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The any location place :)
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Makensie Brewer
Makensie Brewer
Super Steeper

Dec-22-2008 10:32

((this is a thread that can be about any location, instead of having a specific place and having to skip around threads. Except for the USS Sleuthtania...that can be kept as its own when on ship))

((I copied and pasted Acemasters last update in the USS thread to here..since Mak is no longer on the ship))


C.M. Withers
C.M. Withers

Jan-16-2009 19:35

Cane chuckles, and wonders, Rude people really do exist. Amazing on how some think they are the boss, no matter where they go.

He would've came back at this gentleman, if you could call him that, but, he didn't have the time. He had more important things to do anyway, he thinks.

He makes sure to ask the real boss ,on whether his name should be on the door too, then he chuckles, again. Writing a note, he puts "Ace, my man, you had someone stop in wanting u to locate an owner of a mongoose...and here I thought we investigated murders. Cane" Not like he wasn't going to let him know anyway, if he would have time for such things.

OH well...there are murders to solve, and Clients to see. Who has time for animals?, he says out loud, and continues his work, quickly forgetting this man who showed up.

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