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The Murder of the Boxer
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Jan-20-2009 12:15

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Ah, France. Not just France, but Paris, France.

Scarlett, Clift, Ace, and Vivienne decided to cut their wonderful trip to New York short. They had lost Violet, but they were to meet her when they got into Paris.

Clift picked up a newspaper. "MURDER IN THE RED LIGHT DISTRICT!" was emblazoned across the top of the page. Clift red it for a few moments as Ace chattered with Scarlett and Vivienne. They waited for Violet outside of a little cafe, knowing they'd be waiting for a while.

"Wow!" Clift interrupted his friends, "Guess who's dead?"
"Who?" Scarlett jumped.
"Joey Bane."
"Bane is dead?" Ace inquired.
"Apparently he murdered a man and was shot down by police."
"Who was the man?" Vivvy asked.
"I don't know. It doesn't go into it."
"What happened?" Scarlett asked.
"Foot pursuit on the docks. They shot him and he went over the rail into the ocean. They didn't find the body for several hours."

Just then, Violet's cab pulled up. The group hadn't yet reserved a table, so they grabbed one now.

"Remember, Ace." Scarlett asked, "No ketchup!"
"Ha ha ha." Ace mocked, "And no soda! Especially not in Italy."
"We are in France, not the boot of Europe." Violet spoke up from behind.
"Hey, Violetta!" Ace teased.
"Hey, Tonail." Everyone laughed at the comeback.


Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Jan-30-2009 12:51

Abdur was still reading the record Bane had given him. He raised his eyes and nodded in agreement: “I think your strategy is flawless, Mr. Bane. I promise to do all I can on my side.”

“Ok” said Bane “then we agree. Each one will work his part in this and hopefully we’ll get to meet somewhere in the middle. Now, Mr. Ahmad, since my face is all over the newspapers, I’ll need to do my work at night. Today has been quite tiring for me, so now if you don’t mind, I’ll go stretch down my bones a bit. I’ll see you in a couple of hours.”

Abdur nodded. As Joey was heading down the hallway he took a thinking posture. The name in that profile Bane had given him sounded somehow familiar. “Yoyofoshow….” he mumbled “I’m sure I’ve heard this name before.”

Inspector Yousuf Ahmad
Inspector Yousuf Ahmad

Jan-30-2009 15:54

Yousuf was heading towards the secret safe place. As he proceeded he realized he was being followed. There were many possibilities he could think of. It could be some new client or some crook like Larry or Shady or maybe someone involved in the case he was currently on even though he wasn't sure of what the real case was.
Unlike others, neither did he turn back nor did he slowed down or stopped. He went on walking until he reached some lonely place. Suddenly, a warning from the sixth sense and he ducked, rolled and hid behind a large garbage drum. The switch blade thrown had missed him by inches. He didn't hear any footsteps of someone running away.
'Only one possibility! I have to fight back in self defense.' he thought
He was about to come out when he remembered a quote from his friend: "Never involve in fights unless you are forced to fight."
Yousuf started thinking. There seemed only one way out that was to fight back.
'Wait a second! When a person doesn't has a way out, they can make one themselves.' he thought, 'What could that be?'
He remained silent and kept thinking when he heard some footsteps. It was easy to guess that there were three men coming towards him.
Keeping eyes on his back too, he looked forward. His guess was right. Three well built men, dressed like wrestlers with tattoos on their arms were coming forward. There was a bloody smile on each of their face.
'Okay! I won't kill them but let me just give them a lesson.' he thought, 'No, there is a better way and it won't hurt anyone.'
The three men reached the drum but found no one around. They searched the place thoroughly, took out all the trash but failed. They left after sometime, wondering if Yousuf had disappeared into thin air.

Inspector Yousuf Ahmad
Inspector Yousuf Ahmad

Jan-30-2009 16:07

After half an hour of waiting, Yousuf came out from under the garbage drum.
'Phew! That was close one.' he murmured
He had just changed positions in such a manner that none of the three men could see him.
'Now let me think when they started following me.' he said to himself
He could think of only one possibility and that was as follows: The house of Mr. Bane was under surveillance. When the shot was heard, the ones' on duty were alarmed. After wards, they saw a man entering the house, leaving it and talking to the police and then going in again. These actions would make them suspicious for sure. Therefore, they watched him closely.
Yousuf wasn't sure why they would want him dead but he knew that those three men belonged to the same case he was working on. It was nothing but some tattoo's pattern he had seen on the man's arm who was killed by Mr. Bane, accidentally or purposely for self-defense.

Inspector Yousuf Ahmad
Inspector Yousuf Ahmad

Jan-31-2009 03:18

Yousuf took a look around and sighed in disgust. It was very good to be hiding under a garbage drum but it was good for him. You can never underestimate your opponents no matter how powerful or expert you are.
'Now what should I do? I can't just go where Abdur Rahman is right now. Maybe these men were stupid but I'll be followed for sure and that might bring my friend and Mr. Bane's life in danger.
He thought for sometime and then started running until he reached a very crowded place.
'Alright, its about time!' he said to himself

Inspector Yousuf Ahmad
Inspector Yousuf Ahmad

Jan-31-2009 03:27

After a minute or two, the tall, young man walking in the streets had disappeared.
Yousuf grinned as he walked around as an old beggar. His disguise skills were very helping in situations like this. He walked there asking for money but his eyes were searching for those men who were following him. After spending an hour there, he realized his failure and stepped out. He tried to sense if someone was still tailing him but no one was behind him. Then, he walked towards their secret safe place.

