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Impossible possibility

Inspector Joseph
Inspector Joseph

Dec-4-2008 10:46

Hi! Here is an interesting question:
What happens if a person writes a similar mystery already published. I do not mean he/she copies the same mystery but they write it all by themselves. Although the probability is one out of million, it is still possible. That's why I named this as impossible possibility.


David Adams
David Adams

Dec-4-2008 14:16

Is the WHOLE THING the same? Or just the premise/introduction? If the WHOLE THING is the same, I'd say you're going to get sent back to the drawing board. If the initial premise is the same, then let it fly up to the Land of Editors. I would think they'll probably ask for a title that VASTLY differs from the other, but after that, you'll be rolling in green from all those royalties they'll send you for your marvelous work of creative prowess! Enjoy! And don't forget the rest of us plebes when it comes to sharing the wealth.

Not Breit

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