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the basement
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enrico fermi
enrico fermi

May-3-2009 08:30

i think the basement should be rentable to any subscriber without having to open an agency. this would allow inexpensive storage for 4 extra items and might stop the increase in agency setup that might be developing in order to get someplace to store extra items since the apartments and their furnishings are so expensive. with fewer agencies opened just for access for storage the true agencies might obtain these detectives.


Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

May-8-2009 05:37 don't make much sense to have a storage full of people. And if a storage gets full of people, it seizes to be a storage...well...unless they are spawns of the main one.

One thing I don't get though: what's with this fobia that there are too many agencyes in Sleuth? If a player wants active team mates, he can go into an active agency. The agencyes that are simple storages don't take the active players away, but simply serve the needs of one.

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