Old Shoe

Feb-1-2009 01:59

After spending all day in the cafe yoyo made his way to his favourite night time haunt. A night club run by the local mob. The thing that made this underground night club different from the others? This one was actually under the ground. Yoyo walked in and made is way to his booth. The room was rife with drugs, girls and old men with a lot of money to throw around.
He slumped onto a couch; today was his last day in Europe for a long long time. It was time to go to another part of the world, South America? East Asia? The Middle East? He had no idea where-the only thing he knew was where. Reaching out for some opium he fell into the trance of the night.

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Feb-1-2009 06:54

*sometime around midnight, inside the mansion*

A few hours later Joey opened his eyes slowly, looking up at the drapes hanging from the top of the canopy bed he had crushed into. It took him several minutes to clear the fog in his mind and remember where he was and what he was doing there. Trying to get up he stumbled on one of the drapes that he apparently had used as a cover, and fell back down. “Damn…this French booze is starting to soften my feet” he grumbled setting himself free and finally raising up, grabbing on one of the bed’s posts. His eyes then fell upon the bottle of whiskey he had dropped on the floor. “Well…I guess one more won’t hurt so much. It’ll help clear my head a bit.”

He took a large sip straight from the bottle and threw a look out on the window, noticing it was already dark outside. “Damn, I slept like a log.” Discovering the pendulum clock on the wall, he started mumbling again, as his voice seemed to clear off: “Half past twelve…I guess Mr. Yoyo is already in his usual spot by now.”

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Feb-1-2009 06:55

He left the room still slowly swinging on his feet to find Abdur. Upon searching the house for a few minutes he came to the conclusion that he was alone. “I guess he must’ve had business someplace else. After all, he ain’t the one hiding here.” Getting out of the house he remembered that he was in the middle of nowhere…and actually, since they came through the tunnels, he had no clue where he was. “Good at least there seems to be only one road out of here…” he mumbled. “Hmmm…I suppose a rich man’s house has got to have a rich man’s garage too. I ain’t feeling much like walking tonight.”

Indeed he managed to find the garage and inside it Bane was not surprised to find a luxury convertible white Cadillac. “Sweet…now this guy likes to ride in stile” he smiled, “but…it’s a bit too shiny for my needs.” Heading out on the garage’s back door he was pleasantly surprised to find a T model old Ford. It looked ragged and rusted, but the engine was still running. “This must be the butler’s car or something…” Bane said to himself climbing behind the wheel. “I guess he won’t mind if I ‘borrow’ it for tonight. Well, time to roll!” He slammed the door and took off.

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Feb-1-2009 08:34

*half an hour later*

During his short stay in Paris, Bane had managed to discover that Yoyo was a regular customer of a certain underground opium parlor. It wasn’t the most luxurious joint, but it was run by the local mob and one could find everything at hand in there. No bother from the cops either, as you could meet the entire department in that rat hole. Joey parked in a dark alley and went in, tipping generously the big ape at the entrance. A tight and sleazy hallway was leading to the parlor’s main room downstairs.

Upon entering the door a man jumped practically in his face: “WHAT DO YOU WANT! WHAT DO YOU WISH! WHAT DO YOU LONG FOR IN YOUR LONELY NIGHTS?” It was more like a rhetorical yelling rather than a question, even though the man was staring right into Joey’s eyes. He was a strange looking picture…a middle age very thin man, with grey hair and a short clean beard, wearing what seemed to be a golden Turkish traditional outfit and a derby. His face was pale and his eyes wide open like a mad man’s.

“Well…I’d like my life back…and my dog. Seems none of these two things has any chance of happening any time soon though” answered Joey with an amused smile on his face.

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Feb-1-2009 08:34

“RELAX! REVIGORATE AND RECOMPOSE!” the man yelled back at him raising his hands into a praising gesture. He turned around and seemed to walk away, then suddenly turned back with a finger pointed at Bane, almost poking him in the eye. “REPENT!” Joey was startled by his move, ducking his hand. His fighter instincts came in charge as he grabbed the man by the shoulders and threw him on a nearby couch. “Damn addicts” grumbled him in disgust. The man crouched on the sofa stringing his hands near his body, whispering thin: “I’m a mouse…I’m just a little white mouse…”

Bane started to make his way through the crowd looking like a bunch of zombies, carefully trying to avoid stepping on the ones who started the night a little sooner. At some point his attention was drawn towards a small Chinese man crouching somewhere between two chairs, knees to the chin and slowly swinging back and forth. He stepped a little closer to hear the man’s mumble: “Tewwegwams, tewwegwams, tewwegwams fwom Bawwy Gwant case…tewwegwams fwom Mw. Cwift Gawwet…tewwegwams…so many tewwegwams…have to delivew tewwegwams…no mowe tewwegwams, pwease…no mowe…”

Joey moved ahead mumbling for himself: “Damn…these things can really mess up one’s mind.” He stopped on his tracks upon noticing Yoyo in a booth, somewhere in the back.

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