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Frank Dobson
Frank Dobson

Dec-25-2008 21:46

Been away at Law School for a bit but I'm back now to play some more. Hope everyone is doing well.

Not the game matters for anything but pride but the Steelers are so going to kick the Browns collective rear ends from one end zone to the other on Sunday.



Tireless Tiger

Dec-25-2008 21:53

I wasn't gonna even comment on this but I just have to! The only thing us Browns have going for us is that we have nothing at all to lose, whereas the Steelers can lose momentum heading into the playoffs and the embarassment of losing to a team that hasn't scored an offensive touchdown in over a month. In fact if the Browns do score an offensive TD, it will come from Pittspukes own, Bruce Gradowski, although none of us are counting on it!

We'll see what happens after the Browns fire that daft head coach and bring in Mr. Cowher for next year!

Now don't make that face, everyone should know by noww that Clevelands motto is "Wait until next year!" ;-)

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