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Looking for Ideas
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Heigh Leigh Irregulars
Heigh Leigh Irregulars

Jun-14-2009 13:30

Everyone has suggestions for new things they would like to see in Sleuth. Well, this is a thread for those ideas. Just post a one or two line synopsis of your concept(s), with a small additional informational blurb if two lines is not enough to capture it. Discussions regarding specific ideas will take place in a separate thread, to keep this one running smoothly. Please do not include complaints, critiques, or other discussion on this thread, for purposes of flow. Anything that is not specifically done for the purpose of outlining an idea will be deleted.

All ideas will be considered; even if no discussion thread for them is immediately started, don't lose heart. Ready, get set, post!



Jul-15-2009 17:58

Maybe he had to pawn them, to pay back Jackie Gleason's estate.

Anywho, back on topic...

I'd like to see the detective shop be a bit more useful. Maybe the stuff we sell could be made available to other detectives shopping there. Or maybe it just needs new stuff, I dunno.

Old Shoe

Jul-15-2009 23:20

Ok, this is more of an advertising idea than anything else. I was looking around the internet for some social media type information I needed and the apple app store came up again and again. Companies use it to promote their products. Audi for example has a racing app.
Anyway, what if we could build a mini-sleuth type game, just beginner cases, limited number of twists, no factions, limited number of suspect photos. Limited amount of items as well. Basically a very simple streamlined case. At the end of each successful case we place an advertisement for sleuth and give the website and tell them to create an account online. I'm not sure how feasible this would be though.


Jul-18-2009 18:40

You've got some good ideas Nephi,but losing money for things is a bad option. People will play less if they lose money. Just imagine. You're almost having a new apartment and you get robbed like 4 times and you don't get any 5k cases if you quit. That's a bit sour... Also,chasing books and bribing townies = no go for me then. Then I would rather lose the books xD. Got a neat site,the gutenberg project. Can read all the books I want there. Hospital thing can be good,but not playing for one hour can be a bit frustrating for some people.

So,do overthink your ideas. Love the pawnshop thing.

I've played with an idea of maybe adding a new,mysterious faction. That would be great. Some new items that you can buy there and a new book.

Also,Sleuthania should be a bit less priced off. 20.000 is a lot of money,for 4 days sleuthania. (But you can earn the money back by doing favours though).

Maybe,some new scripted mysteries? I know,it's not a new idea,but we would love to have some new stuff,don't we people.

And,as the grand finalé,a new city added to the Sleuth Noir. Maybe Berlin or Paris is great. Would love to see Paris,with the new faction there ^^

Well,that's my ideas then : New,mysterious faction/Discount Sleuthania/New scripted mysteries (easily possible if people could finish them quickly xD. I know how much time it takes to make one) and a new city (Paris/Berlin are options for me)

Discuss it freely ^-^


Jul-18-2009 22:37

I still want to see a casino! I would really like to see it on the boat, but if thats not gonna happen then I suggest a new city be Vegas. It would be perfect since Billy Wilkerson started gambling in Vegas back in the 30's.

Yes, it was Billy Wilkerson, Bugsy Siegel stole the idea from him and started the Flamingo Hilton!

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