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Revive the Stage Contest
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Old Shoe

Jan-20-2009 15:08

Ladies and gentlemen! I am proud to present to you a new contest!

This contest will reward you for benefiting the role-playing stage. How is that going to happen, you may ask? Well, let me tell you! First, be active in posting. Second, post with good grammar. Finally, post an interesting storyline.

At the end of each month (first time at Feb-20-2009), a one-month gift subscription to Sleuth Noir will be rewarded to the player that has contributed the most. The winner will be decided by the votes of six judges: Brietkat, David Adams, Makensie Brewer, Violet Parr, Clift Garrett and Acemaster. (Special thanks to Violet Parr for judge suggestions in November-2008!)

Each week, each of the judges will pick the one player whom they think have benefited the stage the most that week. At the in the month, the votes will be counted, revealing a winner.

The judges will send their picks to a detective named "Gossip Center", who will also display current standings for each week. Check in to see how you are doing! ;-)

There are some limitations, though. What is a contest without rules, right? ;-)

*Neither the judges nor judges second characters can be voted for.
......(This also includes me, as I am taking care of finances.)
*If you have won, you cannot win again until three more characters have won.
*If you have not won before, you will automatically receive 3 votes as a bonus.

We can't check every detail, but we hope to have an honor system. For instance, if you have won, please tell us you second characters to make it fair for other characters. If someone is caught "cheating", a proper penalty will be placed.

This is part of the Revive the Stage program. We do hope you enjoy it, and congratulations to all the winners! ;-)

(Thanks to Acemaster for helping me with proof reading. The day is chosen in remembrance of his birthday. The contest is planned to last 1 year, unless it's so successful it will be extended.)


Inspector Joseph
Inspector Joseph

Feb-20-2009 03:49

Are you sure you were just having fun?
Man! I was scared by that argument.
Thanks a lot

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Feb-20-2009 04:01

Well...I, for one, was. A...bulldog's idea of fun. 'S good my name ain't "Pitbull", for I would have probably never let go...hehehehehehe


Feb-20-2009 08:02

Wow, I missed both Mr. Bane's and Miss Brewer's posts here , and only replied to Mr. Zeo's. LOL Silly me.

Sorry, Bane, if it meant that much to you. We will exclude you from the contest, if you still want that.

And, to Miss Brewer: If you notice, this stage is anything but dead. After the five that posted before, Clift Garrett, you, Violet Parr, myself, and Mr. Bane, we have gained Joseph Zeo, Inspector Joseph, red_rose, Anais Nin, Vulkie3, and Abdul Rahman Ahmad (I think that's his name.) And, I know that a few of those HAD to have come over thanks to this contest.

You started out wanting it to fail. I'm so sorry that the genie didn't grant your wish. Now, please stop posting about how bad this contest is, how stupid, how failed, etc. Thanks much!

Tireless Tiger

Feb-20-2009 10:15

I was not gonna get involved in the thread but I feel something needs to be said. It has been talked about that the name revival may not have been the proper term. When this contest started, the stage was the most active board in the game. Breit and me talked about that on the last radio show. Huglover has even expressed it was nothing more than her misunderstanding of English, which is fine, there is nothing wrong with it. There has been some good debate here as well. I would have to tend to agree, that Mr. Bane had politely asked several times to not be included as a possible winner and the request were ignored until he got blunt about it. Again nothing huge there.

Now Ace, this brings me to you. You want to call out Mak on the topic, while she has expressed some frustration with it privately, she has not bad mouthed this contest on the boards. I went through her post history and found this:

Makensie Brewer
[Post History]
Feb-15-2009 10:49

How can he win when he said he wasnt apart of the contest ;) lol

Come on people....I know Im not a judge, and no longer RP'ing on here but as a former regular on here, I would like to see The Stage back to what it was! Not for this contest......but just for the sake of the roleplaying fun!!! So get your imaginations running, and start writing!

Its ashame to see this place dead now.

That hardly sounds like wnating it to fail. It's great that you have went and recruited some people from Shades to play over here. I even got to meet a player from over there and we may try and work some sort of competition out between the two games, but thats a whole different ball of wax.


Tireless Tiger

Feb-20-2009 10:15

Maks main point of contention is that the stage was not dead, as some people keep wanting to state. IT was the most active board, and to state that it was dead when you, her, Violet, Clift and Joey kept story lines going is a bit of insult. RPing can be great fun. I choose to do mine within the confines of my agency and in apartments. I feel that my style of RPing would not fir the stage here as it is mostly my character goofing around and getting into all sorts of messes.

