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Battered Shoe

Mar-15-2009 13:59

This was a game that they played in Shades for a while and it was pretty fun.

The idea is that you post the first part of a News headline, and the next poster has to finish it. Then they have to post a new first part of a headline.

Get it? Have fun!


Ordo Ab Chao
Ordo Ab Chao

Apr-8-2011 11:45

Bad Luck...
The International News Safety Institute today launched a Bad Luck Outbreak - Safety Update and Precautions on its website. This is aimed at providing the news media with a running update from the ground of safety-related information during the crisis as the Bad Luck continued to spread around the globe.

Signs of being contaminated with Bad Luck:

A black cat crossing your path
Spilling salt
Breaking a mirror
A horse sweating
Walking under ladders
Dropping a knife and picking it up
Giving an empty purse
Milk curdling
Putting a hat on the bed
Taking off your wedding ring
Seeing an owl during the day
Opening an umbrella indoors
Killing a seagull
Bread not rising
Killing a cricket
Putting your left foot on the floor first up when you get out of bed
Putting shoes on a table

Safety Update and Precautions:

A four leaf clover
A bird pooing on you
7 of anything coming at once
Lucky horseshoe
A naked woman at the helm of a ship
Your clothes being caught on a bush
A new moon
Sneezing 3 times before breakfast
Your hair being cut during a storm
Sleeping on unironed sheets
Carrying an acorn in your pocket
Whistleing in the dark
Finding a penny and picking it up
A ladybird
A bluebird
Carrying a rabbit's foot.
Crickets chirping
Putting on your clothes inside out
Picking up a pin
Seeing Bats flying overhead at nightfall
Walking in the rain

Penguins in South Africa and Argentina are losing their feathers due to...

Sir Eduard Langston
Sir Eduard Langston

Apr-10-2011 12:08

an Avian strain of Alopecia. Biologists around the globe are attempting to develop a compatible form of Rogaine to combat the problem.

Following recent outbreaks of feather-loss in Penguins, scientists are befuddled by recent indications of hair growth on porpoises and dolphins in the oceans of the Southern Hemisphere coinciding with the upcoming Autumn/Winter season. The Chief of Environmental and Biological Sciences for the U.N. had this to say about the occurrences.....

Akira Sensei
Akira Sensei

Apr-11-2011 23:35

"Whether it be our furry fishlike mammals or previously-feathered foul friends, frankly we feel at a loss. Further updates of frenetic studies are forthcoming."

Producers of the television series X-Files have revealed...

Ordo Ab Chao
Ordo Ab Chao

Apr-12-2011 03:55

that last October 20, at a Maryland high school, fifteen-year-old Jamie Schoonover was sent home from school with a referral slip noting that she was disciplined for “casting a spell on a student.” A classmate had accused Schoonover, an admitted practicing witch and the daughter of a witch, of placing a hex on her...

Today's media stories from the underworld papers bring forward...

Akira Sensei
Akira Sensei

Apr-13-2011 18:25

statistics involving alien abductions and possible marriages ensuing from mothership romances before being returned to earth. DNA testing is being considered in order to weed out any possible offspring resulting from these relations.

In the fashion world, black is the new color for summer. Top celebrities have stated that...

Ordo Ab Chao
Ordo Ab Chao

Apr-15-2011 16:40

Black Eyes are into fashion again this year...depending how hard you are hit, and what the unseen damage is, swelling might occur almost immediately as blood rushed to the area. A bruise might not form until a little bit later, but the area would go from being pink to red to purple in a matter of hours. However, a lot of times with hard punches like that, blood vessels are ruptured. So the blood fills up under the skin thus creating a fashionable looking bruise. The swelling would probably go down in a couple of days, but the purple would linger for a while...

Back in the spotlight: Snow White has some explaining to do after the huge...

Phaedra Rose
Phaedra Rose

Apr-15-2011 18:44

illegal migration of dwarf paparazzi drawn to the kingdom by her upcoming wedding to Prince Charming. INA is looking into the matter and is currently going undercover to develop a shortlist for infiltrating and neutralizing possible threats.

Local townfolk in the community of Mobville in New York State, have found themselves beset by....

Peter O'Neil
Peter O'Neil
Old Shoe

Apr-15-2011 19:02

... an infestation of foot-long slugs. Streets have become impassable as the slimey trails of the pesky multitude have covered the pavement in this picturesque town set on the slopes of the Adirondack Mountains.

Revellers at Saturday night's Masked Ball cheered as ...

Phaedra Rose
Phaedra Rose

Apr-15-2011 19:05

An Elvis Presley impersonator dropped his mask and he turned out to be the real Elvis Presley.

Two woman who were previously married to the same man in a polygamy have divorced him and married each other, prompting the polygamist to sue both women on the grounds of....

Ordo Ab Chao
Ordo Ab Chao

Apr-16-2011 01:57

ghost possession.He experienced his body being taken over by a spirit and also heard the voice of the ghost commenting on his actions and commanding him to spread the seed...
Although psychiatrists would argue that the content of his belief is not enough in itself to diagnose a delusion, the criteria for distinguishing between healthy beliefs are notoriously incoherent...

Dark shadows of skyscrapers are falling across New York as...

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