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Let's Play Catch


Dec-21-2008 23:35

Connie glistens in the sun. Her smooth, black complexion gleams with a fiery passion. She and Ace are on the roof.

Ace grabs a hold of her, holding her steady over the edge. She would've been frightened if she hadn't done this before. Ace closes one eye, scanning the horizon below.

Suddenly, a shot rings out. Ace quickly shoves Connie back in a briefcase and races back down the stairway into the busy lobby below.


Ace opens the briefcase again. Time to clean Connie. Connie was a great sniper rifle, capable of both long range kills. Today, she nailed a mime right between the eyes. She was proud of her accomplishment.

Every detective in the city was after the Acemaster. Named for his superior skills in sniping, he was hunted for several murders that were seemingly random. This one was just a simple mime, but who would the next one be?

Connie was shelved for the time being. This next mission called for Bruce.

Bruce was a trusty six-shooter, easily concealed for murders like the next one.


With Bruce in his coat, Ace walked into the theater. Romeo and Juliet was just starting. At least 5,000 people had come to see it, but Ace wasn't there for fun.

Act 2: Juliet is about to die. Literally. She is about to kill herself in the play when a shot rings out in the theater. Like slow motion, Juliet slowly collapses to the floor. Chaos and pandemonium is on the scene. People stampede to the door, allowing Ace an easy escape with them.


Bruce is cleaned from his latest mission, and Ace is done for the day. While detectives try to figure these out by finding close friends and relatives, Ace will be gearing up for his next mission.

Can you catch him?


Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Jan-20-2009 12:29

While Acemaster was having a lemmonade downstairs, Connie and Bruce were messing around on his couch. This little rolling in the haystack had produced a child: a stubnose they called Little Blinkey. Now Little Blinkey here dreamed of becoming the greatest assasin. The problem was...he was kinda short sighted and also used to...blink before each shot. So basically he was never able to hit one lousy target if his cleaning depended on it (note that cleaning is a very important and tender moment in a gun's life).
Noticing Little Blinkey's uselesness, Bruce and Connie decided never to produce a child again, thus Bruce started to shoot only blanks and Connie locked her safety on forever. On next job Ace had been left with one and only option: Little Blinkey. So he took him.
Now Little Blinkey blinked while being loaded and didn't notice that the bullet was inserted backwards. Blinkey got one last time to blink before exploding right into Acemaster's hand.

Today, Acemaster's close friends and relatives state the last time they've heard from him was in the "looking for one handed job opportunity" section of the NY Times. The add was signed simple: "Lefty".

I wish the Acemaster could still play catch.

Joey "Bulldog" Bane
Washed Up Punter

Jan-20-2009 12:30

Woooooops...I thought this was the "Corrupt a wish thread" bad.

[Sorry Ace, but this was too much fun for me to write. No harm intended :)]

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