It's great that Huglover has generously donated the subscriptions and I commend her for that. I do not wnat to speak for her, but I would think that she did not want to see this turn into a big mess and argument that it is starting to become. Everyone here needs to play nice and get on with things.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled thread!

Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Feb-20-2009 10:46

Thank you ctown for hitting it all right on the head!

Ace - I dont know if u remember, but b4 u even came along on here, this stage was going well. Sure it may not have had ALOT of RP'ers, but , as ctown said, it was the most active board on here.

You joined, then it became, you, me, clift, violet, then Joey came in.....these people you mention now, are just recent posters, and its just in RECENT days this has picked up....due to the scouting over on Shades. However, that is neither here,nor there. I love seeing The Stage active again.

I do not appreciate you putting words in my mouth. I didnt want this to fail. If you dont know what you are talking about, dont say anything at all. I was upset and insulted about the wording of the contest, and if it was your idea....learn what a word means, before using it. The Stage didnt NEED reviving.....if it was sooo important to bring new people in, then fine, word it like that to have more people join, but it didnt need REVIVING.

I'm all about helping the community, Huglover has done a wonderful job heading this contest.

In the beginning, I will admit, it was a slap in the face to those of us who were roleplaying, not including you Ace, when this contest first came up. The beef I had and still have is with the title.

As ctown said, it was FAR from dead....regardless of what YOU or anyone else says. Shame on you for insulting those of us who were active on there, and brought it back to life...and made it the busiest thread on the boards at that time.

If it is broke, why FIX it? For awhile, before the newer RP'ers were recruited over, it WAS dead. It was only after the scouting, did this pick up.

Now, before anyone decides to put words in my mouth, I will say this.......just because I made that comment up there, which, in case you dont get it, thats a FACT, not an opinion......I do not wish this contest to fail in any way.


Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Feb-20-2009 10:58

In fact, I hope someday this contest isnt needed to bring people in. It will be nice to see people participating just because they truly enjoy roleplaying.

For future info not EVER put words in my mouth again. You've already been disrespectful this "wonderful" title you though up, without know what a word actually means.......dont do it again, by saying UNTRUTHS. That really upsets me.....Ive been on Sleuth for a LONG time....and I would NEVER wish any bad feelings for anything on here that is for the good of the community.

No, I never did get why there even HAD to be a contest, BUT, that doesnt mean I want it to fail.....learn the difference.

Before I start getting heated in my post, I will step out now.

I wish The Stage the very best....Joey, Ive enjoyed reading your stories immensely, and will keep on enjoying reading on here.

To the newer ones who've came in, you are doing a great job, and I enjoy reading your posts as well!!

I'm very happy to see this active again, after such a silent time.

Huglover - dont think this post is directed at you in any way. It is not. You are doing a wonderful job, as I said, running this contest. Keep up the great work :)

Ace - all I will say to you, and Ive said it repeatedly on here.....dont put words in peoples mouth.....if you want to bring me out, you atleast want to sound intelligent.

I have nothing more to say on is pretty clear how I feel..and I think Ive done it in a respectful manner.

As ctown said, lets play nice, and let the fun continue!

Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Feb-20-2009 11:02

ooops instead of "bring me out".....I should've said, "if you want to call me out....." get typing too fast sometimes :)

Inspector Joseph
Inspector Joseph

Feb-20-2009 12:24

Well, let's clarify the misunderstanding.
The sleuths well-known for there role-playing were busy enough and because of that the stage fell sick. Ms. Huglover was worried and started a contest named whatever, it does not matter.
The contest was supposed to encourage people to take care of the stage by keeping the environment clean and giving the stage with daily dosage of medicines (posts).
Now, we see that the stage is improving its health and will start walking in a day or two and after about a week, you will find it running all over sleuthville, with many sleuths on it.
Hope you don't get angry and please correct me if I wrote anything wrong.

Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Feb-20-2009 13:25

Nothing to get angry about.....even though I have no clue what you just said. ....." because of the sleuths well known for their roleplaying were busy enough, it fell sick??? ".... anyway........I will say, I do hope to see The Stage bustling with alot of people. i think everyone can agree on that

Have fun roleplayers!! I sincerely mean that :)

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