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Looking for Ideas
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Heigh Leigh Irregulars
Heigh Leigh Irregulars

Jun-14-2009 13:30

Everyone has suggestions for new things they would like to see in Sleuth. Well, this is a thread for those ideas. Just post a one or two line synopsis of your concept(s), with a small additional informational blurb if two lines is not enough to capture it. Discussions regarding specific ideas will take place in a separate thread, to keep this one running smoothly. Please do not include complaints, critiques, or other discussion on this thread, for purposes of flow. Anything that is not specifically done for the purpose of outlining an idea will be deleted.

All ideas will be considered; even if no discussion thread for them is immediately started, don't lose heart. Ready, get set, post!


Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Jan-2-2010 12:54

Vulkie, nothing is 100% fool proof, even pen and paper people can make mistakes with too.

I guess Lucika, it all depends on what you are wanting during case play. If you search for Automated Sleuth Helper in the Message Boards, you'll find the thread with the link. I'd suggest downloading it and trying it out yourself. If you don't like the way its set up or what not you can always get rid of it.


Jan-2-2010 16:59

I would like the ability to set a second password on my character - and a set of permissions to go with that password.
The password is only to be possible set if you have your character's main password. - and the second password are meant to be possible to share with your agency members.
Permissions that I think would be a good idea to be able to allow are:
* open up to a preset number of my cases (at a preset or free difficulty level) and store them in my case file if I am in my agency home city, my case file will remain having a certain amount of preset slots open after the cases are opened and stored there, as well as the sleuth time is after a preset time. All preset values to be set by the user.
* open a case from a case file, if I am in my agency home city, and use my contacts answering the questions availiable and store it again in my case file if my case file will remain having a certain amount of preset slots open after it's done.
* tell if I am holding a favor, and if so for whom - and start it if it's a pre-selected (by your agency member) favor.
* finish a favor that I have made ready for accusation
* do whatever favor I am holding, as well as accusing
* rebuild my character to a new favor
* travel my character to another city
- and may be some other things as well...
- but NOT be able to look at my messages, do anything that I have special priveleges to do, like a director position, put items from my preset wardrobe somewhere where others might steal them....

I believe this could be helpful, as well as mending some of the problems with time zone differences as well as releasing pressure on directors to always be availiable because they don't want others to have their permissions.

If wanted, I may help analyze (and welcome all help) exactly what pages where the second password will have to work, as well as build a checkbox list for the user to allow or not allow what might be done within the power of a second password


Jan-2-2010 17:09

Of course, I would be able to develop all of this on my site, but then I will have to have some kind of inteaction with the passwords, and even if I did this in an encrypted way, so I would not be able to find the passwords, I really want to avoid it if it will be possible.
Therefore it would be FAR better if Ben did this rather than me!
If others think this might be a good idea, then I might assist with preparation work, to reduce pressure on Ben, but then, the last mile would be best done in Sleuth Noir core, and nowhere else - due to security issues.

V Buster
V Buster
Old Shoe

Jan-8-2010 20:34

Minor housekeeping on the Sleuthetania:-

1. Lockpicking refers to house several times.
2. Tailing the client still refers to streets and trucks etc. It's quite funny being almost run down by a truck on the decks of the Sleuthetania.

V Buster
V Buster
Old Shoe

Jan-8-2010 20:41

Hostage Negotion/Trap Detection balancing.

1. Modify the Pirate Mechanic by increasing frequency/impact.

I don't know the current impact as I haven't been hit since resubbing two weeks ago, but I'd suggest that the impact should be something like 10% of your overall money and maybe a 1% chance of an item.

If this is done I would also suggest setting a minimum XP count before the Pirates can affect a character, so that newbies aren't unfairly hit, say 1.5M XP?

2. Modify the trap detection mechanic.

Make it so that it only works once per day or once per map.

Once per map means that you still get a significant advantage, however it means that it is no longer a free pass through the map.

Personally I think that option 2 gives the cleanest rebalancing of the skills.


Jan-9-2010 03:09

V Buster,great ideas... But I don't agree with number 2 of your hostage negotiation/Trap Detection Balancing.

This is making it very hard then, for people who don't have the "Trap Detection" skill. Personally, I have the Trap Detection Skill and it's useful. But I've also did some things on the Sleuthania (Cargo Hold) without the trap detection and those three times helped me a lot.

I think many people would disagree with your number 2 rule... But I like you number 1 rule, except for the 1% item and the 10% overall money. If it were my travel money (from 1000-4000), I would find it a great idea.

But anyway, great suggestions!

V Buster
V Buster
Old Shoe

Jan-9-2010 18:30

Vulie, The main reason for the suggestions is that Hostage Negotiation is a very weak skill compared to Trap Detection and because of the way that those factions are set up if you Hostage Negotiation you cannot get Trap Detection.

For those of us in this situation Cairo etc are much much more difficult than it for those of you with Trap Detection.

I'm not suggesting that both be implemented, it's more one or the other to have the skills somewhat more evenly balanced.

*The other option of course is to allow us to get both skills, but I'm reasonably sure that Ben's not going to do that.


Jan-10-2010 02:09

IF Hostage Negotiation was a weaker skill than Trap Detection, and most sleuths determined it so, most of the people would have gotten themselves Trap Detection.
Now, I believe some 75% of all sleuths out there, if not more, have choosen Hostage Negotiation... - so I can't see that most people believe Hostage Negotiation to be a worse skill than Trap Detection. Actually I believe to worsen the Trap Detection or strengthen the Hostage Negotiation would be unfair to the minor group with that skill.
Moderators: sorry for putting discussion into this thread.


Jan-10-2010 06:40

Irene, the reason that those of us who chose Hostage Negotiation over Trap Dectection is because a while back HN was a viable skill for those who did a lot of travelling. We encountered pirates on a regular basis and not only did we lose cases but money as well, then Ben made some changes. Now, not only do we rarely see pirates, I'm doing my 8th VH since the last time I met up with pirates and that's a lot of travelling, but there is no loss of money. Now where is the fairness in this ?


Jan-10-2010 07:33

I guess that you see the pirates more rarely when you have Hostage Negotiation... - only during the last couple of weeks I think I have been pirated some 4-5 times with characters who does not have Hostage Negotiation... - so I can confirm to you they DO appear.
Also, the reason of the change that was done to the pirates was not because people with Trap Detection did complain, but people who had neither Hostage Negotiation nor Trap Detection. The change Ben did was not a change to how often the pirates appear, but how often they appear two or three times in a row.
Personally I prefer having some characters with HN and some with TD.

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