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The Who I am happy to see online thread
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Old Shoe

Apr-17-2009 15:42

This is my attempt to contribute to do something for Sleuth.
We are all people, and we all like that someone notice us.

And, in a community like this, where many different people are, we are not always able to express that we apreciate someone else who are here.

So I will dedicate this thread to mention a couple of people I am happy to see online, and share a couple of thoughts why he/she means something for me. And, I do hope that most of the other people here will join into the thread add a couple of names, say something nice about them.

The result I hope for are that people will see that someone notice they are here, and apreciate them. Making them happy, and thinking this is a nice place to be. Even though it's not my strength, remember to see newbies too :-)

Here you go:
I smile when I see Evelyn Gardner online. She have always been wise and very kind. And, she is obviously hard working.

I am happy when I see Breitkat online, or one of her friends. Breitkat have always been willing to speak clearly, and are very good at writing funny stories. She is also good at helping people up that feel down of some reason.

I like seeing Aknas online. She have always been a very kind person. Some times brutally honest, but always kind and caring.

Now, who are next to pick someone to apreciate?


luc pfeiffer
luc pfeiffer

Apr-19-2009 19:05

Thank you, Huglover, for introducing such a nice way for people to acknowledge others in the community who work so hard to make this site a place where people want to come.

I thank all those who play too, as well as those brave individuals i mentioned before who try so hard to maintain and improve the community of Sleuth.

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Apr-20-2009 15:39

As you'd expect, my list is short:

- ctown - for being the proud posessor of the sanest mind around here

- Mak - for being always so cheerful

- nicnic - hmmm...not sure why...I guess because she seems high all the time, hehehehehe

- Violet Parr - for having color - hmmm...haven't seen much of her latelly...hope it's only an April 1st surprise

- Joseph Zeo - for his trully free and optimistic nature

- Vampiric Smile - for his sledgehammer way of talking and treating things...errr...latelly he stated talkin' more than usual, but I got hopes he's gonna get back to his old self

- SS - for his 'old wise man' style; he always makes me smile

Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Apr-20-2009 15:41

*grins* Always very happy to see you as well, Joey Bane .... I like your upfront way about you, and the colorful atmosphere you have alot of spunk, and I like that :o)

Pinball Amateur

Apr-20-2009 16:00

There's very few I don't like round here, either young or old. Not because they're logged on, but because they add something to the community, and to me, when I get the chance to know them. There have been so many that have helped me through my illness, it's incredible how caring the people here really are. So for that, thank you!! ;-D

Kevin Greene
Kevin Greene
Old Shoe

Apr-20-2009 23:28

LOL Briet, did you mean to say "a few I don't like around here"? LOL

Speaking of which - Brietkat, because she's cool. ;-) I like her. :-)
Joseph Zeo - Because he makes me laugh.
Ddog - Because he, too, is cool. ;-)
Anais Nin, Joey Bane, and Lolita Marinez - Because role-playing with them has been really fun!
Speaking of that, Acemaster - Because he is my second character. ;-) So, now you recognize me. ;-)
Ctown28 - Because I always love reading what he has to say.
crunchpatty - whenever he's online, he always makes me laugh so hard in the game room!
Annika - Because... well... who the heck KNOWS what she'll post next! Always full of surprises!
Ms. Helen - See one up. ;-P
Sleuthgirl Ciara - Because her posts are very amusing to read. :-)

And, of course, who could forget my very very VERY good friend, Huglover! :-) I love Huggy. :-)

And, these are, of course, just the TIP of the iceberg! I love seeing everyone online! They make our wonderful community more... communitized. :-)

Old Shoe

Apr-21-2009 02:52

Kevin Greene - for his hysterical prophecies involving mice ;-)

Sleuthgirl Ciara
Sleuthgirl Ciara

Apr-21-2009 22:59

i lik ceing crunchypatties on. HE make me laff so hard! its lik when im w/ my bf marc short for MARCH. he laff so much 2 lik me when i am with pattycrunch on slueth.

dat squirelly guy 2. hez teh 1 hu makes all of thos funy thingz 2 say. neways he iz kool 2 see on 2!

<3<3<3 ciara

PS also kevin green ur kinda cute. dont tell marc my bf tho. but if u want 2 go c a movie i can next wekend.

Kevin Greene
Kevin Greene
Old Shoe

Apr-22-2009 14:21

<3 <3 <3 Ciara, always love ya, always hate movies. ;-)

Inside joke with Shadows there. :-) I prophesied that thousands of mice would swarm and attack me by telling me their names and asking for mine. You know, "Mice to meet you." :-)

Louise Cornwallis
Louise Cornwallis

Apr-28-2010 12:22

Ercule Olmes - for his messages that always make me feel nice, and also 'cause he's my best friend in here!

Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Apr-29-2010 07:31

I am happy to see Shell Marple!! She's beautiful, smart, funny and over the years we've had some great laughs, as we are doing at this very moment.

She just brightens my day!

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