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promoting sleuth

Old Shoe

Apr-3-2009 03:57

move this message if it's not in the correct board, mods, I'll understand

I read the threads about reviving this game. Here's some thoughts and an idea.

I think that it's common to all sleuthies that we read detective fiction.

I also think that what people who read detective fiction like/love about it solving problems---
Sudoku any one?? Rooms? In the Dog House? Do you play any of those?


What I propose is that we find a way to link book and puzzle lovers together.

I have a link to sleuth on my blog where I also have a link to My blog is about creative writing.

If you are not familar with libary Thing, check it out! It's an amazing way to catalogue your books with search engines, reviews, chat about books. And it's free.

I thought that I could start a thread about Sleuth in Library Thing . About this great RPG based on noir detecive fiction and the possibilities for creative writing. A lot of would-be, wanna be and actual writers in Library Thing. We would be talking to the target audience for this game.

Thing is, I 'd need some of you (ALL of you!) readers out there to chip in to promote it. Anybody game? no pun intended.

Okay that's my idea. Doesn't cost anything except time and some KB's on your computer.

I love this game too, and have been playing for years mostly unsubscribed just because I love the whole concept. My kids think I'm nuts-If I only had a dollar for every time they have asked me, BUT Mom, don't you ever get tired of that game???

So my fellow sleuth lovers--let me have it--I can take it.
I'm offline, though, until Sunday morning GMT+3.
Have a good weekend.

The Admoor / Sally Rose
aka Michal


Sean King
Sean King

Apr-3-2009 14:17

Hi Admoor/Sally/Michal

Thank you so much for the info about I read so many books that sometimes I forget what I have read and end up buying something I read a long time ago. Now I'm in the process of cataloging all my books on hand and the ones I remember having read in the past. Hopefully, no more duplicates.

I'll check for a Sleuth thread there also.


Margo Channing
Margo Channing

Apr-4-2009 02:50

I'm going to do this as well. Thanks for the link to the site, I never knew something like this existed. I read medical mystery books mostly and I love them but after you have read as many as I have all the book descriptions stgart to sound the same and I wonder if I have already read it or not. lol Keeping this list will really help.

Ms Helen
Ms Helen
Con Artist

Apr-4-2009 11:14

I've just had a look and this is a great site, if you love reading books. I'm terrible for forgetting what I have read so hopefully this will keep me on track a bit more, thanks Admoor :)

I think this is the kind of place that would benefit from a post about Sleuth too. Reading some of the boards over there it seems as if a lot of people are interested in creative writing etc so mentioning how that can be done over here would be great. You never know this may be exactly the kind of place that they are looking for :)

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