thread, to keep this one running smoothly. Please do not include complaints, critiques, or other discussion on this thread, for purposes of flow. Anything that is not specifically done for the purpose of outlining an idea will be deleted.

All ideas will be considered; even if no discussion thread for them is immediately started, don't lose heart. Ready, get set, post!


Old Shoe

May-4-2010 05:42

Some more skill ideas:

This could be a modification or an add-on skill to Lock Picking (Advanced Lock Picking). Like I dislike when the "Pick the Lock" option appear on a client, you use it but it gives you motives and for when it would appear on suspect that the Research skill cleared, it gives you the suspect's alibi. Why not have the "power" to choose what we want to gain from Lock Picking. A detective doesnt look for info, he doesnt need or want for that matter. >.>

Another one is kinda like Research but it's different. When all else fails, a detective trust their instincts, their gut. xD
So why not make a skill where detective has a "gut feeling" that "so and so" is not the guilty culprit. Of course, you gotta make sure that Research and Gut Feeling doesnt give you same suspect.

Continuing on with the "Gut Feeling", we can have another skill (or maybe we can combine this with the previous skill) that allows us know if we have all suspects or not. Yes, I want to run the Fortune Teller out of business. You use $20 a case for 12 cases, that's $240 a day. Times that by 7, you get $1680. That's how much money you could be saving for a week. It goes a long way. o.o

Also since we have banks in this game, why cant we take out loans and deposit some of our money to gain back some interest on them. =)

Also I have an idea to what we can call the next level of difficulty for the cases. We could call it "Mystery Impossible". You know like the movie "Mission Impossible" xD. It has a nice ring to it. =)
It will have 11-12 suspects with the usual 3-4 real alibis and 3-4 pieces of evidence. And of course, more money. =D

Old Shoe

May-4-2010 05:43

Another idea that could eliminate some of my skill suggestions I made is getting a C.I. (Criminal Informant) in game. This may not be necessary but I think each detective should have one. The C.I. can tells what's going on with the case such as tell you exactly how many suspects are in the case (yes, I seriously want to run the Fortune Teller out of business), which suspect CERTAINLY knows who the murderer is (tired of the townies giving me false info), and eliminate another suspect with a Fake Alibi.
Someone mentioned adding a prison system in the game. Well you can go to a prison, get yourself a permanent CI, which will cost some skill points and money. Perhaps one of the Arch Villains you captured in the past can become your C.I. since they have travelled around the world, they should know everything. xD
Or perhaps add in a special event where the next Arch Villain you capture, s/he will become your permanent CI to avoid jail time.

Old Shoe

May-4-2010 05:53

I want to elaborate on the bank idea.
The amount you can take out for a loan depends on your exp.
Under 100k - $50,000
Between 100k and under 500k exp - $100,000
Between 500k and under 1mil â€" $200,000
Between 1mil and under 2mil - $300,000
So on and so on…

For depositing money, there’s no limit and you have access to your money everywhere. However, you can only gain interest if the amount stored is under $1mil. I don’t know what the interest rate should be and how often it would take into effect. Maybe 1% interest, daily or weekly?

Jesse Hunter
Jesse Hunter

May-4-2010 18:46

I'd like to see a few additions to the Sleuth mystery editor.

1 (with a bullet) - the ability to untrigger or delete questions, twists, and research.

2 - multiple/Boolean triggers - x OR y triggers twist "z", q AND p are required for research "d"

Also, a message board feature that I see on a bunch of other sites is the ability to support or rate other posts with a simple click. Great for me bc I'm waaaaay too lazy to actually type anything along the lines of "Excellent Point, I agree completely".

FB has "Like" only, but other sites go both ways. Sleuth could do thumbs up/thumbs down, +/-, or perhaps even "Applaud"/"Mock Derisively".

shell marple
shell marple
Con Artist

May-7-2010 07:55

The new addition to villain hunting in Cairo has gotten me to thinking. I would love to see an Arch Villain Hunt, that was more of a competition. Sort of like the treasure hunts, but only for individuals instead of agencies. Let's say you need to go to your faction in Shangri-la and buy a golden ticket for the hunt, then you head to the Prince and get assigned your villain. It is a race to the finish. There would be two lengths of hunts, a short one (all cities and the sluethetania once) or a longer hunt (all cities once plus revisiting two of the cities and two trips on the ship). The ship is the equalizing factor, since you may have to wait to board it, or may need to wait until it docks to get off and finish up hunting. Why the golden ticket, so that you can travel the Sleuthetania as much as needed without having to pay for travel each time in the hunt. I'm not sure what the prizes could be, but bragging rights to being the best at this competition could be one.
And of course it would be great if the ship had the same type of questions as Cairo.

Old Shoe

Jun-7-2010 14:30

There should be a time limit for the pms until auto-deletion. Trying to delete 80+ pages of pm is too much, especially when after each page of deletion, the mailbox keeps reseting itself to the last page (where you receive your most recent mail). I would say "30 days" as a time limit.
I mean there's an option to save our pms if we really want to keep them forever.

Pinball Amateur

Jun-14-2010 18:48

I was singing in the shower yesterday (rather badly, I'll admit ;-), when a thought occurred to me.

We don't have an icon for City Hall on any of the maps.

I realize it's about a -45 on the scale of 1-10 for the serious things in life, but still.

How many maps have YOU looked at that didn't have a picture/icon of the local city hall??


Just a thought. ;-)


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